The Hunger Games are Mocking God | LED

The Hunger Games are Mocking God | LED

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  1. They already know the truth. They know Satan is an Alien and all occult activity is done to communicate with the devil that travels to and from our plannet and in and out of our planet and into the univers in posession of devices. They think he's more powerful than God and that hes going to liberate the universe. That God is just another alien force out there.

    The bible is all about plannet earth and the universe and visitation between spirit beings, celestial, beings, and terrestrial beings. Corenthiens 15 shows us, there are all matters of flesh, man beast bird fish terrestrial and celestial and spiritual obviously is mentioned all through out the bible. The bible claims life on other plannets and it claims that Satan does not get trapped until after the great tribulation.

    I read the bible from front to back. Any group that ever conspired against God did so generationally and aimed to create a better world for the next generation in hopes to aquire knowledge understanding and recources to gain enough streingth the conquare the universe.

    These people know the bible. They know it better than we do.

    They aim to not just take over the world but they actually beleive in evolution, reincarnation, and that souls go into a cycle of rebirth and they become the FORCE of magic and spirits that grants humanity power. That all energy gets displaced into the world when people die and their energy becomes the matter in which witches use to cast spells. They beleive that all living energy comes together as one in a life force. Starwars is exactly were Im going with this. THEY LITTERALLY BELEIVE IN THAT!!!! that humans are evolving into the cosmos and will one day wage war for dominance.


    Were is the setting for heaven??? In the outer reaches of the seemingly never ending universe.

    Were is Satan??? Wondering around galaxies plotting to indoctrinate humanity in war against God. After already spoiling many many souls into hell for centuries and centuries. With this assention to the universe lie. Were do you think the tower of babble idea came from???

    Everyone thinks Satans some red horned cape wearing dancing clown, hes a shape shifting alien. Duh!!!! Him and his demons are all shape shifting aliens. They go in and out of hell, as well as to and from it and they can even enter into heaven when God commands them to stand before him.

    The angels that got locked up in the fiery pitts are those that had sex with humans. Other than that, the rebelion against God with the 1/3 of the angels will continue until revolations is complette. But in order to do that, God has to hit the reset button.

    We all die and come back to life minus satan and his followers. Whome of which vanish into a lake of fire. Or thats my take on it.

  2. This video sounds like a nonsensical conspiracy theory. You’re making connections between things that obviously aren’t connected. A good example of apophenia. Interesting to watch though.

  3. So are you saying do not read any fiction because people are stupid and they can not view fiction from reality what that is saying is do not read any false religion books. The hunger games is about a authoritarian government and some around the world have to grow up in an evil regime I never saw or view this series as Katniss was a savior or god I just saw a selfless girl who lost her father and had to raise her family because her mom went to depression which some kids have a parent that's in depression they have to be that main supporter this is not a spiritual book or of faith. Katniss had choose to have given her life for her sister and Peeta and didn't want to listen to the evil law that said to take a life she chooses to save lives and protect and only when its to protect someone or her life is when she has to take a life but she doesn't want to. She is imperfect has failures goes though self doubt and depression Peeta loves her selflessly and has compassion which she see later. Also she is a virgin and doesn't sleep around and is mock for being so pure but does not let it bother her. The rebellion always was there hidden waiting for someone to rally the people behind kind of like a star not a leader they all look up to her because they had oppression all their lives so much some lost that love for others like in the last days people will be lovers of themselves. The leaders of the rebellion used Katniss she didn't want to be the poster child she just kept getting thrown in to it which in the end she took out the rebellion leader because she was just as corrupt as the authoritarian leader and that leader tried to take her out many times she was parton for that but went into depression because that bad leader took out her sister who she fought so hard to save but failed in the end and Peeta ended up helping her though her depression and they got married and had kids.

  4. This is why I stopped watching movies. It's a great source of spiritual and mental pollution. We need to be careful what goes into our mind and heart.
    Thanks for exposing the darkness of this world.

  5. Amos 3:3 "Can two walk together; except they be agreed ? " Gods word says NO !! Light ,Gods word, has nothing to do with darkness, the worlds filth !! know matter how well intended !! 1611 K J authorized bible, read it, America !!

  6. Jesus loves you all and is coming soon! ❤️ if you haven’t repented and turned from sin and accepted Jesus as Savior believing He died and rose again for you, today is perfect and scripture says that today is the day of salvation!!

