Hi! We’re in my kitchen! Get comfortable. We’re in my kitchen
because this is where I make food, one of my favourite things in life. But in the past, I’ve had sort of
a complicated relationship with food. When I was 17,
I went on a diet, it said no cheese, no bread,
no ice cream! Basically all my favourite unhealthy things
were off limits. I did it because I wanted to loose weight
in time for summer though I worked out a lot
and my body does great working out. It was really
my relationship with food and everything going on
up here that was not good. I weighed myself every day, obsessed over love handles
and thigh gaps, and arm flaps… I remember this one time
when I went to my friends’ house and they wanted to order pizza and I was like:
“Yes!… Nooo!!” And I ate it
and I felt terrible the next couple of days. Dieting in the US is
a big part of how we learn to develop a relationship
with food and with weight. If you’re talking about making
healthier choices in your life replacing butter
with olive oil or avocado, grilling instead of frying, I’m not gonna call that a diet. This is a lifestyle change. When I say dieting, I’m referring to
a temporary restriction in what you eat,
it can be very minimal restriction or it can be very extreme, driven by a toxic mentality. The mentality I had where,
if I loose weight, I could finally
love and accept myself and wear a bikini. But it’s a lie! Loving yourself
as long as you look a certain way isn’t self-love,
it’s self-destruction. Dieting for me was really a solution to the problem of
feeling terrible about myself. And I didn’t know that
there were any alternatives to deal with it. But there are! For instance,
if you’re dieting to be skinnier, maybe just… stop. These types of restrictions on food
can lower your metabolism, they make you feel weak because you’re not getting
all the nutrients that you need, make you more susceptible
to getting sick… 95% of diets just straight don’t work,
people gain all the weight back. The perfect body that
so many people are chasing after is like 20% below
the ideal healthy weight. We’re driven, we’re driving. And the gas in our tank is
feeling that we are not good enough. 1 in 3 female students
in this big survey in the UK said that they would be willing
to shave months or years off of their life to have the perfect body. Willing to die earlier… Like: “Houston…
We have a problem.” But the problem isn’t you. It’s 1, the media,
which is a huge source of our learning about what’s valuable,
what’s beautiful… 2, sexism:
women are socialized to constantly monitor
their own bodies and to make sure that
they don’t take up too much space. 3, our social environment, our friends’ and our parents’
diet and body image issues seep into our brain. And 4, the ginormous scam
that is the diet industry. They actively work to make sure
that, in people’s minds, weight loss is paired
with things like: “And now I can keep up
with my kids, my job, the house…” “More feminine, more sexy,
more energetic, and happier!” Becoming more beautiful,
becoming more desirable, a better girlfriend,
a better person… The diet industry
collectively helps to create a false need and insecurity and then offers you a false cure and makes 60 billion dollars a year
doing it. But here’s the big fucking secret that jeopardizes
their entire existence: you are good enough. You… are… good enough. The people’s goodness,
their value does not come down
to their weight. You are a whole-ass
human being that is so much more
than just a number. And that this drive, this cultural obession
with loosing weight even though we say
it’s for health, is indicative of
a much broader sickness. And what do you do
when you’re sick? You take some medicine. I’m talking about giving yourself
the love that you deserve, I’m talking about
not shit-talking to yourself and comparing yourself
to other people. I’m talking about choices
that are actually healthy. Not letting the world stop
with some pizza. Or bikinis. I’m talking about the end
of meticulous self-monitoring, defining ourselves by our weight. I’m talking about the end of dieting. I’ll see you guys next time. Special thanks for transcript :

100 Replies to “THE END OF DIETS

  1. I, as most others, have been brought up with fat shaming through the media and it's something that I don't think much of because I am so consumed with my body image and the guarantees we have been persuaded with and I've never stopped and thought. Will starving myself make me happy in years to come? My body shape isn't one of those in a magazine. I have big hips, small boobs, big thighs and no butt. I hate myself for what I have

