The #1 Best Cutting Diet To Lose Fat & Get Lean

The #1 Best Cutting Diet To Lose Fat & Get Lean

Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj here, And in this video here, I want to give you guys my answer to the question
of what the best cutting diet is to lose fat and to get lean? Now, this is going to be
sort of a slightly different take on the subject, because when most people go about trying to
structure the best fat loss diet for themselves, they tend to think only in terms of bottom
line effect of this, you know, what method is going to burn fat as fast as possible.
And in doing that, the very important issue of adherence, that tends to get overlooked.
In other words, the diet might be effective, but are you actually going to be able to stick
to it over the long-term in order to actually reach your fat loss goals? Now, we already
know from statistics and just from basic everyday observation that the majority of people who
start a fat loss diet will not end up sticking to it over the long-term. We already know
that for sure. And among many different reasons is the simple fact that the cutting diet itself
just isn’t sustainable. It might involve too large of a calorie deficit, it might be
too restrictive. It might be based around a bunch of different rules that just aren’t
practical for your lifestyle. Or just might be based on certain guidelines that you really
don’t enjoy following. For example, some people do really well following an intermittent
fasting style approach. So, pushing all of their calories into a smaller feeding window.
Whereas there are other people who prefer eating smaller meals spread all throughout
the day. Now, that’s just a matter of personal preference, and either one ultimately works.
But if you’re trying to force yourself into a fat loss plan that deep down you really
dislike, you might stick with it for a few weeks or a few months. But eventually you’re
probably going to burn out, you’re probably going to get frustrated and you’re probably
going to quit. And then, if you do quit, it’s going to make things even harder moving forward,
because your confidence will go down and you’ll be less likely to start back up again. So,
what is the best cutting diet for losing fat and keeping it off? Well, my simple answer
to most people would be this, the best cutting diet is whatever diet, assuming you have the
basic fundamentals down, which I’ll touch on shortly, but it’s whatever diet allows
you to maintain a calorie deficit long enough to reach your goals. Very simple answer, but
it is something that a lot of people ignore. So, regardless of what anyone tries to tell
you, fat loss ultimately comes down to the simple act of expending more energy than you
take in. So, burning more calories than you consume, A.K.A. a calorie deficit. And then,
maintaining that state long enough to lose whatever amount of fat you’re trying to
burn. And again, regardless of what people trying to sell you miracle programs or supplements,
regardless of what they might say, that’s not easy. It’s not an easy thing to do.
It does require hard work. It does require discipline. And it does require patience.
When you put your body into a calorie deficit, you are going to experience a certain level
of hunger at certain periods in the day. That’s normal. You will experience cravings. And
on top of that, your energy levels will, overall, be lower than they were when you were eating
and maintenance or when you were eating in a surplus. Now, that’s just the nature of
the process and it is a challenge. And the reason why most people can’t stick to it
is because they just don’t stack the odds heavily enough in their favor. They try to
maintain that deficit, but they don’t lay out their cutting diet in a way that is sustainable
for them. Bottom line defect in this is one thing. But if you can’t maintain it long
enough to reach your goal, then obviously, it’s going to be totally useless for you.
For example, fat loss diet A, might produce say 2 pounds of fat loss per week. But if
your goal is to lose 20 pounds, and you can only stick to that diet for a month before
falling off, then ultimately it’s still going to be a failure. On the other hand,
if diet B, produces, say half of that, so maybe 1 pound of fat loss per week, but you
can easily maintain that for all 20 weeks, then clearly it’s going to be the superior
approach for you. So, again, get the basic fundamentals down first. So, that means a