  7. I had no interest in these movies until now watching this stupid commentary. If the movies inspire thought on the ignorance of christianity, as you say, I will now have to watch them.

  8. I never understood the hype surrounding this franchise 🤷🏾‍♀️
    But, I am not swayed easily, I dont follow the "herd" and I do not have an addictive personality.
    God gets the glory for that.

  9. Dieses Unterhaltung's Süchtige"s pack ist Realität und noch asozialer und es wird immer schlimmer

  10. I totally agree with what's being said however I do not believe that the author intended this to be something wicked remember Hollywood can take any kind of thing that we enjoy and twist it as a matter of fact they took in twisted Superman unfortunately. As christians we need to have the gift of discernment and unfortunately a lot of christians lack this because they dwell in the word of faith heresy also known as the prosperity gospel. I once read a book by Stephen Skelton called the gospel according to the world's greatest superhero and even though this drew me closer to Jesus, I do find the title disturbing and I think too many christians and too many churches are watering down their faith. These should not be taught in church in order to bring in more people you, are watering down your faith to save souls.

  11. OMG ,you would have to ruin a good movie with your religious crap, a person could inject religion into every movie, Boo Hoo , grow uo, read your bible and have faith in Christian to come again

  12. The movie doesn't even remotely go against the shit in the bible. Don't invoke your god when very VERY unnecessary.

  13. The Synagogue of Satan/ 'them that say they are Jews but are not' (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) use esoteric symbolism in ALL of their movies and songs. LED…Well. Done. Anyone making excuses for this movies or Hollywood(Satanist's/Mammon worshippers) is DECEIVED.

  14. Well In My Opinion I Never Cared For Hunger Game At All I Didn't It At All It Look Good But Now I'm Glad I Never Seen It Keep Fighting El Good You Guys & Gels.

  15. Wow, this makes the books even better. I like these books even more now! 😁

    Edit: Yeesh that description is cringe.

  16. #HereIsTruth

    The majority of Patriotic* americans are Brainwashed, Self Deceived and Emotionally Manipulated by anything that CATERS to their EGOS and IDENTITY. Proud retards, #dogtag wearing pets (military), puppets/USEFUL IDIOTS* who's patriotarded and nationalist racist mentality (that has nothing to do with reality) has been given to them, molded, propelled and manipulated by Luciferian Pharisees, Con and Zionist Jews (who are NOT from any of the biblical tribes of Israel) and still to this very moment. The Left vs Right, anything in between and "Independent" political parties, are all controlled and lead by occultist. The more resourceful and perceptive of them, are aware of this but to scared to straight out mention any of this in public, even though they have an advantage of being heard and considered because of their skin color. They're fake, self obsorbed, mental, dishonest, vain, narcissistic, PETTY, superficial, sociopathic, apathetic, dramatic idiots, and at the same time, complete obnoxious simpletons. Passive aggressive and hostel control freaks because of their insecurities, undesired small d's and polluted, huge, over used, sagging vaginas. A race with very SENSATIVE and easily offended EGOS, getting instantly triggered when presented with anything that exposes their fake Amarican Facade. An Image imprinted into their brainwashed, dishonest, pussy whipped, save a hoe, begging for crumbs of pussy, Culture. The TRUTH IS HUMBLING and that's why PROUD MORONS instantly resist it, reject it, get triggered when they hear it, causing them to have an involuntary valve movement while foaming and going into violent seizures, just like fish out of water, flapping around on the ground like a little bitch. It is common for "Men" here IN AMERICA to have this FEMINIST QUALITY* (like almost all WESTERN WOMEN [Truth detesting, life aborting leeches who apparently take Great Pride in their Harlotries {Talent at sucking dick with their assholes}]), they're *ALLERGIC TO ACCOUNTABILITY*.

    So get real.


    Here we have most of the countries, that the US has ILLEGALLY* invaded and/or is ILLEGALLY invading/occupying based on lies and false flag narratives (propaganda) by GOVERNMENT'S ONLY REAL POWER, –>Conscious Ignoring<–, ORDER FOLLOWING*, brainwashed, "freedom" fighting Mercenaries, pawns, Murderer's for Hire, also known as Troops.

    I will only count the incidences where the US, either has boots on the ground or aircrafts flying in the opposing countries' lands – i.e. naval blockades won't count. CIA successful and unsuccessful attempts to overthrow a country's government will also be counted. I'll count countries in terms of their modern day regions, except for colonies which will be counted as an invasion of the owner of the colony (except Commonwealth nations). I will count the major native american tribes because the US at the time recognized them as autonomous nations.

    Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya (First Barbary War)
    Canada (War of 1812)
    Algeria (Second Barbary War)
    Spain (Acquisition of Florida)
    Cherokees (Indian Removal Act)
    Indonesia (Expedition)
    Ivory Coast (Expedition)
    Cherokees (Trail of Tears)
    Mexico (Annexation of Texas)
    Mexico (Seizing of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, some of Colorado, New Mexico, and the Texan border with the Rio Grande)
    Sioux (Forced settlement and massacre)
    Spain (Annexation of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines)
    Philippines (Reneges on promise of Philippine independence in exchange for Filipino support during the Spanish-American War)
    Fiji (Expedition)
    China (Second Opium War)
    China (Looting China in response to the Boxer Rebellion as part of the Eight-Nation Alliance)
    Taiwan (Expedition into Taiwan)
    Korea (Korean Expedition in response to "insults")
    Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Dominica Republic, Honduras, Mexico (US shenanigans with their military)
    Germany (World War 1)
    Russia (Russian Civil War – Formation of Soviet Union)
    Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria (WW2)
    Korea (Korean War)
    Vietnam (Vietnam War)
    Guatemala (CIA overthrows of their government and funds dictator's armies)
    Iran (CIA overthrows elected Prime Minister)
    Cuba (Bay of Pigs)
    Brazil (CIA helps overthrow the government and funds opposition groups)
    Chile (CIA funds opposition then overthrows the government)
    Grenada (Overthrow their government)
    Nicaragua (Helps install a military junta)
    Panama (Attempt to capture Gen. Manuel Noriega)
    Honduras (Helps install a military junta)
    Colombia (Funds and trains death squads)
    Iraq (Desert Storm)
    Iraq (Retaliation for alleged assassination plot)
    Sudan, Afghanistan (Retaliation for terrorist attacks in embassies)
    Serbia (Kosovo War)
    Afghanistan (Response to 9/11)
    Iraq (Bush's policy of war against WMD-developing states)
    Iran (Stuxxnet – Cyber Warfare)
    Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq (Drone Attacks)
    Libya, Syria (No-fly zone and drone attacks)

    Concisely, we've invaded: [Cherokees, Sioux], Canada, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Dominica Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Grenada, Serbia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Libya, Ivory Coast, Somali, Sudan

    The Cherokees is just a name for the 5 autonomous Native American Nations that the US recognized. So we've invaded 42 unique countries since our inception, 47 if we count the Native Americans. Even then, I've probably missed a few countries the CIA overthrew or we've done a drone strikes on.

    Something to notice is, that about half of all of our ILLEGAL invasions of other countries, happened in the past 50 years – we've invaded as many countries in the past 50 years as we have for the other 188 years of our existence.

    So feel free to reply with any mental gymnastics instead of just confessing the Truth.
    Please do point out anywhere I have stated a lie.


  17. NO.
    President Snow is the Antichrist, and Panem is the Beast System/New World Order following the Day of the LORD.
    Donald Trump is President Snow and the Antichrist!

  18. Personally I can't stand any of what the world presents as "entertainement". It has always grieved my spirit even since a little girl. Now we see everything so polluted and swallowed whole as "mindless fun" by society and society wonders why the rise in evil has swept thru the world. It's obvious for those with eyes to see. Im not fascinated in it, Im disgusted by it. 😠👎

    No tv, no movies, no video games and the music industry is vile full of satanic filth and pornography! What chance do our children have when parents are no longer aware or wise to what is right or wrong, all the lines are blurred. The moral decay of society is clearly evident! Humanity must do a 180° turn around, REPENT and seek the Lord 100%. 🚨🚨🚨

    Woah unto those whom call evil good and good evil. For those whom are friends with the world are at emnity with God. It is written. Be ye seperate. 🙏

    Father we pray blind eyes open, deaf ears hear, hard hearts soften, fertile ground for planted seed and for the FAITH TO BELIEVE AND A HEART TO RECEIVE IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN! 🙏❤🕊

  19. We must not only test spirits, we must test the spirits of things like movies, and cartoons.. Do they acknowledge Jesus as the one true son of Heavenly Father!!!

