Taoist Master shares 4 Tips to Help You Find Balance – Yin Yang | Tea Time Taoism

Taoist Master shares 4 Tips to Help You Find Balance – Yin Yang | Tea Time Taoism

so last week we covered the yin-yang and
if you haven’t watched that video then click here if you have watched it then
hopefully you’ve started to embrace the differences in your life between you and
your partner you and your friends you in the world you’ve also started to embrace
change as something that’s natural and not something to be feared and finally
you’ve begun to understand but there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with you
that you’re okay and you have the ability to find balance now that last
point is what we’re going to cover in today’s video
and it’s probably why you’re watching this series certainly for me it’s why I
came out here to try and find peace and tranquility in my mind and to become a
more balanced person it’s such an important topic in fact that we’re going
to cover it over the many videos but I thought let’s ease ourselves into the
water first by starting with some practical tips that we can all apply to
our own lives by the end of this video so here are four tips from master gu to
becoming a more balanced person first us-backed here you see what I call
heavenly way so this is the yin balance of our daily life the day belongs
to tang and the night belongs to yin Yang becomes yin, yin becomes yang human
being must follow this natural law I suggest the time to get half is a from
5:00 a.m. to 7:00 because between 5:00 and 7:00 that is an active period all
for large intestine so this is just a very good for you to get up to do the
exercise so your morning we can do the morning morning walk to shoot from in to
yang. we’ve all been there when the alarm goes off in the morning and you’re
lying in bed and you just don’t want to see the world and I’ve had quite a few
those mornings here but this advice is really helpful if you just put your
shoes on put on some warm clothes and go out the house for just a 10-minute walk
you suddenly feel so much more energized it’s about bringing your yin sleepy
energy into the yang into the day and into the energized so you can choose
what you want to do on that walk here we do meditative walking
so that is just trying to keep your concentration on the world around you
and trying to enjoy the nature around you or you’re in the city then seeing
where nature crops up or even just the amazing expect to call that a city years
and or you can think about what you’ve got to do that day either way it will
make you feel great having a couple of something that early in the morning all
you’ve done is stuck some shoes on and gone for a walk it really does make you
feel great so I highly recommend this one so this our meal table will be just
a 10-hour lunch the second aspect of a union balance is
something very important eat sushi poppy which means apart from the refined foods
we must make a good balance to have a sufficient rule food with fiber you know
that’s good for our the movement of large intestine well this is a balanced
about food you know full empty by this is amount
I’m fully some before I’m a very for so many people especially in the past where
life is hard those rich people tends to eat a lot so
many gotta pot belly which is not a good thing in shape and
also actually negative for health here we advocate the good balance is not 100
percent let alone exceeding of war we advocate funds but mmm you better eat
80% of war so these are the good balance so what you eat is important so getting
a balance of protein and carbohydrates cooked and uncooked food as well as the
colors on your plate and how much you eat is important so that 80% rule I
found pretty hard here actually because the food so nice I just want to eat it
all but having that rule has made me conscious of trying not to overeat and
in today’s society is so easy to overeat and create health imbalances so this is
a really good rule for trying to keep balanced and healthy the secret of health lies in two
sentences Tranquility and exercise so one is both so you should have sufficient like
in the meditative tranquility meanwhile you should also be active in doing
something. for Western Way of exercise would have the image of a somebody you
know energy in a gymnasium a huge place with many modern facilities oh they try
to make, as one Westerner pointed out, ridiculously big muscle so they
quite building up the physical part. so how about a Taoist a
practicer? you see they maintain very meditative and realize but they have
been enough exercise so Tai Chi Chuan is the best form of
exercise combine both meditation and exercise together this is a good balance
very very good balance so first of all you need to exercise to balance the yin
of inactivity with the yang of action secondly if you do exercise and do
intense exercise then you need to complement it with stretching and
meditation to balance those internal energies and then finally just think
about the balance of the exercise itself so not all of you are doing steroids and
becoming a bodybuilder but for me I was training for a marathon didn’t listen to
my body and then got a massive injury so it’s about listening to the body and
being in balance with it you know you can have fun and games when you’re young
and then get knee problems and hip problems when you’re older so if you
want to live healthily and be able to move well into your old age you need to
be conscious of these balances in Chinese we say there’s a phrase sir
so there is a is actually adjective if we say somebody he’s very sad means he’s
very generous he’s very generous he tends to give things to people
he’s never mean to give give people so like a it’s a very kind heart but
if we analyze the term said we found said generous contains actually two
words and it means to give to give it away that means to gain so this is a
very interesting there is some like a philosophical philosophy behind it means
to to give it’s not just means you’re losing something the actual fact or your
long-run you can gain so in order not to be such a terrible result of life so you
must have a really good balance of the wealth pursuing possession accumulation
and actually okay be the manner to give to help people at least they’re not so
much greedy so much ambitious to gain wealth
I’ve got much to add to master keys words well let’s say is try making
generosity your default position for today and see how much more receptive
the world will be to you it’d almost be miraculous how many more opportunities
and stronger relationships you make in that time right that’s it I hope you found those
tips helpful let me know in the comments which is your favorite as well as how
you could apply it to your own life if you liked the video please hit the like
button and consider sharing master goo and I would really appreciate it because
we want to get that that was philosophy out to the world thanks for watching
everyone I’ll see you next time

