The Hunger Games: Mean Girls (parody)

The Hunger Games: Mean Girls (parody)

we have a new student with us. she just
moved here from africa welcome
I’m from Michigan great.
I’m 16, untill today I was homeschooled. Then it was goodbye africa, and hello highschool. Hi I’m Cady
I’m Janice. This is Damien.
watch out, new meat coming through this map shows the school’s central nervous system, the cafeteria. you got your cool asians burn out, jocks, the greatest people you will ever meet, and the worst.
so you’ve never been to a real school before? shut up…shut up! i didn’t say anything
plastics… who are the plastics? they’re teen royalty
that’s Karen Smith she is one of the dumbest girls you will ever meet i’m kind of psychic
really? it’s like i have ESPN or something Gretchen Weiners she has two Fendi purses and a silver Lexas evil takes a human form in Regina George, she knows everything about everyone that’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets we want to invite you to have lunch with us
Regina seems sweet get in loser we’re going shopping your house is really nice
i know right? being with the plastics was like leaving the actual world and entering girl world
have you seen any guys that you think are cute yet there’s this guy in my calculus class, his name is Aaron Samuels
No! No! that’s Regina’s ex-boyfriend ex-boyfriends are off limits, i mean that’s just like the rules of feminism Gretchen told me that you like Aaron Samuels, I
could talk to him for you if you want really, you would do that?
you’re so hot
why would she do that? she’s a life ruiner i knew how this would be settled in the animal
world but this was girl world, all the fighting had to be sneaky
i wanna loose three pounds
they’re these nutrition bars my mom uses to loose weight it won’t close
it’s a five
you could try sears
why are you eating a Kaltine bar?
they make you gain weight like crazy who does she think she is? i like invented her
I’m sorry i laughed at you I’m sorry I called you fat
I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me but i can’t help it that i’m popular
walk it off, walk it off
you know who’s looking fine tonight? Seth Mosokowski… he’s your cousin…
what? he’s a good kisser…

17 Replies to “The Hunger Games: Mean Girls (parody)

  1. This was actually pretty good. XD I loved your choices of Plastics (even though Foxface's actually really smart; it was somehow funny to have her as Karen) and the clip with Thresh throwing Clove against the Cornucopia after she does her "I'm sorry I'm so popular," bit was brilliant.

  2. A magician never reveals their secrets 😀 but seriously though, don't want the secret to get out and it get shut down. If I could message you I'd let you in on the magic!!

  3. Yeah!! 1,000+ views!! y'all are awesome 😀
    Vice verses video coming up!!

    I'll post it here when it's done!

  4. This is actually perfect! To everyone saying that Peeta should have been Aaron; in the trailer Regina seduces Aaron and the only person that Glimmer is seen with is Cato, in fact unless Katniss was Regina, it was the best choice. You go kate lynn, 4 for you kate lynn. I totally cracked up when Clove was smashed against the cornucopia KILLING her and then it's just like '…Walk it off!' this video is seriously so perfect.

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