  20. You error almost as greatly as they do . Jesus Christ is at war with the god of this world ;It is not a rebellion as lucifer is a usurper because men have allowed him to rule. We are at war with our selves because we do not worship God as well as we aught , when worshiping God with the respect due Him then we are at war with God's enemy not our own. Ephesians 6 vs. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against

    powers, and against the worldly governors, the princes of the darkness of this

    world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in the high places.
    The character Snow also represents lucifer the accuser and so the movie does two things at once it declares lucifer as God and it declares those that war against his powers as rebels. The thing you do have right is the this movie is a steaming pile of excrement worthy only of burning .

  21. The Hunger Games story is focused on revenge fantasy mixed with tyrannical slave culture. Throwing a bunch of children and adults into a do or die game, in a kill -or-be-killed theatre, is like something straight from gladiatorial Rome.
    The culture of the main metropolis is perverse and wicked.
    Does anyone need spiritual lessons from the Lord to know how immoral and disturbing these stories are?
    What is most profoundly uneasy about these books and the film adaptation is that there is virtually no mention of divinity, or the Lord. Man is truly the victim of his own limited humanity. Brutal and harsh

  22. Why is there a knights templar cross on the white banner and why is she standing on a satanic red carpet which symbolizes blood?

  23. I think you read a little too deep into it. It's not mocking the Christian God or any God…. It's mocking a totalitarian society that oppresses people and justifies forcing people to kill each other as entertainment. But I find it funny that you find parallels between these movies and your religion. Quiet intriguing really because you connect the bad guy in the movie President Snow to your God and Katness to the devil. While she may be a rebel she certainity isn't evil. I mean she was forced into the Hunger Games and witnessed death in her community and wanted to put that to a stop and fight for her people's freedom. Whereas President Snow or God casts fire down upon these supposedly "wicked" people for rebeling.

  24. Honestly all the Hunger Games ever done is bring our darkest desires into light with the help of Hollywood.
    Be honest…..Violence is in our nature.

    No human on Earth is good, they'll have desire to lie, steal, lust, etc.

  25. Seed of false prophet is theso called church I call it Rome is exactly it greed for all power all land all people on knees starving giving to them killing for them . Rome you don't find god giving to them anything like all these reliogons have barely a piece in the truth in them . True and just threw life this is faith stay true and just knowing that he will find you bc one day . Split a piece of wood and I am there lift a rock you will find me one day . The church is easy to see is B's if look . Faith is not even barely needed if look you will find can be all but there just waiting now . I was shown in eye of fire purified holy Spirit out eye a dying sun bore the FATHER I AM ALL FATHER SON HOLY SPIRIT

  26. This video is probably an example of what psychologists call a case of the human brain seeing what it wants to see. .

  27. What's wrong with mocking god? God is invisible, undetectable and inert. It is a silly vicious idea leading peoples throughout the ages to murder and torture.

  28. Hello! The novel is fiction for entertainment. Can you grasp that? I will agree with you, I don't know why anybody would try to work this into a gospel message. But I don't think there is anything wrong with learning about Greek myths or modern day stories like the Hunger Games. Good and evil are talked about in the movie. Lessons can be learned.

  29. Let them… God is taking note and will address this directly in their face when judgement comes, and they will never nothing of note to say to save their sorry butts from the flames of hell. Sad the people in Hollywood, who've boughten into Satan' 'fun and promises' cannot see they've been duped out of their very souls. Even sadder for those who know and don't care.

  30. Wow. I’m glad I watched this because now I know not to trust everything I hear. That was not what any of that was about. You’re the superstitious type that thinks everything has some sinister plot or intention behind it other than simply being idle for hours reading.

  31. The Earth Is Flat. Nasa Lied The Whole Time About The Earth Being A Globe. Satanic Freemasons That Work At Nasa Have Been Scamming The American Tax Payers Since The 1960s When They Found Out No Rocket Can Go Beyond The Glass Sky Above. Antarctica Treaty Hides The Ends Of The Earth.

  32. I'm sure if you analyze The Passion of Christ, you'd be able to make up stuff that is "anti-christ" or anti God

  33. And when the wedding dress burns to the black clothed creature, you can see a faint pentagon on her chest.

  34. I called out this channel on their recent "Marvel Not" video, during which they tried to portray the MCU as "satanic."