  2. I actually had anorexia. I just thought I was fat and I got out of control. I was 12, I'm 13 now and I have gained quite a lot, but I'm still insecure. I was under 5 stone at one point (around 68 lbs) now I have gained 14 lbs and it makes me so unhappy :/

  3. Lay on your back lift up your feet 5 feet off the and wait. You can feel the stomach fat burning.
    Or girls could try in Gym class. Burn some calories. Don't sit in gym class in a corner the entire time

  4. Girls. I could date the hottest birches in my school. Their personality is like shit. If aren't fat. I mean fat fat( not naturally thick and wide) and walk up to a guys and ask him out he will probably say yes. Unless he's a douchbag. The personality that media betrays popular girls to have is not attractive

  5. I'm want you would call 'fat' and I ALMOST went on a diet on my own free will, but couldn't have up sugar, so I stopped. I told my mom this, and she called me weak and a fat lazy bitch.

  6. This video possibly saved my life. I was feeling so depressed about myself, so stressed about food, not wanting to eat no more than 2 meals a day. I'm a big girl, I know this. However, I do my best to be the best girlfriend, friend, daughter, and sister that I can be. But I still feel as if I fail everyone.

  7. Being fat is not, medically healthy. And being skinny isn't either. So to a fucking nutrionalist and find out what your optimum weight, fat tissue, diet is.

  8. You should always eat healthy and exercise. I'm all for body positivity, but obesity and being overweight is an epidemic. Excess body fat, like hers, is not healthy. She is overweight. The media is bad because it promotes being underweight. Both are equally bad. I'm tired of people saying being underweight is the worst thing ever and then turning around and promoting being overweight. Let's just agree that both are bad and everyone should try their best to be healthy.

  9. Why fuck is it any of YOUR concern if someone else doesn't fit your image of perfect. This is my main problem. All the selfriotous people in the comments. Smh. "Oh your fat, exercise" did she ask you? 

  10. Like seriously, you're amazing. I, like every other girl in the planey i think, has fallen nto this media obsession about body size, and you just show me that there's so much more than weight and being all toned up abd skinny, fitting in tight jeans or high waisted shorts

  11. I should really stop reading people's comments on youtube oh my fucking god… I don't think a lot of you have grasped the message of this video. We have a twisted perception of what is healthy and have been led to believe that skinny = healthy WHICH IS NOT THE CASE. Women with BMI's at the high end of what is considered healthy (though BMI isn't a great way of measuring health in a general sense) have lower mortality's then those with a lower BMI. She is not condoning obesity. She is not fat. She is simply a woman with a normal body (something we don't often see online/in the media) promoting a healthy relationship with food and eating. Diets and eating disorders are soul destroying and women (and some men) are giving up their happiness and infinite potential as human beings in a quest for the perfect body. As somebody who has had anorexia, I can confirm that when I had a BMI of 13 or whatever I was not actually alive. I was the picture of living death and on the verge of suicide. Laci you're an amazing women, well done for doing your thing despite the ignorance and hostility people show towards you.

  12. Fat people are a disgrace, when you see people celebrating their obeseity, i just want to kill them, if you are fat then you should be shot.

  13. You know what's wrong? When I go to websites about why dieting and ED's are bad and how to be healthy I am bombarded with ad's for MORE weight loss tips. Oh, yea, all of those are women. 

  14. shes right that some diets dont work. But being healthy is important, eating fruits and greens is important. 🙂

  15. I appreciate part of Laci's message in saying – you are good enough. Your value as a human being isn't tied to your weight.  Let me assure you I don't waste my time worrying about what others think of my weight.  So pardon me while I grab a burger, skip my gym time, to go save the world and make a difference. A REAL difference in my community, for my family, for my rescue animals and the future of the planet. So many people are worried about being big they have forgotten the importance of THINKING BIG! 

