– The WORST Clan! – The WORST Clan!

iRAIDYOU Here Worst clan

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  1. Ты все комментарии лайкаешь? Даже комменты с оскорблениями?

  2. так,где субтитры на русском,много тебя смотрит из россии,дай субтитры

  3. I stop play starve cus of this story: early times everyone(may75%) are peaceful but today they like I KILLA EVERYONE I SEEA aha like this and lapamauve is like hmmm it looks great i stop updating and lapamauve will be happy about shit in the mailbox How is my story?

  4. bruh honestly im starting to get less interested of this channel bruh sorry i mean ur great but no offence u complain and rage to much but we will seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. imma go legacy now (FUCKING WIKI FOREVER BIIIIIITCH) LMAO

  5. а ты русс или онгличан название русское а язык англиский

  6. bruhhhh i think you are just an noob and you cant beat them so you pick up some bad points for them
    btw in my opnion dsy clan because they are all bad… they all loves toxic word …….

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