The Best Weight Loss Hacks – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

The Best Weight Loss Hacks – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

today we’re gonna talk about the best
practices that you can have when trying to lose weight and maintain better
health hello everyone welcome to mind-blowing health and wellness with
Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist and I work out of Montreal Canada and I make
these videos because I want everyone to understand that our mental health and
our physical health come together to give us that overall feeling of
happiness and well-being we’re talking about the best practices for weight loss
there are six really important things that I’m going to go through that we
need to pay attention to so the first thing I’m gonna say and it’s important
to say and at the same time obvious is keep your carbohydrate slow because I
keep my carbohydrate slow I will store less fat and by storing less fat then my
ability to stay at and maintain a good weight is going to be easier and if I
have weight to lose it’s going to be easier and how do we do that
generally speaking it’s by keeping our carbs under 150 if we’re doing a low
carb lifestyle under 50 if we’re doing a ketogenic lifestyle and if we really
want to be in the fat-burning mode and we want to make sure that we’re actually
in a ketogenic state then under 20 guarantees that almost every person is
going to be in a ketogenic state under 20 grams of carbs per day however there
are those few people who are outliers who need to pay attention to themselves
because you might be one of those ones who needs to be even under like well
under 20 like maybe even close to zero every person is different the second
best practice when it comes to weight loss weight maintenance is pay attention
to what you are drinking and there’s multiple layers to this so I’m gonna
start with the obvious soda and juice are going to help you to gain weight any
sweet drink is going to help you to gain weight okay that’s obvious but here’s
the second part of this diet drinks can still push us to gain weight and there’s
a reason for that if you see a diet drink still taste sweet because the
drink tastes sweet tells our brain that sugar is coming unfortunately especially
for those of us who are new to ketogenic way of life so we’ve just recently taken
sugar out of our lives our body still expects that and our brain still expects
that when sweet is tasted sugar is coming it will preemptively
start to store some of the sugar that you have
your blood to make space for the sugar that’s coming and then if no sugar comes
because it was a tight ring well now we’re in a position where we’re a little
bit low on sugar that’s what happens we will be pushed to eat and that’s a bad
situation for those of us who are trying to lose weight so the third thing I’m
gonna talk about when it comes to drinks is the fatty drinks on keto we’re led to
believe that fatty coffees fatty teas there’s no problem because it’s fact and
we want fat than extra fact and all this idea however what we need to be careful
about is if I’m drinking fat and I’m in a position where I’m actually trying to
lose weight well the more fat that I intake whether it’s a drink or off the
side of my pork chop the less fat that I’ll take from my body so if I want to
be in a weight loss scenario ingesting less fat is important so be careful if
you drink your fat your body will not take it from you
now the other story though is that if I’m in a position where I’m trying to
maintain drinking the fat might help me because it will stop me from losing too
much that’s kind of my story right now I drink fatty coffees because it helps
me to not lose too much weight because if I weren’t doing this I’d still be
losing if you’re not in that story and honestly if I was not able to drink the
fatty coffees if I didn’t like them for some reason
I would have gone back to eating two meals a day and that would have solved
the problem I just like the lifestyle of eating one meal a day but it’s important
for us to recognize that when you drink fatty coffee your body then doesn’t take
fat from you which is how I’m able to stay stable the third best practice that
you should be paying attention to is planning your meals the reason that I
want you to plan your meals is multiple at the very beginning of this process
planning your meals puts you in the position where you can now know in
advance what you’re gonna eat you can now know in advance that your
carbs are gonna be under the number because I’ve planned my meal so I know
how many cards I’m eating per day I will know that I’m not going over 20 and
therefore I can make sure that I stay in a ketogenic state I can make sure that I
don’t overeat and I can make sure that I lose weight or I’m on a losing path
whereas if I don’t plan my meals the chance that I grab a snack here I grab a
snack there and then I’m not really sure how many carbs I’ve eaten is higher
planning your meals who also involves reading labels and making sure
that I know what’s in I’m eating the other important element yet planning
meals does for us is it allows us to have whatever level of variety in our
life that we had before in our current lifestyle making this sustainable if I’m
liking what I’m eating because I’m planning my meals well I’m much more
likely to keep eating this way well into the future
if I don’t like what I’m eating or if I’m not planning well enough to feel
like I have enough variety again how much variety that I have before I’m
gonna wanna at least have that level of variety in my new way of eating so I
need to plan that so if all I’m doing is eating bacon and eggs bacon and eggs
making an egg steak bacon and eggs bacon eggs making an egg steak that I might
get bored of that if specially if that if I was having more than two types of
meals in my history if I always had only two types of meals I’ll be fine the
fourth best practice that you need to drill into yourself is stop eating when
satiated we don’t do this don’t even try to pretend that we do because we don’t
we eat until we’re full we clear our plates I know I used to do it it’s a
habit that we have and it’s unfortunate because it puts us in the position where
we are overeating almost all the time so the best way to do this is to pay
attention while you’re eating put less on your plate so just serving yourself a
smaller serving size and being cognizant that I can always go get more if I’m
