Supplements to Balance Hormones (What I Take Daily)

Supplements to Balance Hormones (What I Take Daily)

Hey guys today I’m talking about
supplements that can naturally help balance your hormones and I’m sharing
what I take daily, so stick around! What’s up moms? If you’re new here, I’m
Natalie, owner of fired upp fitness and on this channel I simplify healthy living
for moms over 35 with tips on nutrition, hormones, and fitness. If this sounds like
you be sure to subscribe now and hit the bell for notifications. In my last video
I told you that at 45 I’ve learned how to adjust to the changes that my
hormones have been giving me and tips on how to balance them for you.
I’m definitely in perimenopause and probably at the latter stages of it. I’m
four months into my countdown for twelve months without a cycle — which is the
definition of menopause if you didn’t know. I’m like bring it on! I avoid
prescription meds at any length I can and so I am all about testing out
vitamins and supplements and seeing what I think. So, today I’m sharing the vitamins
and supplements that I take to keep things in check. To start I want to show
you how I organize my arsenal to stay consistent every day. Just like anything,
if you don’t do it consistently you are not going to know if it’s working.First I’m going to touch on the must haves that I feel that every women 35 and older, specifically even 40 and older, should
really be taking each and every day there’s a lot of all-in-one options out
there but kind of what I found is over the years as my hormones of changes and my needs have changed I’ve kind of gone back to some basics and then I do
add-ons individually so I can make sure I’m getting exactly what I need. So first
on the list is a good multivitamin. And in your multivitamin you want to make
sure it includes things like B vitamins because these support your
energy your cell metabolism and brain function you want it to include selenium
because this supports your metabolism and thyroid function you want zinc in
there to make sure it’s supporting your thyroid sex hormones
also because it helps reduce inflammation you want it to include
chromium because it balances blood sugars in insulin levels you want it to
include ala because this is a really good antioxidant that helps lower blood
sugar reduce inflammation and slow your skin aging and lastly you want it to
include Co Q 10 because this is something that decreases as we age and
it helps generate energy in ourselves next on the list is a not only vitamin
d3 which I’m sure most of you have learned about but also one a d3 that has
k2 in it because this helps our body absorb the d3 and d3 is really important
for our bones and our immunity. Another great vitamin that’s awesome for our
immunity is vitamin C so I take vitamin C year-round and knock on wood I am
rarely if at all sick. Next up is probiotics and you want your probiotic
to make sure it’s in the billions with a good mixture of probiotics this is
really important to help with your digestion and keep things flowing last
on the list is protein powder for the must-haves that I recommend daily for
most women and I have this on the list because you can’t get you can’t get any
easier and I’m all about having simple and easy things in my program and in my
day of what I do for myself I recommend getting at least 0.8 or 80% of your
ideal body weight and grams of protein each day and that’s sometimes can be
hard to do when we’re you know busy moms on the go and between practices and you know lessons or whatever our kids have
going on for us to cart us around the whole town so I recommend doing a really good clean protein powder and I put links below with the one the ones that I
personally use okay so now for the add-ons these are ones that I use in
addition to my must-haves and I and I know not every single woman out there
watching is gone is going to need these but these are ones that I have found
it’s super helpful for my age at 45 going through perimenopause. So the first one on the list is calcium D glucarate. I know big
word. It’s made up of calcium and glucaric acid. Glucaric acid is actually
a compound that’s found in some fruits and vegetables including
apples oranges brussel sprouts broccoli cabbage so we’re getting it in our food
but one thing that calcium D glucarate helps with is helping our liver detoxify
those xenoestrogens that I talked about in the last video it’s also great
because it’s been shown to help prevent cancers like breast cancers prostate
colon lung and even skin cancer next is ashwagandha this might be my
all-time favorite seriously guys this this stuff is amazing it is an herbal
plant that is an adaptogen which means that it helps our body cope with that
chronic stress that we all get every day the chronic stress and anxiety it not
only helps balance our hormones but it helps reduce our blood sugar levels our
cortisol levels and keeps our inflammation down which is where we want to keep it when I started this about 6 weeks ago I was having hot flashes
almost every day and night sweats every single night I would wake up at 4 a.m.
