Stop Starving Yemen | Oxfam GB

Stop Starving Yemen | Oxfam GB

The people of Yemen are not starving They’re being starved War has left 14 Million people facing famine

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  1. You need to be debating this with Britain and the other countries involved in this conflict why they are doing it, not asking for more money so that they can continue to cover up their dealings. That is being part of the problem. Get the children out of the country, find them safe homes and support them with food, shelter and accommodation…..sadly Britain and America have closed their borders, likewise Germany and the rest of Europe. Thus you need to use your influence to stop the war. You could also stop paying your ceo and other high earners so much before the donations even get to the children!

    We need to hit the streets and get the word out. The media is not reporting on Yemen like they should because of this the people of our nation are not outraged. They don’t know genocide is being conducted in our name, so that we can prosper off of arms deals. We need to take it upon ourselves to get the word out and spread awareness. 

    We need to print flyers that have a short description of what is happening in Yemen, so they know that there is a genocide. It should include some links so they can look into it. It should tell them how to contact their representatives to express that they do not want to support this genocidal war against civilians. It should also tell them to spread the word. Do not ask for donations or shove info onto them. Just hand them the flyer and let them look into it. We can hand these out on busy street corners, to passerby’s, we can hand them out in front of stores, put them on car windshields.

    Next we need to stand on busy street corners with signs that give a quick description of what is happening, such as US backed Genocide in Yemen, that would be sufficient. Just to get people’s attention, and they might go home and look into it. We should organize events like this. We could also hold candle light vigils.

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