Teens React to Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Teens React to Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

♪ (punk rock) ♪ (whispering) Please be Mockingjay. YE–It’s totally a Mockingjay trailer. Yes! I am so [bleep] excited! I shouldn’t– (Katniss) I just wanted to save my sister… and keep Peeta alive. (President Snow) Miss Everdeen… it’s the things we love most… that destroy us. I feel like this series…I don’t know… it seems a little overdone. Not the pin. Still haven’t read any of them. Oh! I want that. (Peeta) I want everyone who’s watching… to lay down their weapons now. – (Katniss) You’re alive.
– My bay! My bay! (Haymitch) Peeta is the calf. Everytime I see Woody Harrelson in it,
I can’t take him serious! (Katniss) We will rescue Peeta
at the earliest opportunity, – or you will find another Mockingjay.
– You said it, Katniss. Don’t let them push you around! I remember the first one.
I was like, “What is this?” The second one, I’m like,
“Yes! This is good.” And then the third one,
I’m like… Oh, Natalie. That chick
from Game of Thrones is in there. There’s hardcore guns
and explosions in this one. I’m so hyped for this. I’m so hyped. I’m so hyped. I’m so hyped! Oh, I wanna see this movie so bad. How does an arrow take out a plane? Wait, part one?
Part one?! No! (laughs) I can’t wait. Oh my god! Sometimes at school, I do that whistle. And every once in a while,
I get a response. And it’s the greatest thing ever. ♪ (punk rock) ♪ (Finebros) So, have you seen the first
two Hunger Games movies? No. I haven’t seen any of them. I’ve only seen the first one. Yeah. Yes. Yes! I have seen both. I have, yes. I have seen the first two movies. Of course I have! I watched it seven times in two days. (Finebros) Not a lot of people haven’t
watched the Hunger Games! I know! I don’t know why
they haven’t interested me. If I had seen that without knowing
what it was, I’d think that was some really cool horror movie,
and I would want to go see it. But now I’m like, “I don’t know.” (Finebros) So it looks good to you,
but because it’s The Hunger Games, you’re not interested.
Explain that! Don’t…don’t believe the hype. (Finebros) Did you enjoy
the first two movies? Yeah. They were good. Yeah, I liked the second one
a lot better than the first. I enjoyed both of them
immensely, but I definitely think the second one was better. I think they change too much,
or they leave out too much, or they just over-do it in the movies. The first movie did not
do the book justice, but then the second movie,
because it got a new director, really was accurate to the book. And so I’m really hoping that,
because they’re doing Mockingjay in two movies, that they’re gonna
really stick to the book. (Finebros) Do you feel that when
a movie or TV show is based on a book that comes out, it makes
people read the books more? Or do you think it makes
them read it less? If people know of the movie
before they read it, then they’re definitely going
to wait for the movie. Definitely is another excuse
not to read the book because…why would you if it’s gonna be
played out right in front of you? I want to say that it encourages kids
to read the books more, but it really doesn’t. My sister, she’s watched
both of The Hunger Games, but she refuses to read it.
She’s just like, “No, I’m not down.
I don’t like reading. I don’t wanna read that.” I feel like it makes them read it more
’cause I usually don’t read it until I hear about it. I think it made them read the book more.
Its popularity skyrocketed once the movie came out. Some people I know,
they’re gonna go, “I don’t want the next movie
to be spoiled for me, so I’m not gonna go read the books.” But other people are gonna be like,
“Oh, I have to know what’s happening now.” For me, I don’t really like
reading that much. So when a movie comes out,
I’m like, “[bleep] the book. I don’t need this.” But then I have to wait X amount of months
for the movie to come out and I’m banging my head against the table
’cause I’m like, “This was so good!” So that’s actually why I read the books. (Finebros) What part of Mockingjay
are you most excited to see – on the big screen?
– Peeta. (laughs) Just Peeta. I wish it was all him. Anything with Josh Hutcherson. When they go rescue [SPOILER]. ♪ (easy-listening jazz) ♪ I’m most excited and most nervous
to see Primrose… ♪ (easy-listening jazz) ♪ Finnick… ♪ (easy-listening jazz) ♪ (Finebros) Even though up to this point
it was one book for one movie, now that it’s the last book, they’re
breaking it up into two different movies. Like every other movie nowadays!
Oh my god. (Finebros) What do you think about that? I’m excited because
that’s just more movies. Yeah, I love movies. Why not? It’s obviously for money. If you divide it into two parts,
that’s more profit. I hate it! It pisses me off. You can make one movie out of it. You did it with all the other ones too. For Harry Potter, I think it was
really smart of them to do it. I mean, that book’s 800 pages. Mockingjay, and Divergent, and May,
I’m like, “Really?” If the book doesn’t call for it,
you don’t need to do it. (Finebros) One of the stars,
Philip Seymour Hoffman, passed away before he could finish
both movies, but will be appearing in it. Are you familiar with
any of his other work? I liked Capote.
That was amazing. I was very fortunate to have
a second of his time at the Catching Fire premier and I have
his autograph on my poster. He’s an amazing actor.
I just haven’t really had a chance to watch his work, though I want to. (Finebros) Do you think that the hype
for The Hunger Games now is the same, or is it less than it was
a few years ago, – when the first movie was coming out?
– I don’t know. I mean, I read The Hunger Games
when the hype started to happen. I just think it keeps getting
bigger and bigger ’cause everyone knows the finale’s happening. Nobody talks about The Hunger Games. I haven’t heard anything
about the new movie. When the first movie came out,
everyone’s like, “Oh, Hunger Games!” But now nobody even talks about that. I was in middle school
when the first one came out. Everyone at my school
would always talk about it, and they were freaking out. Even though this trailer’s out,
no one–I didn’t even realize the trailer was out.
No one has talked about it at all! (Finebros) So what do you want
to say to the people out there that have chosen not to read the books
or see the movies because of hype? Let’s make a club. Don’t be biased, bro. That’s exactly how I felt.
I thought there was gonna be too much hype,
but you gotta go watch it. It’s pretty good. Stop being such a freaking hipster! Get your head out of your butt
and stop pretending you’re one of those people like,
“I’m a non-conformist. And just ’cause everyone likes it,
I can’t like it.” You’re missing out,
so if you can live with that… then you do you.
But…(chuckles) If that’s your reason,
you’re just a giant hipster. It’s lame. Shut the [bleep] up.
Read the [bleep] book. (Finebros) We’re gonna end the episode
the same way we’ve done when we covered The Hunger Games before. Do you plan to see Mockingjay Part 1
at midnight, opening weekend, but not at midnight,
sometime in the theatre, but not opening weekend,
later at home, or not at all? Um…probably at home sometime later. Never. I’ll probably see it opening weekend. Probably see it opening weekend. In the theatre, but not
on opening weekend. I won’t watch it. (laughs) Opening weekend. I’ll probably watch it at home. In theatres. The last two movies I camped out
at the Los Angeles premiere, so that’s the plan again this year. Seeing it at midnight.
I’m taking all my friends, we’re gonna see it at midnight. I’ll be like, “YEAAAAAH!
GO KATNISS!” Thanks for watching
another episode of Teens React. Make sure to subscribe
to the React channel. There are new shows
over there every week. See you later. Whistle in the distance. May the odds be ever in your favor! Goodbye! ♪ (punk rock) ♪

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