The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – Bum Reviews

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – Bum Reviews

WOW! OH WOW! Whew… Oh, that is the greatest high I’ve ever been on in my life! Sorry, I just combined two of the greatest elements ever, crystal meth and ecstasy. I call it “crystal methstasy”. And I have been on THE GREATEST HIGH EVER! OH MY GOD, THE WHOLE SUMMER I WAS OUT, MAN! Did I miss anything? Oh, really? Some of the…highest grossing movies of all time? Huh. Well… That sucks! I guess, uh, we should probably do a more underground, independent project. LET’S TALK ABOUT HUNGER GAMES FIVE! Oh, sorry, I’m still coming off of that high. There’s this girl named Katniss! And she’s upset because her boyfriend is crazy! Meh, that’s most celebrity couples… But that won’t stop her from taking on an unfair world that doesn’t treat her properly! And she’s using the power of her celebrity to change our unfair ways! Oh, wait, I’m sorry. I’m confusing her for Jennifer Lawrence. Katniss is taking on an unfair world! And she’s using the power of her celebrity to change our unfair ways! Seriously though, I’m a bum, but if we were on the same set, I’d get paid more than her! Hey, we should feel lucky she has her own action figure. So they tell Katniss that they have to rally all the people together… So they get all the winners of the other Hunger Games together… …like…in every other movie… …and they send them out to destroy the Capital! And Katniss is like: “Hey, aren’t you that person that just got married?” “Yes, I am and we’re gonna spend our honeymoon in the Capital after we take it over!” “You are so dead.” “I know.” But it turns out the city is littered with booby traps from Raiders of the Lost Ark! But it’s okay because her crazy boyfriend is there! Wait, what? “I’m a total liability and I’m gonna kill you all.” “If you get out of line, I’m gonna kill you.” “I am promising you, I’m gonna get out of line. You should kill me.” “Don’t tempt me!” “I am tempting you. Kill me.” “I am emotionally compromised by this!” “Which is why you should totally kill me.” “Hah, I just figured out that you are here to sabotage me!” “Again why the ‘killing me’ thing is a good idea.” “Well, I won’t be had in this way! I’ll be had in a completely different way!” “I have a gun now and I’m gonna try and kill you.” *gunshot* “WHOA!” “Now, do you believe me?” “You watch it, mister! I’m only gonna give you five more chances!” “I’m starting to wonder who’s more crazy here.” But the soldiers convince Snow that Katniss is dead! …again… …and again… …and again… …and anyone realize she dies about as well as a Lord of the Rings character? So they go underground in the sewer so they’re not seen… But what horrifying creation comes after them?! Well, in the first film, it was giant dogs. The second film, giant baboons. What other computer-generated, really-not-scary thing can we throw at them? Giant CG-eyeless people! Who Katniss defeats just by putting her hand on one of their faces…? (gibberish) “I really can’t believe this is working.” “It’s okay, I’ll break his neck!” *snap* “We can break their necks, really?” “Ha, it’s nowhere near as frightening as that giant bunch of black goo!” “Yeah, what did the black goo do again?” “It’s black goo! I don’t know, it’s…black goo! It does black gooey stuff!” “Oh, by the way, the guy that got married died.” “Well, duh, he was dead the minute he said ‘I do’.” So Snow offers all the refugees a place to be safe! But it’s okay because BOMBS come and BLOW ‘EM ALL UP! WOW. No, really, whatever your political leaning is, just, the time this is coming out and everything, just…wow! I, uh…I need to go into the Uncomfortable Corner™. And so the giant battle, the giant climax, the big moment that ALL these movies have been building up to… …TOTALLY doesn’t happen. Yeah, it turns out Maude from The Big Lebowski, she was the bad guy. In fact, Katniss actually kills her instead of Snow. Really? Really?? “No, you don’t understand! Story-wise, this makes a lot more sense!” I-I know, it’s just, uh… “She had to choose between her own revenge and what’s best for the world!” I mean, yeah, yeah, it’s just… “It’s proof that all the heroic propaganda they’ve been pushing in the movie rarely has the ending you’d expect!” Yeah, but…all the advertising, all the movies, “I’m gonna kill Snow! I’m gonna kill Snow!” …really?? She goes after the chick nobody remembers in Lost World? “Do you want reality or not?!” Obviously not, I was high most of the summer. “Well, it’s okay because we give the unbelievably realistic ending that” “nothing happens to her, she goes home, has a family, nobody ever comes after her, and her crazy boyfriend is just suddenly not crazy.” Oh, you did the fanfiction, last-chapter-of-Harry-Potter route. “She has nightmares! That’s not totally happy!” I think this is a very clear example of not having your cake, but eating it too. “That’s Hollywood, baby!” The end! And so ends the Orwellian young adult book series that gave birth to every other Orwellian young adult book series! Seriously, you can combine them all together and have The Divergent Hunger Maze Runner. But at least it had the future coolest character from The Force Awakens! …for about five seconds– Yeah, why was she in there? Those twin girls made more sense! You know, because every book series for young people now have to have twins for some reason! …or maybe I was just seeing double, that WAS an awfully long high… This is Chester A. Bum saying… CHANGE!! YOU GOT CHANGE?! OH C’MON, HELP A GUY OUT, WILL YA?! C’MON, CHANGE!! C’MON, I’M LIVING THE HUNGER GAMES EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE! Though I am learning how to do my own photosynthethisis!