few things. It means, getting enough protein each day. You’ll hear different recommendations
for this. And more and more research is coming out that starting to show that we do need
even less protein than we thought. But let’s say, at least 0.8 grams per pound of body
weight daily, that’s what I’d recommend right now. I personally like to go a little
bit higher around 1 gram just to be safe. But again, anywhere from 0.8 gram to 1 gram
will ultimately be, probably be fine. You also want to make sure you’re getting enough
fat each day. So, I’d say, not much lower than around 20 percent of your total calories.
And you want to make sure that your fiber and your micronutrient needs are being met
by getting in a couple servings of vegetables, and fruits and just making sure that the bulk
of your diet is coming from minimally processed whole foods. So, once you have those basics
down, again, just stack the odds in your favor. If you like bigger meals less frequently or
smaller meals more frequently, then choose whichever one you prefer. You might want to
allocate a higher percentage or a lower percentage of your calories to the earlier parts or the
later parts of the day. In terms of food choices, keep in mind that there are no mandatory fat-burning
foods that you must eat. So, just choose foods in each category. So, protein, carbs and fats,
choose the foods that you prefer most. If you don’t like brown rice, then don’t
eat brown rice. If you like yogurt as opposed to cottage cheese or chicken rather than red
meat, then make those choices. Or if you have certain fruits and veggies that you really
like, then just stick to those. If you have a certain foods that you really like and that
you crave like let’s say, chocolate for example, then allocate a certain percentage
of your calories each day towards enjoying some chocolate, in that way you won’t feel
deprived. Another thing to take into account is just the overall size of your calorie deficit.
Now, I personally like to use a larger deficit over a shorter time frame, because that way
I can just get my cutting diet over with faster. But on the other hand, my good friend, Fernando,
he just finished losing around 30 pounds or so, but he was using a smaller deficit over
a longer period of time. Again, it’s just personal preference. And ultimately either
one works. So, bottom line guys, the best cutting diet for most people is whatever diet
allows you, so you personally, to maintain a net calorie deficit over time. Whatever
cutting diet keeps you in a calorie deficit on an ongoing basis long enough to reach your
goals without quitting is ultimately going to be a successful diet. So, get the fundamentals
down, you know, the protein, the fat, the fiber, the micronutrients. And then, set up
your daily diet in the way that you enjoy most in terms of meal frequency, meal spacing,
food choices, calorie deficit size, et cetera. If you just take some time and effort to structure
it this way, rather than just jumping head first into some crazy fat loss diet based
around a bunch of rules that may or may not fit your lifestyle or your preferences. If
you do that, your chances for long-term fat-burning success are going to be exponentially higher.
Now, obviously if you have to get lean for a certain date, so say maybe you’re doing
a show or a photo shoot obviously, that’s a different situation. But I’m just talking
here to the average person who just wants to lose some fat, lean down and lower their
overall body fat percentage over time. So, thanks for watching this video guys. If you
do want to get a complete step-by-step roadmap, in terms of training, nutrition, supplements
for losing fat while also showing you how to customize that plan to your exact needs,
then you can check out my complete body transformation blueprint system over at
The link for that is in the description. If you found these tips helpful, make sure to
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  1. hey sean.. can u help me with my situation? I weigh 200lbs and have like 20% body fat.. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week.. from 1-2hrs a day.. I gained some strength but how come I still look the same? My goal is to gain more muscle and decrease my body fat percentage but I don't think increasing my calorie intake would be a great idea because I'm just gonna gain more weight and fat.. As you said in the video you recommend taking 0.8g-1g of protein per pound.. How am I suppose to do that?

