The 32nd Hunger Games – Disturbia [Part 1/6]

The 32nd Hunger Games – Disturbia [Part 1/6]

Here? Sure My canteen is empty. You really think they don’t want us to suffer? They wanna see blood and tears before giving out the free stuff. So we better start looking. I got a rope A bag of nuts One of those canteens And a sleeping bag How come you’re the only one who has one of those? Better question is, where the hell is yours? If you wanted one so badly, you could grabbed it in the Cornucopia. Wouldn’t surprise me if everyone got one of those, just to create false hope What do you mean false hope? I mean, we are all born to die. Then we should all start preparing to die… …It’s going to get cold tonight. Nobody wakes up from a deep sleep when it’s frosty. Okay listen up! I’d rather listen to some optimism than some bullshit negativity here. We might have enough to live for a day or two,
but that’s not the only thing that matters. We’ve got the weapons to
defend ourselves Speaking of which, we should start searching. Searching for what? The weaklings. They are often back to the Cornucopia in a matter of minutes in search for something to
help them survive. Start there maybe? Mine. So we’ve just agreed that we are going after the weaklings first? We? Who’s we? The only people that’ll be going are me and Elias. You two will have the job of staying here and protecting our supply. If I come back and find out that any of our supplies are missing, you two will be the first
weaklings to die. Understood? Fine. But you better come with some sleeping bags. Hey! I’m going to go with the boys.
And you stay here and do your fun little thing! But they just… *Sh…* Wait, weren’t you supposed to stay with District Two? No, I wouldn’t want to miss the fun. Besides, Dacia is a big girl, she can handle herself. I’m talking about the stuff. Yeah, she can handle herself… And the stuff. Look at all these weaklings. Welcome to Disturbia. This could seriously be the way we die. Speak for yourself. You don’t know. OK, whatever. Now start searching the bodies. And whatever you find, you take. Jackpot! Boys! Look what we have here. No! Please don’t kill me! It looks like the little bunny is scared. Should we put her out of her misery? Only for her own good. She’ll be back. What shall we do when she does? The only favor she deserves. Besides, little bunnies don’t last long
during the open season.

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  1. Wow….they actually look their ages…. I'm making a hunger games movie with a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds acting as 15 and 16 year olds…..

  2. this is so amazing😍 I'm a big fan of the hungergames and I've watched much fan films but this is the best one! the arena looks amazing and the actors are very good. keep up the good work!

  3. Did anyone else notice the girl that they pulled out of the bush was smiling when they were going to kill her?

  4. I enjoyed it, except when a tribute dies, the capital only gives a few minutes search time before taking it. They wouldn't leave them around long enough for those guys to get back to them. But it's your own, original thing. So good nevertheless.

  5. Hey +Extura Productions ! I absolutely love the 32nd Hunger Games and all of your videos!! I'm currently in Iceland on a school trip from the UK 🙂

  6. omg i love it thats so so good. I SHIP BTW THE GIRL WITH THIS ADIDAS SHOES AND THE CARRIERO WITH THE LIGHTER HAIR. The end was weird but that make it better than anything else. You've done a great job. I saw it more than three times. Good acting and amazing storys!

  7. when u love the hunger games so much that even tho it's finished u find yourself watching fan made videos

  8. The song in the beginning sounds like a song we sing in church, and I'm always telling my mom, "This sounds like a song that would be in the Hunger Games", and now it is.

  9. Just wanted to say, its 2 years later and I still watch this film again and again. Best non-professional film I have EVER seen! Great job and thank you guys for being a HUGE inspiration. Can't wait to see more from you guys! 🙂

  10. I like when Giia punches the other tribute in the face while fighting for a backpack in the bloodbath at the cornucopia.

  11. The shots are good, just be sure to keep the camera steadier as best as you can. Tbh tho it's quite enjoyable

  12. What I like about this is it is one of the only fan films that looks like it could actually be an arena.

  13. I think all the districts are a lot richer than they are in the original hunger games but it may be just me who thinks that.

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