– RULER of Farms! – RULER of Farms!

iRAIDYOU Presents… Ruler of Farms!

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  1. My 5 friends and me managed to farm 139,249 tomatos (Hardest thing we have ever done good thing we are just 14 and basically have no lifes outside video games ;D)

  2. Hi IRU Im Finally Back Added my Address at My Laptop -_- Hate Playing In Laptop Becouse Has Mini Keyboard They Are Like Pressure Plate Lol

  3. Hello IRAIDYOU
    Your channel is one of best(personally opinion)
    due to the fact that your gameplay is to watch that to see how savages killed each other.
    You yourself are not a savage,but an anti savage and I hope that you will not be like them.

    Thank you for everything you do for us <3

  4. I hope one day I play with u iru I love ur gameplay so much and ur fight skills I just wish to kill savages together with lava gears with the clan and I wish u do a face reveal soon I’ll wait even if I need to wait a 5 years and good job on the video I appreciate ur hard work

  5. Nice Vid!!
    Love that song xD

    Btw i made score of 61k and it took me 4-5 hours
    u have score of 120k+ and that took u like 3-4 hors :V

  6. your videos are so much better than gamertuber's! even if you get like 2 pennies you should get more! i am joining your team! gamertuber is a fan abuser! u are WAY better :3

  7. I never really understood, what is the best point to start a farm? I usually start when I have gold gear, including the walls.

  8. Well. Winter Plays is a racist and says bad things to religions. Gamer Tuber proved it. Stop support him please or I will unsub aswell.

  9. Я хочу иметь такой же ник, скинь под мой комментарий свой ник, я хочу взять с него символы, а уж своё имя в придумаю

  10. iraidyou this days i attemted to do a new vid on stars i got 2 times full reidite and got savaged by many people , i wanted ask you if u could play with me , like we do a farm and later i start doing my vid

  11. u legit farmer for like 3h? lol pro af ur a good nolifer wanna do me a hs prep? just farm 40k tomatoes btw tomatoes gives much more score thsn berries XDXD so u might beat ur 200k hs too 😛

  12. Can We Play Toghether Now In EU1 PLEASE Name:WolfandTheFish
    Comment Before Joining So I Can Know You Will Come To Play Or You Will Not Come To Play…

  13. What did i say um… u said that u are the unluckyest person in the game u never u are best then everyone but your greedy heart kill u everytime be pation full u can archive anything in live dude

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