Starving Musician?

Starving Musician?

Hey I’m Nariah Ardour, and this is video number eight in my as it happens vlog series. While some what cliche, it would seem I’m basically a broke and starving musician. However, I’ve come up with a two part strategy that I believe will change my circumstances for the better. And, if you stick around you won’t miss out on some really great tips that I’d love to share with you. I’m gonna start off with changing spending habits to counter money troubles. Then I’ll share some ideas for how to make money, that don’t involve a 9-5. Number one, prevent costly expenses with maintenance and taking precautions. An example is brushing your teeth, it’s the best way to avoid dental bills. And if you look after yourself in general, you could avoid expensive surgery as well. Number two, move back home, if possible. While not an option for everyone, it’s definitely something to consider. And don’t let pride be the reason you don’t. Because the people who care about you, generally understand your situation and want to help you. I know that when money started to get tight for me, I decided that it would be best to move back home. And now, my living costs are pretty low and I don’t have to worry about things so much. Number 3, cut out unnecessary expenses. It’s not always gonna be fun, but sometimes that’s the cost of following a dream. I had to cancel my phone plan and switch to pre paid. I had to stop driving around so much, I had to cancel my gaming subs, and I had to cull my grocery bill, down to the absolute bare minimum. Number 4, Negotiation is your friend, sometimes all you have to do is ask. Don’t be afraid to haggle, or just ask for a discount. Maybe ask for a fee to be waived, anything like that. If you need some practice, maybe you could play an MMO and start trading stuff. Number 5 Look after your stuff, and don’t lend anything out. I was always taught that when you lend something, expect to lose it or have it broken. If the condition of your stuff is up to you, you can make sure that it’s taken care of, and lasts as long as possible. While sharing and being lazy is great and all, being broke with broken things is no fun. Also you might wanna keep duct tape on hand. My headset is as good as new because of it, and my guitar case…well it’s re-in forced at the least. Number six, be resourceful, learn how to stretch every cent and look around for free ways to meet your needs. I decided to learn how to forage. I haven’t bought healthy greens since, and I feel just as healthy if not more so. I also try to be really sparing with my resources, using only just enough to do the job, and making use of portion control. There’s some great blogs out there, on getting better with money. I’ll put some links in the description for you to check out. Number seven, Sell stuff! I’m talking about old stuff, excess stuff, merchandise, services, your creative works. You could be selling other people’s stuff, for a commission. Sometimes you just need to refer someone to get a cut. Somewhat related is crowd funding, it’s not so much asking for handouts, but your selling yourself so depending on which platform you choose your supporters will get different perks and bonuses that you decide. As you can tell I’ve been doing some research, so let’s see how long I’m in the starving musician category for. Again, I will put some links in the description, so you can do the same. Number eight, Online surveys and reward programs. I’m not too sure what sites to recommend for US residents, but in Australia, I’d recommend my opinions and rewards central. If you have any suggestions, please put them in the comment section below. Number nine, take advantage of membership perks, discounts and coupons. Sometimes that means buying a few items from the same brand, or spending a certain amount to get free shipping. I’m not recommending you buy things you don’t need, but if it happens to work out that way, then why not? And lastly, something that I enjoy, is entering competitions. Most recently I’ve won, a dog house, an esky and a guitar strap. The best ones usually require you either, follow on social media, buy something, do something, or join up for membership. There are free ones available, but I wouldn’t recommend them because of low chance of winning and they’re occasionally fake. Everyone thinks everyone enters, and it’s just not true – that reason, is why there’s actually a good chance of winning. Even if you don’t really want the prize, you could keep it for a rainy day or sell it to somebody else. As they say, you gotta be in it to win it. If I mentioned anything your interested in, check out the description, it’s packed with heaps of extra info and links to help you find things easily. Anyways I really hope you enjoyed this video, and if you’d like to see more like this, or some cover songs, please subscribe. I’d also love some feedback about this video or some questions about anything, I love comments and I try to reply to every single one. Until next week, bye for now.

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  1. Its not a bad idea and go back and review all your monthly expenses…like Internet bills, cable bills etc.. We got rid of cable and re-negotiated our internet bill. Cable provider gave us a cheaper deal on internet by signing up for a two year contract. Which sounds like a crazy thing to do. But I dont plan on moving anytime soon and been with same cable company for the past 15 years. Cook your own food and buy bulk so cheaper in the long run.

    For example, I buy Cod from Costco for $25-$27 (Canadian) for the pack which has multiple fillets and I put portion them into freezer bags for a total of 10 bags, that is ten dinners.

  2. I'm glad I stumbled across your channel, Nariah. I have been a professional musician for the past 5 years by busking and playing a bunch of little low-paying shows (mostly classic Beatles covers over here in the US). I've learned to cook on my own and saved a lot of money in that respect. I have subscribed and look forward to more musician videos.

  3. unfortunately I can't move back with my parents and even if I take good care of myself, my costs are high because of health issues I can't help. To bad, but I'll find my way anyhow. 😊 thanks for sharing your tips and tricks.

  4. i stumbled across your channel good advice but this would only work if you were single i am a solo rock singer/sonwriter

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