– The Dragon Challenge!! (Harder Dragon Quest!) – The Dragon Challenge!! (Harder Dragon Quest!)

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  1. I can do only 2 quest for ice cube and Lava cube, rarely can do winter hood (if I want fun). If I can't do this, I do quest for blue

  2. я проста не шару в англиском я русс го стрим в 15:00 по старф ио

  3. King challenge, chill challenge, dragon challenge…
    What's next? The microwave challange? :'D

    I don't do this for likes. So let's get some dislikes and comment below "Eletric is gay" .-.
    Anyways, thanks for reading this
    -Eletric ;3
    Next comment will a bit more interesting :'D
    I forgot: #iRAIDYOUfan #iRAIDYOUto10k

  4. ive been on your dicord server changed my gamertag and reached level 10 on it you never did any events on or videos while i wan on your server for a few months, so i left to join ez clan. DM me @- ✩Ɇ𝓩⌁ MûTT7⃣#6860

  5. A challenge, kill every animal in the game. Here are the rules

    You cannot visit any biome more than 2 times. (But you can visit winter infinite times.)
    It must be done in less then 12 days
    It must be done without help
    If you kill the animal instantly, it was weakened a lot so it does not count as a kill
    No quest items are allowed
    no joining totems
    no wrenches
    do at least 2 quests

  6. another great vid idc if you voice reveal I will still love your content even without voice reveal

  7. You can play a game call rust is better
    Then starve,but it cost 34.99 dollar
    Not like starve rust player,if you good you can use a bow to kill a guy that have gun and better gears

  8. Your nickname I translated as – I will raid you. (I'm just Russian, but I write in English)
    And yes you use translator? xD

    I congratulate you on such a very hard victory.
    Never give up.
    Soon 9k…

  9. (Comment) 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

  10. Не "сложнее драконий квест!" а "сложнее драконьего квеста" на видео лайк поставлю)

  11. Do my challenge

    Lava lander challenge
    You have 3-4 days gathering resources after you get gold gear and alot of resources you must go to the lava biome and craft a redite gear without leaving the lava
    You'll have 6 days(When you enter lava biome) to complete it biome
    Edit: You can go to artic but you'll need to be near the border

  12. Pls do my challenges:
    -never move for 1 day
    Deep freeze
    -after 3 days never move in winter for 1 day
    -never stop moving for 3 days
    -place 3 chests with 100 diamond inside,100 amethyst inside another chest and 100 reidite inside the last chest and someone must protect it you,cant protect it
    Entire freeze
    -dont move until you die

  13. you will kill a dragon with WHAT THE HECK you kidding me a wood spear kill a lava dragon with reidite spear is same as you kill a normal dragon with stone spear

  14. that challenge is the same as will be master mode and in orb this will be Master Mode kill a dragon in each way at cave but with nub weapons

  15. IRU never give up man and pls join DSY RIP teem. why you don't join DSY RIP teem ? this teem is very very good man. and pls answer: when we can playing revast io? I ask because starve io slow slow destroyed xddd

  16. you know iru is working very hard, if was not wrong iru was student,almost 2 day an video,that was amzing。

  17. *IrAiDyOu DiEs StUpId At 9:18 *
    *Iraidyou come back To
    Cave at 13:18 *

    Iraidyou: A sHiT hErE wE gO aGaIn

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