  2. Sean, your physique goes under the radar. I've been a fan, growing with your evidence-based approach, since your e-book first got popular a decade ago, haha. I'm happy to see that you're still in it and I really hope you are able to make good money off of fitness, because you are one of the good guys.


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    2) What about re-feeds for hormonal balancing?

  9. Been cutting for a year now and everything you said was on point. Things look good on paper but they don't always go as planned!

  10. Again a good video Sean, thx. Hunger is the biggest enemy fighting your persistence. Enough sleep, high protein/moderate fat/low carb diet will do the trick.

  11. I don't know how, but your videos are right on the spot. It's mostly calories, but most diet will go around the subject – because the mere thought of calorie restriction sux. Reminds me when i was quitting smoking, i threw all my cigarettes and eventually started smoking more. Total fail. The next time i try to quit, i kept a pack of it somewhere hard to reach, and tell myself, if i need to i can always get it here or there. Now what happened was i managed to slowly reduce the frequency slowly. And when i reached 1 – 3 cigs a day, i was able togo smoke free for alternative days. Then i started to forget about it till now, i still keep that pack of cig, and i tell myself i can smoke whenever i want, but i dont feel like it and dont need it.

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  15. I'm finding it pretty difficult to maintain even a small caloric deficit while still eating my bodyweight in protein. I don't have that hard of a time eating the right amount of protein each day, (over 190g) but it seems like the only way I can do that is by eating above my BMR. How can I solve this problem, Sean?

  16. Given that cutters need to be on Caloric deficit, which actual "diet" is most effective, low-fat, paleo, ketogenic, etc?

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    I've been on a cutting diet in which i eat 1300-1500 calories a day, thats a 300-500 calorie deficit for me. Ive been on that diet for 2 months so far and haven't lost a pound in fact i gained 1-2 pounds over that time period. I heard that i should lower my cals even more but i also heard that going lower then a 500 would be bad as it can lead to a loss of gains. What should i do?

  20. Great video man ! Explained in the most simple way I know how to diet but it good to brush up from some who actually has knowledge about the subject ! 👏🏽👏🏽

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  25. The multiple small meals a day does not work for long term weight loss, because you spike your insulin level every time you eat, which ultimately leads to weight gain from insulin resistance. IF with proper diet and exercise for health is the only sure way to lose weight and keep it off. Just to clarify, it's not exercise that takes off weight and keeps it off – it's diet, and not caloric restriction as you claim. Caloric deficit aids in weight loss, but understanding Insulin, how it regulates what turns to sugar and what is stored as fat, is key. You don't need to count calories. See Dr. Jason Fung and IF for more information.

  26. When it comes to eating healthy, you must
    never fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a
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    check out Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine since it is
    not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  27. damn man, I'm so confused….I'm lean, but I'm having a really hard time losing those extra few pounds to really have that definition that I want. at 200 lbs I look really lean at about 2200 calories a day and no cardio, but according to most fitness gurus here I should be eating alot more carbs…and doing cardio…so when I do I feel like I just get "pudgy". maybe I should eat around 2300 a day and add cardio to that? my calories are low so cardio scares me.

  28. Liked the video before even watching for what I'm almost positive is Space Odyssey in the corner. Videos always on point, thanks man

  29. Sometimes it's because you have to do night shifts every now and then, and then your body tells you you are constantly hungry… ESP for fatty, high calories foods.

  30. My biggest failure with diets were cheat days. I would go super strict during the week and on cheat day all hell broke lose. It was so hilarious because I would start night before sometimes and end till late night next day. I don't have cheat days anymore. However, my diet is very clean and doesn't feel like a chore. I used to be addicted to drinking coffee with lots of cream sugar but had to cut that off and it helped a lot since I drank up to 3 big cups à day. Instead I allow 2 squares of 85% chocolate per day and it keeps cravings away. If I really want something then once a week I allow myself but in small quantities and that makes it a healthier relationship with food. Of course lifting and cardio has it's place too but ultimately it's our relationship with food I think that has to change. Thanks for your videos which helped me realize this.

  31. I like what he is saying but some of it just isn’t true… you do not have to feel hungry to lose fat. I’ve done this I’m speaking from a stand point of doing this myself and helping others. Calories in vs Calories out does have a huge factor in any process but there is way more to it and as well as more efficient ways to accomplish this. What you put in your body matters and by no means do you have to feel hungry ever for the process of fat loss. I’ll give some of the best advice that helped me… learn how to cook and make healthy delicious food. You can be healthy and not be bland or eat foods you don’t like. So learn what’s healthy and learn all the ways you can cook these healthy foods while tasting great. The more knowledge you have the better you will be. Just sharing something I think might be helpful to some people.

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