  16. I have discovered my very first girl crush. Oh my goodness. You're adorable and so intelligent! Eep!

    Also. This video made me cry. Thank you. I needed that. <3

  17. You all dont know how to diet properly, then say diet doesn't work and give a bad name to it. I do diet and have no problem with it.

  18. Fat conformism I such a bullshit! And her "facts", "points" and "statements"are a huge shitty joke. I am not going to go into detail, because there is too much bullshit to criticize and I don't think I should invest so much time into this… but:
    She is defending the "pleasurable" junk food industry and talks about how diets deprive you of nutrients! Really?! Really really really?! Talking about junk food being nutritious is a clear example of how stupid you are!

  19. Just get Advocare! Get the 24 Day Challenge. It is a cleanse. A cleanse gets your metabolism working again and you'll have your energy back. And then just not eat large portions of food. Eat less, more. Be content. 

  20. You have a lot of reason. Now everything is that if your fat or your body is this or that you are promoting an unhealthy life when this is not always right.
    When we obsesed with something, that becomes unhealthy….THANKS FOR REMIND ME THAT I HAVE TO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE MYSELF.

  21. I love your videos, and agree with all the points in this one, but but but, whenever this subject comes up no one talks about aesthetics. imagine there was not a cultural hegemony towards one aesthetic or another, would an individual have aesthetics as primary to their search for a mate. you can love yourself all you want but whether culturally imposed or a modern expressions of animalistic attraction visual is a huge part of mating, being free and letting go concern for public image can be very limiting.  does an individual have aesthetic preference and if so is it innate, and if you have aesthetic preferences yourself, other people trying to adhere to a version of that aesthetic in order to attract you is reasonable. 

  22. I ate an ice cream sandwich while watching this, and it dont bother me none. But I have loved myself for many years now, so I CAN watch this video while eating an ice cream sandwich or even a video that would tell me Im fat and ugly if Im eating an ice cream sandwich while watching it, Id still eat it and Id be okay with that. When you love yourself your entire life is different, better. I want another one but then I have to go back to the store, and Im all comfy right now watching youtubes. 
    When you said you are good enough, and pointed to the screen, even I cried. I dont think Im fat, but I guess I still need to hear that right now. I suppose Ive still been too judgemental about other things I feel are wrong with my life, areas where I feel Im failing that arent body image related. So thanks! Thanks for that. Everyone needs to hear that more often.

  23. Laci, thanks so much for all your hard work on these videos.  I have come to love and appreciate your openness, your beauty and you sense of hilarity.  You are a beautiful incredible soul and understand more about life than most people do.  I as a guy will always step to tell a woman she is beautiful and mean it.  Regardless of your body image, you need to figure out for yourself that you are beautiful and feel it.  (And for the record, you look gorgeous in that bikini)

  24. It is easy for you to say "stop dieting", since you look gorgeous in bikini. For others, the story is very different. Besides, being overweight is very unhealthy.

  25. Laci, You are so freaken adorable it kills me. You are not afraid to tell it like it is and show who you are. I'm barely over the 30% BMI scam but I just drink a lot of water and try to be as active as I can be. The biggest problem is woman feel that they need to hide themselves until they are skinny. I recently asked an fellow BBW if she wanted to go to the water part this weekend. She didn't want to because she didn't want to be seen in a bathing suit. So I went with another friend and we had a blast. I even wore a bikini and gut super tan and I had lost weight while running around having fun instead of worrying what people thought. So you keep pushing that body positivity girl. Much love

  26. For a while, I had to fast (Water and Juice) to remove the toxins in my body. For those who want to liquid fast, don't do it unless okay-ed by a health professional, because while you will lose fat quick, but also muscles will go quickly as well.
    I'm now on the track to regain muscle mass.

  27. I have no words to describe how much I like your videos. With your self-love, authenticity, intelligence and liveliness you are a great role model for women all around the world. You are also a perfect example of how true self-love makes a person more beautiful and sexier than trying to fit into some narrow, unhealthy concepts of beauty ever could. That doesn't mean that you are not beautiful according to Western beauty standards, because you obviously are.

