The 32nd Hunger Games – Mortem [Part 3/6]

The 32nd Hunger Games – Mortem [Part 3/6]

CORBIN! Corbin! Macy! Corbin! I was just getting some mints. Don’t ever run off like that again! I thought you liked mints. This is not the time, nor the place to be picking mints! I’ve been all over the place for the past half hour looking for you! You could’ve been killed! I’m sorry. It’s fine. At least you’re okay. And I am kind of hungry, so. Might as well just pick some berries. Let’s go. Ow! Don’t eat those. If you eat those they’ll burn your insides. If you sqeeze them, they’ll burn your hand. The juice is poison. Yes, I figure that out, thank you! Thanks. A dose of this medicine, and everyhting will be cured. For you, Dacia. J.L. Guess this is for you. For me? Why? Guess this is for that big cut under your arm. I did not know it existed. Wait, where is Hunter, anyway? He went out hunting, alone. I also have craving to kill something… Fine. A sparrow will do. Let’s kill them all. Please! Don´t! Don´t! Hey! You ok? I’m ok. Who do you think they were after? I don’t know. Guess someone like us. What are you doing? Practising the knots, my trainer told me. They might come in handy. This one is pretty cool. It’s my favourite. I have to go… …fishing.

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  1. I like Macy's little brother because he told her that the berries were poisoned and I bet the little brother spend time in training at the edible station at the training center and figuring it out which foods were good and which foods were bad

  2. Okay stuff like this is actually really cringy, but this one was actually good and I’m quaking because you have better acting skills than the lead in our play at my school does like… what?

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