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  1. So, I'm going to assume the beginning means we won't get Bum reviews for Mad Max, Jurrassic World, Terminator Genysis, or Inside Out. 🙁

  2. "So ends the Orwelian Young Adult book series that gave birth to every Orwelian Young Adult book series."

    The Giver says hi.

  3. I actually would like these movies if they didn't force  a happy ending. Honestly , once can we just have the guy not get the girl or the hero dies in battle? I mean it's just not realistic to have everything turn out all peachy.

  4. I haven't seen most of these YA movies, but I would love to see a GOOD parody called Divergent hunger maze runner. Hell, I'd play a d20 that could work with all that.

  5. "The Orwellian young adult book series that gave birth every Orwellian young adult book series." What about Ender's Game or the Shadow Children

  6. Bum, the reason there was no big payoff is because one of the central themes of the Hunger Games series is that we as a society shouldn't glorify violence. Putting in an action-packed payoff would go against everything the franchise stands for.

  7. Katniss is a very unintelligent and actually incompetent protagonist who throughout the movie gets everywhere by with looks and luck. ridiculous

  8. Divergent Hunger Games Maze Runner?
    That sounds insane in a good way, I would actually pay good money to see that clusterfuck

  9. Congrates on learning to do your own photosynthesis Chester. It's so annoying when you have to get someone else to do it for you.

  10. Where have you been Chester? Oh, you you were on a double high. By the way, how do you afford to buy tickets if your poor? Is it the change? Hm, didn't think Chicago was so genrous. Well I've called you out enough. Now this is the part were I mention a reviewer and you do a crossover with him considering how offended you are. Jeremy Jahns. Hey, he's a reviewer, he joined screen junkies plus, and you've been on screen junkies before, so illuminati lodgic. I actually think you and him could have very interesting agreement and disagreements. If the crossover with the nerd has any value, maybe this will happen in the next year or so. But hey, that was seven years ago. Maybe it'll be sooner if our modern day is so great. Hey, it's almost 2016, who's running for president? donald trump? Hm.
    (Yeah, it's not capitalized.)

  11. 3:26 RIGHT ON CHESTER!

    While it inflicts excruciating pain on my very soul to say this, I have to because it's true: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 had a better 'final battle' than Hunger Ga-AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!

    But seriously, this series teases, taunts, and strings me along for THREE movies and instead of delivering a Deathly Hallows/Avengers war film of a finale, it's nothing but a following a group of guys AWAY from the main action tiptoeing through a minefield while babysitting a rabid mutt complete with a joyless lack of levity and clunky pacing issues… FAIL!!!

    Go watch Snowpiercer, Equilibrium, Battle Royale, or V for Vendetta instead.

  12. Well, I will say this: they were definitely faithful to the source material.
    Successful as a movie: welllllll I enjoyed it and thought it did a good job at concluding the franchise, but I probably wouldn't watch it a second time

  13. I just got back from watching the movie…I…Loved…it. and since I read the books first I love it even more. all the actors deserve Oscars for that preformance.

  14. Chester!!!! Thank goodness you're still alive. I thought the Critic had you assassinated to prevent you from suing him for stealing your act again! (I seriously thought you were a goner when he covered Mad Max: Fury Road and Pixles)

  15. There was a big chunk of crazy Peeta's subplot missing from the book. Minor stuff in the long run but he was further down the road in his recovery when he turns up in the Capitol.

  16. So it's been 3 years since I read the book and I honestly forgot everything but for the ending (which I didn't like) and honestly this was as good a recap as any. Now I know it's not worth rereading.
    And I still refuse to read Divergent or The Maze Runner. In fact I've made myself a rule not to read any YA series that gets film adapted from now on – it's all just pandering and easy money.

  17. FUCK THE ENDING OF THIS TRILOGY! It's a shames the movie needed to be faithful to the book because that was the only one part who needed a change

  18. I thought the books where alright, a little over rated but alright. Mocking jay didn't need two movies and I thought it stretched it out a bit.

