The Hunger Games – Caesar & Katniss Interview

The Hunger Games – Caesar & Katniss Interview

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  1. That's not the whole thing though is it? I remember her spinning in her dress and the flames and what not.

  2. No it was in the first one too, just not in this clip. I remember reading it and seeing it in the movie

  3. I don't think he knew. I don't know. But he did let Peeta say in the interview that the capitol was coming to district 13. Maybe he knew though, never thought of that.

  4. want to see the movie soooooooooooooo bad didnt read the books until after the movie came out so will have to wait for it to come on dvd

  5. For all of your love of the books (which is good) you seem confused … her sister, Prim, is indeed blonde, but Katniss is repeatedly described as an olive skinned brunette. Jennifer Lawrence is naturally blonde and dyed her hair for the part. Haters gonna hate, but at least do so with your facts in order.

  6. In the book she repeatedly states she has the 'seam' look, just like Gale. Dark hair, olive skin and grey eyes. On the other hand, Prim takes after their mother who was not from the Seam and SHE was tiny and blonde.
    For someone who loves the books, you seemed to miss something that was repeated quite a few times.

  7. i cracked up at: "of course you did. and try you will." I know it was supposed to be all sad and sweet and emotional but… i don't know.

  8. in the book she actually has even darker hair than she does in the movie so yeah you are SO WRONG
    (I love the hunger games more than any book or movie I have ever read or seen <3 )

  9. lionsgate did a really good job on this movie! Its the best movie in the world that i have seen so far! Thumbs up if you agree

  10. Same. I dont have the money to buy it right now, so I have to wait for my birthday at the eight of september. The wait is killing myself.

  11. I have the money but my birthday is next week and mom doesn't want me to buy it because it is on my wish list… I've been dying to watch it.

  12. I think that Ceaser doesnʻt even like the games. I think he just interviews them to calm them down before the fight of their lives

  13. I think Caesar's secretly sympathetic to her. I can't imagine how he does that job…if I had to do that, I'd dive straight into a bottle and never come out again.

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