100 Replies to “Taoist Master shares 4 Tips to Help You Find Balance – Yin Yang | Tea Time Taoism

  1. Thank u for these videos George! And thank for spreading Wisdom of Dao. The laptop in the knee doesn't suit in the amazing environment you´re in thought 😉

  2. I have been a lifelong Taoist since finding the Tao Te Ching in my early twenties, I am now fifty three and I live on one meal a day. with regular fasts for a few days to a week or more. True enlightenment comes from Both feast and fast. The sage only takes what is for him. And nothing is of interest to me unless it is shared. When you give you gain.

  3. Thank you, Tang Ning Zixu, for these videos! I first watched this earlier in the week the day I got up at 11:00 ish am after being up til 4:00 am. I don't sleep straight through the night due to diabetes, which makes me have to get up several times an evening to use the bathroom. And the accompanying obesity does not leave much room for my bladder to completely fill. So, I began doing Ba Duan Jin, 8 Section Brocade, in a seated position about 2.5 weeks ago. I am intending to balance my chi, my life and be a healthy example that ill health can being out of balance can be overcome. This is an important message and one that you and Master Gu are spreading so brilliantly on YouTube. Thank you. This morning I woke at 8:00am. I could set an alarm, but I really do not want to stress my mind and body as it literally hurts to be over tired. So, each day I have been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I can do about 80% of Qigong standing now. I cannot walk very far and I live in an apartment building. My short term goal is to get up by 7:00, walk down my apartment hallway, come back to my apartment and do qigong standing, eat breakfast and get ready for my day. I can start the walking down the hall tomorrow morning. And I am hoping to be up by 7:00 on Sunday, 2 days from now. Loving learning about The Way!

  4. the greatest gift of generosity is to give out of joy and learn to give altruistically. also learning to truly enjoy gifts given to you. whether appreciating a generous offer of water or a sincere act of kindness. one of the greatest gifts is to learn to communicate in such a way where others do not feel belittled in speech and how to ask for your needs in a gentle way that is not a demand. and also knowing how to listen to others needs even if they dont know how to go about it. some people have a need but tragically they way they communicate is a tragic suicide of the word PLEASE. this video is a gift of learning to communicate and listen beyond yelling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH1MKAdxUpQ&t=10513s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2KkOPZfn_Y

  5. Glad I found this little nugget channel. The Dao is my way for everything. I hope I can get more excersize and learn from this master🐼

  6. Here's an advice: Don't put your laptop between your legs unless you want your balls and what's inside to fry, permanently.

  7. I have noticed the illumination of many beautiful parts of nature like a yellow rose never before have I seen the gift of these living creatures an am grateful for that beauty as it reinforces my desire to make my life better the devil has no place call him what you will as he loves nothing an has no concept of beauty of nature

  8. Too bad the whole of China does not choose the path of the tao. Like here. Glad to see there are some there like here who are trying.

