The Best Food For High Cholesterol

The Best Food For High Cholesterol

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  1. In my previous life when I was an Indian living in Jharsuguda, India, I had access to fresh amla fruit and ate in frequently. I lived to 105!

  2. OK, it may have some positive health benefits, but just because its "natural" does not mean its without risks or side effects. I recall a while back everyone was excited about red rice yeast for cholesterol, until they found out it while yes, it did reduce cholesterol, it damages the liver just as badly as statins. And because its unregulated, it is far more dangerous than statins. So yes, its certainly worth further study. I'd take a page from the good doc's elderberry experiment, that is, don't dive in until you know exactly what you're doing, and speak to a medical professional.

  3. Frozen amla is sold in India stores. Can also buy organic amla powder or organic triphala powder in bulk from the internet. The main problem with india food and china food is both countries have lots of pollution in their soil so probably safer to get your unrefined foods from the local farmers markets.

  4. If 'God' made it for us to survive, he would have planted it all over the globe, just like he did with Hemp. Bin it!

  5. Ssshhh!!!! we want people to go plant based! We don’t want them to stick to their bad habits and fix it with a 5ct per day fix.

    This stuff is healh promoting – especially for Guys……
    It'll grow your hair back, Doc!

  7. Here's the study that he'll cover next video:

    All the very best to you guys.

  8. Seriously hoping any amla powder we try isn't contaminated with lead, mercury or other heavy metals as previously reported in one of Dr. G's videos on Ayruvedic supplements.😨 Think I'll stick to frozen Amla berries in my local Indian mart.

  9. Next breakthrough.
    What alcohol you should drinknif you are an alcoholic….

    Vegan logic feeding sugar(a non essential. Non needed nutrient) to diabetics.

    You call yourself a doctor. You are a fraud.

  10. Here we go again, the next miracle food. Dr Gregor is gonna have us eating a dinner of garlic, turmeric, ginger, cloves, mushrooms, and amla washed down with hibiscus and green tea. Whatever, off to the health food store again.

  11. If the optimal level of LDL is under 70 and total cholesterol under 150, why do most guidelines and most doctors say it's under 100 for LDL and under 200 for total cholesterol? My most recent total cholesterol was 164 and LDL was 103 and so I thought my total was great and my LDL was aaaaalmost good and now you're telling me both of those are crap?! Whaaa?

  12. Would you be able to do something on e-cigerettes ? I quit using the e cig and my lungs do feel better but I am unsure of the effects. I mean sure there is alot of propaganda and I am getting mixed reviews. I just want honest studies and research and this is the best place for it:)

  13. Doc…in India we don't say "emla" but "Aamla" where there is AA sound instead of AE sound. Sounds funny when people say "emla"
    Similarly turmeric is not "Tumor-ic" instead it is pronounced as term… "Terme-ric"

  14. In India amla is eaten in multiple ways. It can be eaten as fresh fruit but it is EXTREMELY sour. So the various methods are to make it into a sweet drink/smoothie with lots of sugar, pickle with lots of sugar. The best I suppose would be dried/powdered formats which is what ayurveda uses. It is wonderful as after meal mouth cleanser too…makes mouth sweet after eating such sour powder

  15. Could the cholesterol lowering effects of AMLA actually be detrimental to those with normal lipid levels? Cholesterol can be forced too low, correct?

  16. I ate amla while I was a kid in Romania at my grandparents, had no idea about how good they really are for us, thank you for the video!

  17. Most of these journals are in third world country….please try to use western worlds reputable peer reviewed journals next time.

  18. Can you clarify if "Phyllanthus emblica", "Embilica officinalis", "Phyllanthus amarus" are different plants? I see all of them described as "Indian gooseberry".

    Also, where do you get it for $.05 per teaspoon? IT is fairly expensive, and not that easy to find except online.

  19. Because of this fine doctor, I now get a tablespoon every morning in a smoothie. My arthritic dog also gets a sprinkle on her dog food – she actually licks the bowl too. She has gained better mobility.

  20. Hard to find fresh amla. You can find Frozen sliced amla at Indian grocery store. Deep brand and others, get sliced, no seeds/pit like whole amla. Very tart. Can go in smoothie but doesn't work with all flavors.

  21. I have a jar of amla powder that I forgot about. I just checked and the expiration date was last May. I wonder if I should just use if up anyway. I suppose it can’t hurt. I never know whether to really be concerned that much about expiration dates.

  22. Many Indians are vegetarians, they take Amla, Turmeric, Garlic etc. Yet they suffer from high rates of heart diseases and diabetes. Is there any study about this paradox and what causes such high incidence of such killer diseases?

  23. Triphala is said to be better than Amla alone as per Ayurveda to balance your constitution (doshas, imbalance of which according to your personal ratios, causes diseases).