in the morning sweating my you-know-what off I started ashwagandha and I have
seriously not have either one since it has been amazing
the next add-on I take each day is also from a plant and it’s called turmeric
and it’s actually the spice from a plant that also contains a chemical called
curcumin some tongue twisters going here so I learned last year through a blood
test I was having some major back issues and I ended up going to an orthopedic
and thinking that it was more of just like a muscle imbalance or something
going on but through x-rays and MRIs and and so forth and then applied
I learned that I actually have a mild form of rheumatoid arthritis which was a
little shocking to need to say the least because it’s an autoimmune disease what
true Marik and curcumin do together is they decrease inflammation and joint
pain so this is why I take this each and every day but I know a lot of people out
there that even though you might not have rheumatoid arthritis or you know an
autoimmune causing joint pain a lot of people have achy knees and achy backs as
we get older especially as we sit at computers all day long inside note here
I feel like I need to really attribute my mildest symptoms from RA which really
eight the only symptoms I have are some joint pain in my in my back of my neck I
have no other symptoms beyond that but I honestly think it’s because for the last
ten years I have implemented a very consistent healthy lifestyle and healthy
way of treating my body so think about that I feel like I’m pretty lucky that
I’ve done that now and it’s helped me not progress into any other symptoms
before I go on with my last couple suggestions if you wouldn’t mind can you
guys down below in the comments can you put your favorite vitamin or supplement
for me and either just list it by itself or also list why you love it because I
think would be neat to kind of see you know what’s helping everybody and maybe
it’s something that’s on my list or maybe it’s something new so maybe it’s
something that I want to learn more about so if you could do that that would
be awesome the next two are things that I don’t
take personally but I do recommend them to specific clients and my clients have
actually found really good results with them so first on the list is l-glutamine
and now glutamine is an amino acid and it is great for if you are having major
issues with your gut and digestion it’s good for immunity and as a bonus it is
also great for cravings so specifically if you are having sweet or carb cravings
and actually alcohol is also a good to help with so this is something that
you could take one two three times a day so let’s say you just take it like
you’re normal in the morning but then at a craving time maybe mid-afternoon you
could take this and it just helps your body to learn how to curb those cravings
for things that you’re having a harder time you know getting through magnesium
and we all need magnesium but some of us just need a little bit more so there’s
two reasons why I suggest to recommend magnesium for clients one is for people
that with are having constant constipation so chronic constipation
they might not go to the bathroom for three four days and really just having a
hard time no matter what they’re eating so for that I recommend doing magnesium
citrate which you can pretty much find anywhere in any even grocery store the
second type of magnesium is for sleep issues so if you’re having major sleep
issues you’ve done everything from you know keeping your room cool to
keeping it dark and all the things that are important for sleeping I recommend
doing magnesium glycinate and you could do this at even taking it at dinner time
or about an hour before bed and that will help calm your stress level and
have you you know just be and more relaxed and for for better sleep if you
didn’t download the freebie that I shared yet in last week’s video make
sure to do so because it is six must-do tips and I am saying must do steps and
tips that you need to take to balance your aging hormones so so important I
put it in a one sheet er six steps cheat sheet so I will put that link in both
the comments and the description below so did you like the video was it helpful
if it was go ahead smash that like button and hit subscribe because next
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talking about how to balance your hormones with exercise when you’re
wanting to lose weight after 40 so make sure you
don’t miss that yes it’s time to go hope you’re feeling fired up bye

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  1. Thank you! Really appreciate this video and have become very aware of how important hormone balance is these past couple of years! B vitamins have been essential 🙂

  2. Great info, and love the niche. I need to get more regular with supplements. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is a great topic! I really enjoyed this video, I need to get better about taking supplements on a regular basis. And I agree…peri-menopause kind of sucks!! I've been struggling with migraines for 20+ years and found they have gotten worse over 40!

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