  9. The Four Tips:
    1. Live accordingly to natures cycle.
    2. Eat Well
    3. Exercise in a balanced way.
    4. Give and receive

  10. I really like the philosophy of the daoism and the yin yang. But I really wonder how daoism responds to climate change. Sure, I get that not being afraid or accepting natural change is nothing bad, but climate change? What do you say?

  11. hmm ok to give is good as long as you do it because it feels right and not because you want to receive or want to look good in front of others

  12. the irony and idiocy of this decades of western media programmed eastern romanticism includes; you will never find "balance" drinking tea, or any other caffeinated drink/upper. duh. what you are seeking is not balance, it is a slow paced boring life in the country side masked by the regular taking of plant drugs. in chinese we say… there are over 50 races/tribes in china who cannot even understand each others languages, accents, colloquials, and terminology most of the time…

  13. I am a 77 yea old male. I have read many years on Asian philosophy. Yet I am a late bloomer. My wife and I are retired. We haven't got to much money. I will contribute when we can. Some movements may be difficult' How should I go about it?

  14. The Dao that can be explained is not the true Dao.
    Very good George bringing that which can not be explained to those who can not understand.
    I'm a dad with 5 sons my lesson is wake before the sun rises and sleep soon after it sets.
    Next the watches on a sail boat.

  15. I am naturally drawn to people who are good and spread goodness. I find this video to be doing just that. There seems to be a genuine intention to share the goodness you have received from the master with everyone else. There seems to be no ulterior motive to what you are doing. I like it. Hope you are in a good place George. And keep spreading goodness to the world. Thanks for this video.

  16. Sir. Dir. The more you give the more you recieve. Balance. George perhaps the line that runs inside the symbol yin yang is actually a razor blade width and perhaps the flat symbol is not truly reflective of the meaning. I'm thinking a ball colourful same drawing

  17. There is wisdom also in the truth those who are verbose do not know and those who know are not verbose.
    Osho once said only one in every 100 enlightened beings speak and the other 99 remain silent.

  18. I really appreciate your content. My parents both consider themselves Taoist and used to play a big roll in the temple. They invited me to join them a few times but I never learned any lessons (I just went there to eat). But I always wanted to know more about what my parents were getting out of Taoism. Today, the universe pushed me into your direction and it is uncanny how perfectly timed it was. Thanks for all your hard work and you should know that you make a difference.

  19. "Wake up between 5 and 9 and do your morning exercises". Sheesh! I wake up at 4:30 and get ready for work. City life. I'll watch something else now.

  20. I enjoy your videos and the content and contact with Master Gu is similar to going to Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine school without the vigorous exercise. The philosophy and way of life speaks “well-being” to the inner me and I always feel better as in centered and calm with Qi Gong/Tai Chi. I appreciate your videos and wonder about the actual filming. Did you bring someone with you to help? You have good technical skills with film.

  21. This is the only channel that gave me the simplest of tips to eradicate the biggest of my problems.
    Using the 10 minute wait before responding to any urges CHANGED MY LIFE! Thank you so so much. I am indebted…

  22. Have come across your channel and find it very interesting and presently standing in the come back Allien and I see some of the teachings of the bag and in the Tao te ching. Universal truth is universal truth I suppose thank you so much for the wonderful gift that you have the stowed upon YouTube

  23. This reminds me of my uncle. He always used to give us farts in our faces and in turn received great joy. He was one with nature and would tell us as we ran out of the room. “Better out then in”. Amen.

  24. Enjoy your happy dao been doing yang style for 25 years and on 19July 2019 I was doing step back to ride tiger in the combination 48form and my right leg with full weight gave out my hip gave out so with 3 pins in hip and not able to put weight on right leg for 5 more weeks. I am doing upper body Tai Chi with a walker. Came across you site and you and Master GAO inspired me to go with the flow. So in a week I get a bone density test. So if that comes out positive so good but if negative so good. Love your references to Alan Watts, I have followed Alan Watts since 1979. I guess I should mention I am 86 so that might have a bearing on my leg giving out. I did not loss balance it just gave out.