    I am a Christian, but I 100% disagree with the views of this channel, no matter how well-intentioned they may be. (And I do believe they are well-intentioned.) After watching several videos by this channel, they seem to believe that if any form of media, art, entertainment, etc. has biblical references, but does not correlate directly to the Bible, then it is inherently satanic or evil.

    The biggest mistake this channel makes with The Hunger Games is believing they are a religious book/movie series. It is not. It is a political book/movie series. In fact, religion is never, ever mentioned in neither the books nor the movies. And while there are vague religious references that inspired the series, it was never meant to have a religious message. This doesn't make the series "satanic" or "evil." It simply makes it neutral.

    Got Questions Ministries has an article on whether watching movies is sinful. To quote directly from them:
    "The danger lies in (1) how what we are watching affects our heart and (2) how it affects others. For ourselves, if the scene we see brings a feeling of lust, anger, or hatred, then we have sinned (Matthew 5:22, 28), and we must do whatever we can to avoid that happening again. Often that means not watching that type of movie/scene again. … As members of the body of Christ, we are to be a light to the world (Matthew 5:14) and a holy example of what God has done in our lives (1 Peter 2:11-12)." (Got Questions Ministries)
    At my church, we have a similar phrase: "We are to be in the world, not of the world."

    There are many things of this world that are neither "biblical" nor "satanic," but neutral. Money is an excellent example. Money can lead someone astray from God, just as well as any movie can. But we have to have money to survive this cold, cruel world. Likewise, we are curious beings who want to entertain ourselves with movies, books, video games, etc. That does not make any one of these things (money, movies, books, video games) evil or unholy in the slightest. Remember that when Jesus was asked about paying taxes (money) to Rome, he said "Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's" (Mark 12:17). In one instance, money is being given to an unholy, aristocratic emperor; and in the other, to a holy, just God. Both scenarios involve the earthly invention of money.

    All this to say that The Hunger Games series is not meant to be religious, but rather, political. It forces us to examine the increasing polarization of our political climate. The reason Suzanne Collins chose to have kids fight to the death was to mimic the gladiatorial games of Ancient Rome. Everyone in the Capitol has a Greek or Roman name. This is by design. Yes, she was inspired by Greek mythology because the Romans largely believed in Greek gods and goddesses. Even the name of the country in The Hunger Games, Panem, is derived from the Latin phrase, "panem et circenses" which translates to "bread and circuses;" the "bread" being the goods the districts supply the Capitol, and the "circuses" being the actual hunger games. Yes, it is cruel. Yes, it is worldly. But, it is also our history. History repeats itself, and that is the political message Collins is trying to make in The Hunger Games. If it happened in Rome, the largest, most powerful empire of the time, what is to say it won't happen here in America?

    As long as this channel continues to misrepresent God's Word to its audience, I will be here breaking down why they are wrong in their views, even though I believe the people behind the channel have good intentions.

  35. Yea I see it

    Snow represents God katnis represents Satan and pita represents Christ

    Like Satan wants to go back to hevan with christ

    Katnis wants to be reunited with pita

    It's a twisted demonic horrible version of the war between hevan and the fallen angels

    Like they wanna manipulate us into feeling bad for Satan and rebelling against God

  36. This why people dont go to churches or listen to preachers ,they rather learn the word of the lord at home .You guys takes thing way out of proposition .

  37. I used to be obsessed with these, like so obsessed. But watching them I would feel the Holy Spirit tugging on me that something is off. I had the same thought go off in my mind that snow is trying to figure God and that this whole killing one another thing is evil in its self, but because it enjoyed it so much and thought it’s just a made up movie, and I shrugged it off. And the closer I got to God, the more I see the evil, the more I know the truth and the less I make excuses for my pleasures that do not please him. God bless 🙏🏻

  38. Foolishness like this makes me glad I left religion. There are 4200+ recorded religions and you brainwash fools think you have it all figured out. Not to mention thousands of dieties. Just watch a show you want to watch. Do what you want once it's not hurting someone else.
    I feel so sorry for all you wasting the one life you have.

  39. 😗😗 myself thinking art fire of bird ! I don't tell Jensen . Jensen my husband ! Scott cyclops james don't know !

  40. This is so sick. God help us all,from the sick system. Jesus is coming soon. Yah I am ready for your coming my lord. Haitian to nice asking you for help now. The end is here now. The devils is a liars, hope is not for the devils.

  41. Those people are not in God side. Jesus is coming soon. They are the devils the Bible spoke of, Jesus is the only away out.