  19. Good upload! The Bum comes back in strong form here, and the video doesn't shy away from playing out the most effective elements of his personae. Hope to see more in the future. 🙂

  20. it kinda annoyed me how there was a scene with almost the single purpose of showing katniss loading and bringing a pistol but it then does not exist for the rest of the movie. Also Peeta was brainwashed and now totally has ptsd which means that katniss probably married a wifebeater

  21. Katniss comes out of it unharmed . . . Just, you know, with a dead sister and a severely burned body (which, in retrospect is much more worse in the books but is still in the movie so it counts!) and severe PTSD. . . I do think they could have taken a moment to show that Peeta wasn't just cured by some sort of miracle and actually still suffered from Hijacking Attacks post rebellion. Still, I enjoyed the books and the movies so I ain't complaining (:

  22. well, I am disapointed beacause I only was waiting the movie to see Catniss see her little sister get bombed and get entierly burned by the explosion and pass her life totally half crasy about the memories, but in the movie, nope, we are 13+ so no little sister bombed, and no hot girl hotter that what it needs to give a boner to 15 years old kids, so I'm sad now.

  23. I've never seen a Chester A. Bum video from start to finish before, but this one had me laughing my ass off! XD

  24. Well, technically, she had to choose between two different kinds of revenge in a way. When you said, "she had to choose between her revenge and what's best for the world." Alma Coin was in charge of Prims death with the bombs. Coin sent Prim with the medics knowing about the explosions, expecting her sisters death to totally break Katniss.

  25. Seriously though, what was that black goo stuff? I was so confused watching it. I can take dogs, a clock arena, and weird alien people, but that black goo?!? What was it?

  26. No wonder the bum has been gone forever. He was high on drugs. Man that's most celebrity couples. You are so dead. I know. I am emotionally compromised by this! GIANT CG EYELESS PEOPLE! WOW! The bum has an uncomfortable corner? DO YOU WANT REALITY OR NOT! Obviously not I was high most of the summer. Oh you did the fan fiction last chapter of Harry Potter route. How can he do photosynthesis?

  27. Could someone explain me…. WHAT WAS DOING KATNISS SISTER BETWEEN ALL THAT KIDS?! Was she captured while she was helping the rebels with the other medical officers? If that's the case, why they have a enemy prisioner, even being a kid, between all the refugees that are going to enter in the president house?

    I think and think it, and unless there is a part of the plot that I missed, IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!!

  28. Here's my take on the ending(at the capitol). Going by the books here, haven't seen the movie.
    After "she" dies, Katniss goes to talk to Snow about it. Then when she's about to kill him she realizes Coin is the one that killed "her" so she ends up killing Coin instead of Snow. Now Snow supposedly died from the crowd, but I think Coin poisoned him, hence the blood when he laughed.

  29. Is it bad that I think Katniss killing Coin was a good thing? Because if you think about it, Coin was power hungry and was about to become the very thing the Rebels were fighting when she wanted to hold a "symbolic" Hunger Games with the Capital's children, which I still think is a fucked up type of revenge. Sure, revenge is a dish best served cold, but not THAT cold. And Snow, he was dying already. Killing Snow with a single shot from Katniss' bow would be too good for him. Plus, she'd be killing an unarmed prisoner which wouldn't be the right thing to do in her part. Even though Snow tortured the living shit out of Katniss, it's the people of Panem he's affected the most and they deserve to take Snow, which they did. And…(SPOILER ALERT) since it was Coin's plan to bomb people in order to draw more in, as well as the medics, causing Prim to die in the crossfire, I think she earned a few death wish points for that. Yes, it was a surprising yet underwhelming turn of events but to me it was justified.

    Anyone else agree?

  30. If he read the book, he'd know that the CGI monsters were supposed to be the muttations, but they were changed to zombie creatures for reasons I don't know

  31. It makes sense for Katniss to kill Coin. She sees another Monarch coming in and taking over the system. The Katniss character is very damaged, and …well yeah. It makes sense her actions.

  32. Gale and Coin are to blame for the deaths of all those children. I can't believe that Katniss let the creep live, but she was most likely sick of all the death and killing. She might have loved Gale once, but now she is too emotionally drained to feel much of anything. Coin was going to reinstate the hunger games. She was more of a threat than Snow was. The man was about to die from his illness anyway, but Coin was an immediate threat to the world. The ending makes sense. As an avid follower of history, I can find parallels between the Hunger Games series and historical events. The story was so depressing and emotionally scarring, I refuse to read those books more than once.

  33. Divergent Hunger Maze Runner sounds like an 80s movie that probably already happened. Love it.

  34. "By the way, the guy who got married died." Well duh. He was dead the minute he said 'I do'". LOL. I enjoy this review more than the movie.

  35. 3:15 I didn't get that reference at first, but then I saw it again and heard the word, "refugees". Seriously, that indefinite ban needs to burn in hell.

  36. I know the "5 more chances" thing was a joke, but does Katniss EVER think of herself? Whether it's the books OR the movies?

  37. I just finished reading the books, and I honestly think the climax ALREADY happened when they tried sneaking into Snow’s mansion and they killed the refugees.

    1:04 SPIDERS! Oh, Sorry. I’m Still Coming Off of That High. I Mean, SPOILERS!

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