The 10,000-Calorie Diet: This is What Sumo Wrestlers Eat

The 10,000-Calorie Diet: This is What Sumo Wrestlers Eat

Okay, let’s go… My name is Bayamba,
I am a four time World Sumo Champion. Every day I eat lots of healthy food,
to stay strong. In professional sumo, after the practice, we eat rice and you know like,
meat fry or some fish. But the main dish is like Chankonabe. There are a lot of vegetables,
onion, green onion, ginger, mushrooms, eggs,
lot of meats, fish too. The meat has a lot of calories, right? So that means I think we eat lots of that means more than 10 thousand calories. If you want to be a sumo wrestler
you have to try hard, to practice. And then after that,
the body’s going to be tired, right? And then they have to eat healthy
and take a lot of protein. So, Chankoname is the right thing to eat. If they’re just practicing a little bit,
and they eat junk food. I mean, you know,
there’s no balance in the body. Chanko makes me stronger. I used to make the Chankonabe every day. In Japan, for 5 years. I’ve made Chanko
1,800 to 2,000 times in my life. I was born in Mongolia, and then
when I was 16, I moved to Japan for a long time. I started doing professional Sumo. When I was 16, from Japan,
the Grand Champion Onokuni came to Mongolia. And then he picked one guy, that was me. And when I went to Japan,
I was like, everything’s new for me. On the first morning there, I went to
watch the Sumo practice, and I was shocked because two of the wrestlers, when they
samshed together, their heads collided, and one guy’s tooth was embedded
in the forehead of his opponent. So I immediately thought
I better start training right away to get better and
to be able to beat these guys. After a couple of weeks,
I had started winning some matches and I started feeling pretty good about it. Then I liked the sport. Actually, I loved it. In professional sumo,
the Grand Champion is like God. I love Sumo! In Chanko you can add
any vegetables you want. Ginger is ‘shoga’ in japanese. What about Mongolian? ‘tsagaan gaa’ I never stop eating Chanko,
because I love it. Probably all my life,
I’m going to eat Chanko. It gives me a lot of protein and vitamins. When you are doing practice long time,
you lose a lot of sweat, right? That’s why you lose a lot of power… vitamins from your body. So you renew the vitamins from the Chanko. Americans like chicken soup, right? But Chankonabe is different. It’s a fish broth. For this type of Chanko,
the meatball is the key. I mix the meat, vegetables, and eggs. Mix everything together,
and then make the meatballs. Squeeze it. Spoon. Boom. You got that? It’s almost ready Ready? So hungry right now. Instead of having vegetables as a salad, you can mix it in the soup. You can absorb a lot more vitamins
and minerals from the soup. It’s in the broth. I’m full right now. I hve to go nap. Then after the nap, when I wake up, I feel so much stronger, you know? I can feel that everyday. After the practice, eat, and then sleep,
and then wake up. “Oh my God, I’m getting stronger.” We’re using this spot
for the sumo practice. So now, we’re doing a seminar
for three days in a row. Lots of wrestlers from
all of the states and Canada. I’m trying to teach all these guys. There are like 20 people. I’m Sonya. This is my hudsband Pierre, the fuzzy guy. We’re from Sacramento. So we drove up to work with Byamba
and have a great time with the group. I’m trying to just get
better and better every day. So with that I came to this camp,
which Byamba put on. So that way,
I could learn every other technique. Little things that
I was doing right or doing wrong. And I can also bring it back to my club. He is a World Champion, but I got to westle with him a bit. And it’s been really good. We’ll just get going. We’re going to do basically, what we did yesterday for the intro. A couple of people missed the intro. -Sorry.
-It’s okay. I didn’t, I’m not saying names. The Chanko will be at 7:45
in Shin Sen Gumi. We’ll give you the address later. -Shin Sen Gumi?
-Shin Sen Gumi, yeah. I tend to stick to a diet
that’s high protein, high, good beneficial fats. So, I’m trying to continuously fuel. I usually have about maybe
an eight egg omelete, something like that. Load in maybe six to eight sausages. Maybe have three, fout glasses of milk. Anything laying around I’ll eat. -Chankonabe is fantastic.
-I’ve never had it… …so it’s gonna be a
first time experience. -You coming tonight?
-Yeah. Yeah, hell yeah. it’s really fun to teach somebody. So I want to share my experience with everybody. You’re too late on the charge. You have to be much faster, okay? Reaceiving. You’re receiving. Charge it! They want to learn, you know. I’m very happy to teach them. Anyway, after the practice,
I’m ready to eat Chankonabe for recovery. Oh… Let’s go. I’m hungry. I make best Chankonabe in this country. But tonight,
we are all going to the Shin Sen Gumi. Basically, we’re planning
to order pots of Chankonabe. Is that okay with everybody? -Chanko, Chanko.
-Chanko. There we go. Chanko. Chanko. Let me taste first. If you’re not used to it,
it could taste slimey. Hmmm. It’s delicious. Hold on. Hold on. It’s not about taste. It’s giving you good vitamins
and proteins, you know? -Very good.
-Yeah. First time, and it’s squishy and delightful. I’m from Louisiana,
so we do a lot of gumbos and stuff, and to be honest with you, it reminds me of, like,
that down home type cooking. Really, really moist vegetables. And that spice to it, that cabbage
is phenomenal with that spice. I mean obviously,
after you’ve spent the whole day trying to work yourself for three hours. Then you have to sit and wait an hour for dinner to come here. when you get something
this big coming. You have all that anticipation, all that exhaustion
from earlier in the day. It was worth it, completely 100%. He said his body fat,
when he was about 330 pounds, his body fat was 11% Wow. When I was 18?
18 years old, yeah. Amazing. No, no, now,
it’s getting a little bit bigger. Oh, who is this one? Good food. Finish it. Come on. Japanese people work so hard
to put it in the ground. So you respect that. You have to eat everything, okay? Thank you. Yeah. You don’t want to waste anything
because there’s so much nutrition in there, that you don’t want to throw it away. You want to absorb everything from the bowl. Beer is helpful too… Not too much but… How was Chanko? Everyone is happy? The National’s coming up and then
the US Sumo Open is coming up too. So good luck to everybody, you know? And then we have to practice tomorrow too. Remember? So, we had a good practice. We got enough food. I gotta go to nap. So, see you in the US Sumo Open.