hungry and then by the time you finish that checking with yourself am I
actually hungry a lot of the times what we recognize is that we’re not and that
if we would have put that large amount on the plate and we would have finished
it we would have been full so this is so important because it not only sets up
the weight loss that we’re trying to do right now because it allows us to stop
eating when our body is okay and therefore allow ourselves to tap into
the body fat that we’re trying to tap into but in the future when we will be
in maintenance our ability to allow ourselves to eat what’s reasonable to
eat what helps us to no longer be hungry and be okay with that knowing that if
flowers 3 hours 5 hours 7 hours from now I’m hungry I can just eat something else
another place that this is really helpful is when we go out a lot of the
times we’re sitting in front of food so a lot of social gatherings they people
to be generous hosts put out lots of platters
chips and vegetables and like there could be peel friendly things in front
of you that you could be eating healthy vegetables deviled eggs there could be
beautiful things that are well for you to eat you know pepperoni etc but the
problem is that we’re so used to sitting and just mindlessly eating and not
really verifying if we’re hungry because it’s part of the social practice that
we’re doing and I feel like this is the other place that I’m trying to help you
to pay attention to yourself right because if I’m eating this just because
I’m sitting in front of it and it’s socially what everybody else is doing is
that towards my goals for me because if it’s not let’s not do it the fifth
practice that’s really going to help you to improve your weight-loss and then
eventually maintain your weight loss gains is tracking your food in the
beginning we don’t know what we’re eating we’re so used to just throwing
stuff on her plate and eating it we don’t know how much announces we don’t
know how much 13 grams is weighing your foods and tracking what you eat helps us
to really start to understand how much we’re eating and how much 20 grams of
carbs really is when we know that then we can make better choices before you
can even plan your meals you need to know how much of whatever it is that I’m
preparing will I be eating right because it also changes what you decide to make
right because in the beginning you do want to be able to feel like you’ve
eaten a meal that you’re satisfied with and so planning to have 10 grams of
carbs coming from a salad will give me a lot more food than planning to have 10
grams of carbs coming from broccoli or Brussels sprouts this was a much more
dense vegetable so if at the beginning it might help me to have something that
it takes longer to eat and is more volume even though the grams of carbs is
low eventually when we get used to eating this way we don’t need the extra
volume because we recognize that when we feel satiated and then we can stop
easily but again at the beginning of this process while we’re learning to eat
so satiation not so fullness it might be really hard to only have eaten a very
small portion the sixth and final best practice that I want to talk about is
joining a community I want the Wellness warriors that are here to become a
community and the way that I’ve decided to do this is to create a discord server
discord is an app that you can download on your computer you can download it on
your cell phone where we can commune okay with each other talk about the
videos talk about our lives talk about anything that’s happening where that
whether it’s weight loss mental health all the things that were struggling with
and help each other and the reason I decided to choose a discord server is
because after doing some investigation what I realize is that there’s a lot of
control that I have over the environment so the
people who are there and I can decide what kind of language we can use or are
we being aggressive with each other or no I can I can moderate that it really
will help all of us to have the ability to share freely without being afraid of
being attacked by unfortunately the negative people that sometimes are on
YouTube and look for vulnerable people to attack I don’t like the fact that I
get people in my comments that I need to delete but it’s it’s reality of YouTube
I want to offer my wellness warriors someplace safe where you can talk to
each other talk to me I will be in there we can try to talk about the things that
are helpful to everyone and talk about weight loss talk about mental health and
really help each other out I will be leaving links so that you can join my
discord once you’ve downloaded the app you need an invitation again what I love
about it is that you need an invitation so it’s not just anyone that will be
able to join I will be putting the invitations in my premiere after each
premiere I will be in the discord for at least a half an hour to talk to people
about the videos about any questions that they have in a much more private
scenario where again we’re not worried about people who just float by and make
mean comments I really found this video helpful and I want to ask you to please
take a moment to subscribe so that when my next premiere comes out you are going
to be notified and that way you’ll be able to get the link to my discord
server and we can chat after the video I want to thank you for watching mind
blowing health and wellness with Violet I’ll talk to you the next video

32 Replies to “The Best Weight Loss Hacks – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. Thanks for your great videos. About your comment on fat consumption with coffee making one's body not burn the fat they take in: When Keto lifestyle requires 75 to 80 percent of fat in an day, I am not understanding your point on that one. Would you clarify? Also, I have Discord. How can I get an invite to join you there? My username is KetoKim number 6395. Looking forward.

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  3. I love your videos, Violet!  I am now down 65 lbs in 5.5 mos!  I LOVE this lifestyle and plan on continuing it even after reaching my goal weight (52 lbs to go).   KETO and OMAD (or sometimes eating in a 4 hour window if having a hungry day) has made it EASY to lose weight, with very little hunger and cravings.  It is SO empowering to be IN CONTROL of my eating!  My depression is gone and I feel amazing!

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