Stuffed Eggplant – Don’t Starve – [The Dragon Cook Tavern]

Stuffed Eggplant – Don’t Starve – [The Dragon Cook Tavern]

Hello everyone, my name is Nilsor and welcome to The Dragon Cook Tavern In this show I’m going to propose to you recipes to bring food and beverages from video games into real life Today we are going to make a Stuffed Eggplant from Don’t Starve In the game it is made of at least 1 Eggplant And 1 Vegetable The things we will need are going to be 1 eggplant 1 onion 1 tomato 1 red, green and yellow peppers 1 big mushroom 1 carrot 1 garlic clove Basil Thyme Salt and Pepper And some olive oil Now let’s do it Cut the top of the Eggplant Scoop out the inside of the eggplant without cutting it in half Cut what was inside in cubes Spread them on an oven dish covered with a baking sheet and sprinkle some olive oil on it Then put it in the oven at 200°C or 390°F for 30 minutes Meanwhile cut the onion And the peppers Heat up some olive oil in a stove Cook the vegetables in it for 5 minutes Dice the mushroom Carrot And tomato Add it in the stove and cook for 10 minutes Then add the eggplant The garlic clove Salt Pepper Basil And Thyme Cook for 10 more minutes Then take it off the heat Stuff the eggplant with the vegetable mix And put it in the oven oven at 200°C or 390°F for 15 minutes And voilà! If you liked this video please share, favorite, subscribe and as for me I wish you a Bon appétit and see you later

12 Replies to “Stuffed Eggplant – Don’t Starve – [The Dragon Cook Tavern]

  1. Weird, I was just playing Don't Starve. I don't even know how the crock pots work i just throw food inside and eat whatever comes out.

  2. Now that is something interesting. I love how Nilsor is starting to do more challenging and creative foods.

  3. Hi Nilsor, great video. I have one small remarks, "peppers" are often called "bell peppers" so as not to confuse anyone with the spicy variant.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Next you should make the deathclaw egg thing that the lady in sloan can give you the recipe to from fallout

  5. How about something from another game with Dragons

    "Shisu" from Breath of Fire 3
    In game ingredients: Mackerel, Shaly Seeds, Vinegar and Horse Radish

    Apparently this is NOT suppose to taste like fish to please a certain NPC.

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