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  1. 전통적인 부분때문에 뭐라할수는 없는건데…개인적인 생각으로는 저게 왜 스포츠인지 하나도 이해가 가지 않는다

  2. He is a very positive and good guy but no way he was 18 y/o weight 330 lbs with 11% bodyfat that's big lie Kung Fu 🐼

  3. Sad Reality Average Sumo Wrestler life span 40-50 years. Most of them die due to heart failure, e.g. Yokozuna

  4. Me: Do you hear about Vegan style??
    He: No, never heard about it.

    Eat Chanko and die at 40!!!
    I like him, but man you will die at early age!!!

  5. 뽕아란걸 아시나요 스모선수는 스스로 똥을 못닦는다고 알고있습니다 뽕아란 스모선수의 똥을 닦아주는 직업으로 알고있는데 사실인가요

  6. This man radiates positive energy and does what he loves, showing that even if you are big you can still maintain a perfectly healthy lifestyle. He is truly inspiring and I have a lot of respect for him.

  7. Dude sumo's are just like my mom and dad, eat good and take a nap right after lol. And they aren't big either lol

  8. People think Sumo is just all about being big. Nah. You gotta have stamina technique strength and a good muscular composition to be the best of the best. Like this man.

  9. You can really tell how healthy he looks even though that much fat on him.
    His students look more like the western typical overweight. So much difference!

  10. 스모를 몽골사람이 일본스모를 가르치는데 한국쌀에 체육관엔태극기가걸려있고 배우는사람들은 다 서양사람들이고 이게뭔지몰것네

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