  42. It like you ask to pray for the devils. He will never change, the devils in Hollywood. Already to steal in destroying.

  43. I think you are wrong on this one. Snow is not supposed to be God. He is a false God. A man who has put himself in a God-like position. I always considered these stories to be a warning against a Socialist/Communist government. You have all the common people who are essentially slaves to the government and the powers that be are the grotesquely wealthy, effeminate, shallow lovers of themselves and hedonistic pleasure. Essentially, what our society is already on it's way to becoming.

  44. I've never seen not even one scene of Hunger Games and I just about now found out that they wrote books for the same series. No I'm not oldfashioned, I just don't do or watch anything that was approved by the entire world. Because when you see that people get crazy about some movies or series, you know there's something wrong with it in spiritual matter.

  45. Delusional. A lot of crazy, misguided christian analyses. The Hunger Games is a take on governments and similar organizations abusing their power, preying on the weak, while living in their indulgences. Not once did it register that it was an attack on God. Yes, you should love your enemies. But that does not mean you let them step on you, take everything you should have the right to, and leave you with barely scraps.

    All this video tells me is not your faith in God but your fanaticism to drive and scare more people towards your own religion. Then cry words like sinner heathen, or blasphemer when someone does not agree to what you're saying. You actually remind me of the Capital and it's oppressive government.

    Disliked for sheer stupidity and ignorance. Don't ever recommend this garbage channel again, Youtube.

  46. Wow. This video was so educational and enlightening. I mean I knew a lot of christians couldn't comprehend people simply not believing exactly what they do, but I didn't realize so many people couldn't comprehend even a single piece of media just… Not being about you guys or your God. I sincerely hope some of you are able to expand your worldview and see the world as the entire, complex system that it is, rather than a series of people and cultural pieces that are simply actively supporting your specific beliefs or systematically working against you with no in between.

  47. Sorry–I'm with Abraham's sister. She is trying to save her brother from a psychopath with a knife listening to the voices in his head. If that had really happened, imagine how that poor little boy would have felt any time his Dad looked at him again, or any time he was stuck alone with him? Child abuse is not funny, especially not when it is supposedly ordered by God.

    But I'm with you in comparing Snow to God. An evil authoritarian who wants obedience and worship, controls his people with fear and false hope, and thinks nothing of killing thousands to achieve his goals. That sounds like God all right.

  48. Oh, you should hear me mocking him when i´m in the right mood. Your ears would fall off 🙂
    The truth of christianity was so convincing that priests in the 9th century complained about the extent of paganism in the provinces of the franc empire 🙂

  49. These hellywood celebrities already have the mark thats why they are bringing a lot of people with them. Because they already know where they are going. – – >TO HELL

  50. This is way I never fell in love with hunger games when the first movie came out . When I saw the images and poster . I was like in my mine why do they have fire and flames 🔥 like hell. No wonder it’s so popular.

  51. Dude for real you must have tried your hardest to do say the hunger games mocks God like for real tell me how Katniss in the book mocks God like I might as well say fast food mocks God because it is so good it POSSESSES ME AND MAKES ME GORGE AND IM PERFECT AND THERE IS NO FAULT IN ME THEY MADE ME DO IT dude grow up like it’s actually annoying like what your saying is like a cult 🙄

  52. So the the USA is evil because there was a revolution or that Martin Luther is evil because he did not want to follow the Catholic Church??? Please reply

  53. This movie is about a government making itself out to be god (fake) and take the place of the real God to enslave the people and keep them obedient through fear and deception. This is an allegory for what is really going on with the people/families who control our world. These families serve the dark/occult. There's much more to this, but I'm just trying to keep it short and simple. You make interesting points with interesting interpretations, but I have to urge you to look again. This is not about evil people rebelling against God's Law, while trying to make God look evil.

  54. Snow isn't God. God isn't man. The Anti-Christ is man. The Anti-Christ wants peace and order. The Bible says it will be a one world religion.

  55. It's okay because many are called but few are chosen. It's best to always keep self reflecting and stay in a relationship with God.

  56. i am a full bible believer, i follow the feast days as well as the food laws. I agree with many of your videos and to a point this commentary. However, I feel this is a big reach. This movie much like 1984 is a warning of what happens when a people allow a government to over reach

  57. I recognize that I'm a rebel against
    corrupt and injust governments of power. That is why I'm so interested in these kind of movies. What can I do.

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