  25. This Brit fronts his videos with a masterly looking asian man and doesn’t feature the Taoist master. This is IMHO, the most blatant and butchering kind of plagiarism.

  26. I would rather of just watched the tao guy rather than keep cutting to yourself over stating what he has just told. Nice video anyway.

  27. Chinese culture is the most beautiful culture that exist on this planet, all others are lost and distorted. Thank you very much.

  28. When speaking of change as something to be embraced and not feared you are making an incorrect generalised statement. Not all change is good and you should advice people that sometimes resisting change is wise not necessarily based in fear! Careful with you words.

  29. It is refreshing to see people who are genuinely open and exuding positiveness, with no motive other than to help people be at peace and enjoy life. I'm not very articulate, but both men seem truly contented and settled within, and with their own self, gosh that's amazing. I'm inspired to learn more. Thank you George & Master Gu and keep smiling! I'm going to try and adopt the advice, getting up at 5am….huuummmh, I'll have to see about that!

  30. Brought to you by Taoist Master Moderate Bob!
    Better watch those ale's Bob! …& ONLY 3 bong hit's, maximum!

  31. Step 1. Don't use an alarm clock. This disturbs your natural rhythms and cycles and causes mechanical disturbance in your function.
    The body knows when to wake up via subconscious mind. If you really have something important to wake up to, you will notice you wake up second before the alarm anyway.

  32. I am very happy-good deed Johnson-go on spread it out-the more people know about it the better for the world .I would like the outstanding calligraphers form rural China-from KongKong-Taiwan copy it-may be just 2 lines-4 lines-8 lines .Make them like paintings so that people can hang on the wall like painting…Paintings for learning and be happy…Thanks …CHINH

  33. When I was very generous some people start to take advantage on me unfairly. 
    Then I start to be less generous and people get offended.
    We should give and receive with balance! 
    Being generous is right, not too much, not very generous nor a little bit, simply strictly generous!

  34. Loved it! I have found that intense exercise followed by stretching and meditation gives you such an ability to become calm despite whatever mess is going on. It's like being in a focus zone. Thank you!

  35. Read the Tao Te Chang and it helped unravel everything I thought I knew. Dwelling close to the ground and keeping thoughts simple has changed my life. I look forward to learning, and unlearning more!

  36. I need a bit of advice, great video, I wondered for a while how can I maintain this balance while working a night shift? I'm in a process of gaining a qualification but it will take a while before I can change my sleep pattern. Can you advise in the first point please? With gratitude, EB

  37. On the path with 3of 4. Hoping to become a morning person soon and live somewhere not so oppressive to my natural states of being so that I may do so. Been implementing a better food regimen progressively, learning Tai-Qi w/Qi-Gong and balancing the Dao of interactions. I don't have a lot but it still rips me up when I really that I am truly blessed and have more than many I see out on the streets daily. Sometimes I can just offer a bow of my head and a look of acknowledgement, some food or some change in my wallet but it does really come back in some shape or form. That is the equilibrium, the Dao of giving and receiving interpersonally. I used to be baffled when a stranger would approach me (usually a senior) and ask me directions or about a bus route and end up opening up about their life in the span of 5/10 mins. It was always a treasured moment to me; a gift within itself. Thankful to my teacher and for the opportunity to learn from life each day.

  38. This has nothing to do with authentic Taoism. It’s just commonly accepted platitudes. This is especially clear in the part about nutrition, old taoists advised „Bigu“, abstaining from grains, not a „balanced“ diet with enough fiber, that’s mainstream today‘s advice as all the other content of this extraordinary shallow video. I’m a Tai Chi Chuan teacher by the way with a lifelong interest in Taoism.

  39. I think I don't exercise because it always pulls up images of struggle and unpleasant sensations. Even though it's good for me, it feels so bad so I never do it. Maybe I'm trying the wrong kinds of exercise.

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