– The LAVA DRAGON Challenge! – The LAVA DRAGON Challenge!


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  1. Hello again iraidyou it's me again green xd and I love your videos a lot and you pro!!!
    Then stay make videos and I will watch bro good make xd bb and thx xd

  2. Hi iru! First time here in less than an hour of the upload 😊 ≤3also pls make new animation I've been dying

  3. Lava dogz always kill me 🙁 they don't like me iRaidYou :(. Anyways I think its really good that you are making more content! Because Earth is quiting 🙁 well Earth savage (no hate im im his disc :D). I think thats just a routine you come you do quest you make quest then you farm then savages kill you ;-; I think if you would write that you did some quests people would join you and help ;P. Just like in True HS I wish you best of my luck and make starve without savages once and for all! 😀


  5. Well let’s do sum QUICK MATHS the wood spear does 10 damage lava dragon only takes 20% of the damage from non lava or reidite weapons 10 divided by 5 gives us 2 now lava dragon has 1500 health 1500 divided by 2 gives us 750 yeeeee u have to hit that lava boi 750 times to get his heart OP

  6. what do you sell the stupid muffins because I'm telling you from a video and I'm hungry and you're with your stupid hot muffins very rich and I'm skinny

  7. Bro you will stop be no life when you will play in my laptop 1 week XD.

  8. dude look

    Lava sword: kill it a bit faster than Dragon sword
    Dragon sword: Kills it normally speed
    Reidite sword: Kills Dragon faster
    Ame sword: Really slow
    Dia sword: even more slower
    Gold Sword: can get the Dragon to 1 hp and can not finish it bcz for some reason lapa made it that way :/
    Stone sword: can get the Dragon to 1 hp and can not finish it bcz for some reason lapa made it that way :/
    Wood sword: can get the Dragon to 1 hp and can not finish it bcz for some reason lapa made it that way :/

    ALSO Everything the same with spears but of course way slower

    15 DAYS or 10?

  10. If you don't do video for money then Why you make video of 10 minutes and you put adds?
    Your subscribe are not idiot

  11. Iru,can you make crab challenge?Only crab sticks as food,crab spear,crab helmet in 3 days?Others as you wish))

  12. how da frick am I gonna kill the lava dragon 3k HP with a wood spear I guess ill just eat a muffin and watch you do it ;P

  13. I'm following you from turkey song I love you öğ izliyorum.v to you from something you see me in the game my name [TR] fatihdog the [KING]

  14. Why did u drop the ame shovel and keep the gold one…
    You also opened the box with 2 slots not 3.
    Moral: I'm triggered

  15. Everytime you will remind a word "muffin" at least once, I will sing. Sry tho..

    Ha! I'm muffin, and it's muffin time! Who wants a muffin? Please I just wanna die.

    I will sing more if You say more.

  16. IRU help me my computer loading screen is keep on reloading:p and i like to see you eat muffin every video

  17. Doctor says that too much muffins = too much sugar.
    And too much sugar = Sickness.
    Me : But IRU eats overdose of muffins everyday :/
    Doctor : Well he's born for muffins… Or maybe he's Superman…

  18. lol i am rip by mid school test xd
    just only way to see your vids to get aleast little confortable
    🙁 :<<<<<

  19. Killing Lava Dragon with wooden spear? YOU CRAZY
    Wooden spear damage – 10, you will do only 20% damage to lava mobs. Lava Dragon have 3,000 HP

    Y o u n e e d 1 5 0 0 h i t s t o k i l l L a v a D r a g o n . . .

  20. if you could do as vamp it would be a little easier
    just would need a wrench

    (for those of you who dont know you can hold a spear in lava as vamp and still be faster than dragon during night)

    I know you have plenty of muffins………TRAPPED IN YOUR CAGE

  22. here a challenge for iRAIDYOU
    eat muffins when play doing the 4 hardest quests the lava gear you will give a short break and eat muffin

    Obs:don't pause vid only if do some mistake

  23. छा गए गुरु in hindi and english translation is " Bravo! You are excellent" loved that you tell truth about playing 2 d games anyways i unsubbed you some time ago but i sub you again 😀 because you started uploading again

  24. Hi iraid,я русский,можешь перевести в translator,pls помнишь я предложил тебе этот челлендж? Он очееень сложен,я сам попытался и ничего! Я просто умирал! И да передай привет всей русской аудитории которая тебя смотрит,твои видео помогают мне выживать в Старв ио!

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