  28. My problem with her argument is that some of us (myself included) are overweight to the point of unhealthiness. I have been for most of my life. And aside from eating better and exercising, I don't know how to change that. Thoughts? Suggestions?

  29. I agree with all of this about body image and loving yourself at every weight and not dieting just to please but, I believe people should diet if they're unhealthy. Me, for instance I am overweight and unhealthy(not a lot, but enough that to motivate me into a change in behaviour). I've started working out and dieting. By dieting I mean cutting junk from my life ie soda, sweets, red meats and its healthy and good for me. Diet to become healthy, not to be skinny, as I say.

  30. I'm not that fat, yet I'm obsessed with the idea of having a PERFECT body! I make myself sick recently by provoking vomiting.

  31. i'm a 15 year old boy and i'm overweight close to obese. i dont hate my body but i know if i don't do somthing i'm gona destroy my life.

  32. Laci, can you believe this; an advert for 'five foods you must never eat' popped up whilst I was watching this video!!!!

  33. Laci you are awesome. I was probably going to be like most of society's young teenage girls and obsess over my weight and appearance but my sister introduced me to your channel. You've really changed my perspective on what I want to be like and how I want to live. You've changed me as a person for the better and you've also brought me and my sister closer together. I can't thank you enough.

  34. If some of you really think that eating a slice of pizza and then feeling guilty for hours after is "okay" then please…reconsider your priorities. Isn't it kind of obvious that she's NOT saying that you should throw healthy eating out the window, I am a HUGE advocate for eating clean and smashing in whole, unprocessed fruits and veggies but for goodness sake, a piece of cake at a birthday party will not make you fat, nor is it going to kill you. People who are truly healthy and have a good relationship with food know the value of excellent nutrition but also of letting loose a bit and not taking life so darn seriously. It's not about being in a battle with food, it's about balance and moderation. As for those who say she is fat…I really don't even know how to respond.

  35. getting health, dieting and changing your changing habits is self love, letting yourself get fat is self destruction. this about is you love someone else would let them eat themself to death be house it makes them 'happy'??

  36. I love you laci! you videos are like a cool glass of water in the eternal desert of horrible youtube comments / videos. You're the best!

  37. Why can't you make a real video that doesn't consist of 400 cuts of tryhard mini segments of you saying fucking stupid things for attention.

  38. Thank you and thank you again! The guilt tripping and self admonishment only lead to more destructive habits. You're very encouraging!

  39. I've heard this so many times especially being anorexic but there are so few people that really understand anorexia is a mentality and the weigh(being very skinny) comes with the mentality. I sought counselling to help me with my ed and the counselor completely ignored it because I wasn't skinny enough to have an ed which has driven me to lose even more weight. Maybe if I'm skinnier I could then get help. Great video though people should love and accept themselves for who they are as long as who they are doesn't hurt themselves or others

  40. Oink oink moo moo, being overweight is bad for you!
    Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure no thank you please.

  41. Holy shit, I got a FitBit commercial before this. That's why I AdBlock, Google. You show terrible messages, and I don't want to support them.

    I was sickened, Christ.

  42. Hey you made me cry a little bit but thank you, this is something i've needed to hear for a while now and even though this video is old its still super necessary and you're awesome

  43. women and men are way more attractive with meat on their bones and not just muscle I think we can all agree that lacy looks sexy asf in her swimsuit and is setting such a good example for us all ❤

  44. My friend says I'm skinny but I don't think I am, I'm a bit of a chubby girl. I got a bit of a belly and some big thighs but I eat healthy stuff! To be honest I prefer sweet fresh fruit over candy

  45. I cracked up when she appeared in the bikini with the pizza XD This video is awesome; thank you for the help, Laci :3

  46. Change your lifestyle to a vegan lifestyle to save yourself. It is the best for your body, the environment, and the animals and it's so much more than just a diet. It's not about being skinny or fat, it's about putting the right calories in your body. If you go full plant based, you will cut out cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and most cancers. You can eat everything you could as an omnivore, you just have to change things that go in it. But, that doesn't mean it will taste worse or different! Please go vegan and save the Earth!!