  24. I wish the studies would have compared gooseberries with Alaskan wild blueberries and black currants. I take both of the latter added to my morning oatmeal. I know for a fact eating the blueberries lent to my vision improving by 2 diopters in each eye after the first year of living in Alaska and harvesting the wild blueberries, using them throughout the year in many things.

  25. Bacterial fats NOT dietary fats are cause of heart disease…

  26. Your conception of LDL cholesterol is out of date. I took Niacin. It lowered by cholesterol and raised my blood sugar. Both LDL and HDL cholesterol is dangerous when it is oxidized which is more likely to happen if you have high blood sugar. Statins and Diet will have the same effect on cholesterol and blood sugar as niacin. I have read this in many sources. I fear that AMLA will do the same thing. Actually I am more interested in what causes high cholesterol. Fortunately some of the causes for oxidized cholesterol are known and can be prevented. This seem to be common knowledge among researchers but not among doctors yet. That will probably take another decade or maybe never if they get all their medical info from the drug companies. BTW people with normal levels of cholesterol get heart disease because their "normal" cholesterol is oxidized.

  27. Important : Amla is not a gooseberry !! Amla grows on a tree that belongs to the family Phyllanthaceae. Gooseberries grow on a bush of the Ribes family. Amla is called a gooseberry because it looks like one, but it is not. This said, gooseberries are probably also very healthy, but not like amla.

  28. I went and looked at the actual study. There were only 32 participants. 16 were normal and 16 diabetic. That is a very small sample to get too excited about. I'm surprised there isn't a large study for something that is so promising. Does anyone know of a large study?

  29. There is purple color fruit called jaman in India/Pakistan
    , it lowers sugar drastically , please can make video on jaman.

  30. Well, it's difficult to find it in the shops. I showed my children how it looks, they tried and liked it. It grows near their school. Then they tried to convince other children to try these berries, but children couldn't believe it 😂

  31. My total cholesterol was 271 and LDL was 188. After having 1 amla a day for 2 months (and reducing meat intake) my total cholesterol went down to 164. And LDL 74.

  32. I salute you Dr. Greger! I've been in the health and fitness business for nearly 30 years and never knew the powers of Amla until I watched this video a few nights ago. Well, God works in mysterious ways because my sister-in-law came over today and was telling me how doctors put her on a statin to lower her off the charts cholesterol – as they put it. How off the charts was it? 219! Yes, 219! Not that off the charts to me, but oh well. Anyways, she was complaining of muscle pain and weakness along with having spasms and even though she is a diabetic she said her sugars have been very high since starting the statin so she went back to the doctor and they increased her metformin from 1000mg per day to 2000mg per day. I about flipped when she was telling me the story. In any case I knew right away that the statins was causing her blood sugars to go up as well as all the muscle symptoms she was having and I asked her if she was taking CoQ10 with the statin and she had no clue what that was. So, I showed her this video and gave her some of my Amla to see if we can't kill two birds with one stone. Lower her cholesterol and her blood sugars. She had only been taking the statin for two weeks and I told her to stop taking it along with monitoring her blood sugars a few times per day as I suspect that her sugars will drop like a rock just by stopping the statin. I will update this comment in 3 weeks with the results of our own experiment.

    Total Cholesterol: 219
    HDL: 29
    Triglycerides: 280 (very high)
    Fasting Blood Sugars: 325 (very high)

  33. Dear Dr. Greger, what do we do About this:
    It says a rather higher Cholesterol Level, about 200, is to aim for. I am confused!!!

  34. Eat a WFPB no oil diet and there will be no need to lower your cholesterol any lower. No matter what you do when eating animal products, you are only going to get progressively worse. Lipitor, Crestor and such are only bandaids for a wound that will never heal if you don't cut out the fried corpses.

  35. I'm studying how to lower cholesterol levels uk and found a fantastic website at Pronto therapy folio (check it out on google)

  36. We can not put out a fire trying extinguish it with water and be adding gasoline at the same time, stop consuming the foods that causes inflammation and oxidation in your body, then implement fruit fruts and vegetable in your diet!

  37. In ancient Tamil literature, there was a poet (Avvaiyaar) got few of these Nelli kani (Amla) to the king Athiyaman and said you will live longer and be healthy… this thing happened about 2000 years back.. Tamil people still talk about this story and the Nelliikani (Amla)….

  38. I guess I'm going to throw my amla berry capsules in the trash, I've been taking 2000 mg every day for 8 months and just had my blood work done and nothing changed.

  39. So the flamboyant question is why do doctors not prescribe us with such wonderful fruits and vegetables to relieve from such pain and suffering it's almost like everybody has gone mad

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