*NEW* Update! – *INFINITE* Lava Gear!! (Custom Private Server Update!) *NEW* Update! – *INFINITE* Lava Gear!! (Custom Private Server Update!)


100 Replies to “ *NEW* Update! – *INFINITE* Lava Gear!! (Custom Private Server Update!)

  1. When I’m as tired as hell and wanna go to sleep but IRaidyou posts a video….
    It’s a hard knock knock life

  2. You need to pay for private server? Also u don’t need winter peasant and u could just get sled and boat

  3. IRAIDYOU how do we join your private server or we cant? how did the other people join it in the video while you were playing?

  4. Hey idiot you can't get golden breads from private server Lapa allowed one entry
    For free then Lapa gonna be rich lmfao

  5. Yey another voice video😀😁😀😁

    Lapa started to update this game too much WoW.

    Liek iRAIDYOU or u will die 😈😈(JK BOYZ)

  6. но так скучно играть же можно идти делать квесты и бомбить что человек сто напали на тебя по одной команде

  7. Ты очень крутой ютубер и отличный аниматор, да сейчас туту пишу на русском могу перевести. С удовольствием смотрю твои ролики, удачи в прокачке контента =)
    You are a very cool youtuber and a great animator, but now tutu write in English can translate. With pleasure I watch your videos, good luck in pumping content =) (Written in translation)

  8. so can all people do commands or just the server owner cuz if all people can thats just dumb. it also sucks you need money :/

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