  47. I eat big amounts of food, every meal to my satisfaction, do minimal exercise, and am slowly and comfortably losing weight on a plant-based diet. Yes I eat mostly clean, whole foods most of the time, but at any time if I crave a vegan "junk" food of any kind – I have it. I have it, and I always observe how I feel during and after I eat. It's simple, if I feel good eating vegan ice cream every day for a week, then I go for it. If I'm craving a big huge bowl of pasta, I GOOOOOooo to it. Hell yeah!

  48. I think diets are stupid. However, I think sometimes when you lose weight you get healthier (I'm talking about losing weight by balanced meals, exercise and listening to what you body wants and needs). For me, over the last couple months I have lost weight from "dieting" (doing what I said above) and now I look and feel healthier. Coming from a past of a very toxic relationship with food, it is so important to me that people learn to listen to THEIR BODY, not the media, your parents or your friends, you need to ask yourself whether you are hungry, what your body is really hungry for (and sometimes why) and learning to replace unhealthy options with healthy ones (usually, a treat now and then doesn't kill you). This is what keeps you looking and feeling your best. Take it from me, starving yourself never works, but by the same token just letting your body have whatever with no thought to it doesn't work either. You should allow yourself to have sugar (fruits mostly, but you can totally have chocolate) and things that are salty (I like nuts instead of chips mostly). It's so possible to feel and look awesome without destroying your health in the process. Also, the goal shouldn't really be to lose weight (that, at least for me, drives the use of scales, calorie counting and over exercising) it should be to get healthy. If you have read this long ramble, have a nice day!

  49. no you ignorant human thats not what dieting is for. you do it so you can be healthy.
    dieting is for people that want a healthy change, and dieting doesnt lower your motabolism, it doesnt make you tired. it helps your body with the things you usualy dont regularly do. dieting means cutting back on all that junk food shit. it means YOU eat HEALTHY. POINT BLANK. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BODY IMAGE. LITERALY. ITS JUST YOU, EATING HEALTHY FOR A CHANGE. many people go on bad diets. your talking about bad diets. i dont understand really why you made this cause tbh i dont think even for a second you know what your doing. you just decided to turn on the camera and let shit run out your mouth. yes you can love yourself, but when you are at an UNHEALTHY WEIGHT, ITS NOT ABOUT LOOKS ANY MORE!! ITS YOUR HEALTH ON THE GODAMN LINE! NO MATTER HOW FAT OR SKINNY YOU ARE YOU SHOULD LOSE OR GAIN THE WEIGT FOR YOUR SAKE. bitch wake up!

  50. (in my opinion) If you want to restrict the amount of food you eat, don't set an exact, arbitrary number. Eat slowly, and when you're full, stop. Stopping when full is easier said than done when you still have the urge to eat, but it's healthier and not as grueling as dieting.

  51. I remember when I was 11 I ate a chocolate and broke down because I thought that it was the end of being attractive

  52. Well…. Those lost years are at the end when you are in pain and hating life so fuck why not 😛

  53. I agree with you, sooo much!
    I've also had terrible problems with my relationship with food…
    This is the best video ever!

  54. Why is chasing a perfect body bad? Shouldn’t people be striving for the best? Being on a diet isn’t a bad thing it’s a good thing that can help someone become healthier and live a longer happier life.

  55. Bikinis are for everyone! And you don’t need ANYONE’S approval to feel good about yourself! They’re just jealous of your confidence

  56. YES! This was such an amazing video. I just posted a video exposing & explaining the horrible cycle the diet industry uses to keep people buying their products. If you are sketched out by the diet industry, this video is for you!! Much love 💞

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