Testing Your Diet with Pee & Purple Cabbage

Testing Your Diet with Pee & Purple Cabbage

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  1. I just posted test video on this as well.. funny stuff 🙂 How do you respond in video format for this video? weird.. I have seen it on other channels i thought.

  2. Is it? Are you counting per calorie or per volume? If per calorie then the statement is true, because it contains about 35% fat, lots of it being animal fat.

    "Based" does not mean "solely consists of".
    Of course the diet is also rich in refined sugars and starches, limited in other nutrients. (most of them phytonutrients)
    Hamburgers, chicken, fries and soda are typical items and are quite deadly. Half are mainly animal products.

  3. Maybe Jimi Hendrix was confused with his purple haze 'up in my brain' when it was actually in his toilet bowl. Notwithstanding, great video.

  4. The purple cabbage water turned my toilet bowl water blue before i even urinated in it. For a more accurate result, don't do this test in a toilet bowl.

  5. Everyone has the priceless ability to bulk up–but very few actually use it. Go Google  Morsch Muscle Madness and discover how to utilize your gift.

  6. OK, this was really interesting, so I decided to try it. Instead of using cabbage, I simply used a PH tester, took a sample of my urine, and tested it. The color turned out orange-ish. I do not see that color on this video's spectrum. The PH tester indicated this was in the 5 range, yet this video indicates 5 should be a pink color. According to this video, the orange color exhibited most closely resembles the 11 range. I am thoroughly confused. Can anyone shed light?

  7. Okay I tried this and have a question.  How much (volume) of the purple cabbage water do you pour into the urine?  First time, I poured so much it just stayed dark purple. 1 cup? 1/2 cup?

  8. Why can't he narrate in a matter-of-fact tone instead of attempting to sound melodramatic?  It is off-putting. I rather read the text if there's the alternative.

  9. Forget the kids …. I will have a lot of fun testing this out!

    BUT … yes, what are the proportions, how much cabbage juice to how much urine?

  10. But Dude, what about all the farting that happens when you make everybody eat vegetables? A room filled with feasting vegetarians needs a WALL of windows – all open!

    It's hard to believe that a diet which so obviously upsets the average stomach can be so superior to a meat-inclusive diet. Do Vegetarians really live longer – or do they just smell old?

  11. So… eating meat is bad for building muscles. Who would have thought.

    Thanks for your insights Dr. Greger!

  12. The best way to do this test is to pee in a cup and pour a small amount of the cabbage juice into the cup. It turned blue when I did it. I tried this with some vinegar to see if it would turn pink, it did. this test worked great for me, everyone should try this.

  13. How could milk me acid forming? It contains loads of calcium and potassium…
    According to these pral values milk kefir cheese = 0 and whey = -1.6 so if I make milk kefir (and thus drink the way and eat the 'cheese') it's alkaline forming?

  14. Does this mean that i drink the water from the boiled purple cabbage? I want to have some fun with my doctor the next time she asks for a urine sample heh heh heh heh 🙂

  15. "You should use what you probably have right now in your crisper….. purple cabbage."

    You don't know me! You don't know what's in my crisper drawer! checks crisper drawer God damnit! Are you a wizard or something?

  16. loved this, i tried it and it was sky blue (and i eat quite a lot of animal protein, like 180 g beef steak before this test)

  17. I understand the science taught on this video about muscle atrophy being caused by a daily meat eating diet as one grows older. I wonder if meat eating also contributes to bone loss as one becomes older ??

  18. Since women have less muscle mass to spend treating acidosis with aging and are more prone to bone loss after 40 is it possible that the theory is correct on women only? Has any study been done only on women?

  19. So eating alkaline foods will increase Serum alkaline levels too ?  From what I'm gathering this only increase urine and saliva.

  20. Omg I want to try! Vegan almost one year and vegetarian before that so I should have some decent results.

  21. nice lifehack Dr. G! last year i had uric acid showing in my general medical analysis. ive been vegan for the past 6 months and im curious to see where i stand now 🙂 time to pee!!

  22. OMG im buying a cabbage tomorrow! I'm vegan and the rest of my family eats meat and my parents are doctors. i hope we can all do this and see the results!

  23. Wouldn't you want your urine to be acidic. Metabolic processes produce acidic waste which are filtered out through the kidneys. If urine is acidic that means you are getting rid of acids. If it is base, you are not filtering properly and are holding acidic waste. Is my logic flawed?

  24. I'd love to do this science experiment but I can't stand the thought of wasting a beautiful piece of cabbage.

  25. Why kids? I'm havin' a blast just hearing about it on here! LOL! Can't wait to buy my red cabbage first thing tomorrow! :)))

  26. What should be the ratio between pee and cabbage juice ?
    I think the color will depend a lot by the ratio which was not told.

    Also depends on how much water you drank how much water you used for the cabbage….this test seem unreliable with poor control of the variables

  27. LOVE this. Where I live I can't buy litmus paper and was searching madly on the internet how to figure out the pH of urine else-wise. And voila! there you were. Going to try it today. PS: I always have purple cabbage in the crisper. PPS: Heard about you from the magnificent Kris Carr.

  28. Never thought the day would come where I'd buy a red cabbage, blend it and pee on it. First time for everything I guess…

  29. But I read that, when your gut gets too alkaline your reabsorption of ammoniak isveryhigh, wich causes numerus side effeckts, thats why i stopped taking basic powder in the morning, didn´t feel well afterwards. also don´t most good gut bakteria prefer slightly acidic ph levels ?

  30. I like this. I eat keto, but with lots of vegetables. In fact, every day we have red cabbage on the dinner table, we eat it raw (mixed with a little bit of maio.)

    This will be a fun experiment.

  31. if ur pee is alcaline
    u r doing something wrong
    it needs to feel like (at least diluted) vinegar so u know they r filtering lymph
    otherwise u r holding onto a lot of gunk

  32. Love this science experment♥️ I love purple cabbage😘 I eat it all the time in Marcus recipes Spicy Tye Cabbage, book love on a plate, inspired by Cara Brotman💑👙💃🕺🍌🍏🍉🍎🍑🍑🍆🍐🍇🍓🥝🍈🍋🍋🥝🥒🥑🍆🍅🥗🥗🥗🥗🍲🍵🥂

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