The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 FINAL Trailer Review aka Reaction – Beyond The Trailer

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 FINAL Trailer Review aka Reaction – Beyond The Trailer

What?! Where’s the trailer?! Right to the review?! What’s happening here?! Well as I’ve mentioned before Lionsgate is really difficult when it comes to covering JUST The Hunger Games franchise for some reason and they’re not just difficult with people like me but also people like you! Because for instance the only way you could see this trailer for the first few days was if you went to a Best Buy!

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  1. I appreciate your talk about it approach. it adds to the overall marketing vibe of the film. Awesome video Grace! keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Lionsgate nailed this trailer! As a huge fan of the books and movies – they successfully gave me goosebumps with this last tease at the film before it's released.

  3. I don't know how I feel about Peeta, I feel like he's obviously a good guy but ultimately just a motivation for Katniss. I do like Josh Hutcherson though, cute little fella and seems like a decent guy in real life.

  4. At this stage I don't think it matters about the 'trailer'. There is a fan base that is going to see this movie no matter, so end of my discussion on Hunger Games.
    The other point with regard trailers in general and my personal opinion being simply less is better. I'm 69 and I, dragging my children along, have been going to movies a very long time – since my mother dragged my along int he 50's. I don't want to be blown away by a trailer, I prefer to be blown away in the movie theater.
    So much has changed over the years, and I believe it was Tom Cruise who said that a movie makes it or crashes in the first 4 hours of opening.. A bit of an exaggeration, but with the speed with which social media sends out personal reviews to friends, it is understandable. I've seen a lot of disappointing movies but in the end I was entertained to a certain degree.

  5. The speech is a little on the nose for me. I liked it better when they used a more subtle approach. Like when the old man raised the symbol. It was a quiet but strong statement.

  6. There are no Best Buys in Europe so I guess oversea audiences will have to depend on things to go up on Youtube (; I totally agree with you! I love this whole franchise for two reasons: the message and Peeta, so yes, I enjoyed the glimpses of the message we got here (but I'll enjoy the big reveals in the movie even more!) and I missed Peeta in this trailer, or rather in their entire ad campaign. I like him because in this whole chaotic mess he's kind of the beacon of hope and like you said, they're not utilising it the way they could and that's kind of a shame! thanks for the review!

  7. Too little is good, nothing is better than going into a movie as blind as possible, why would you wanna see more? id watch no trailers of I could, but I can't help it.

  8. 1. I got vibes from the books that there were a few weeks, if not months, that transpired between the halfway point (Peeta's rescue) to the climax. If the movie follows that, then I'd say he'd have the time to bulk up.
    2. Still on Peeta, I think that if the movies have dropped the ball on Peeta being so important, it's because he was such a sucky character in the first movie. And I would say the same goes for Prim. These are 2 very important people in Katniss's life, and the books paint that picture vividly. Unfortunately, that has not carried over into the movies very well, though I think Peeta was strongest in Catching Fire (movie).
    3. As someone who has read the book, I freak out (in a bad way) over how MUCH these trailers have given away. Pretty much every major plot point is shown. On one hand, it's awesome to see, but I really wish they held back.

    I like the trailer, and I did love mockingjay part 1 (turned the most boring half of a book into an interesting reflective movie). I have no reason to doubt that this movie will deliver "all the feels" and stick the landing.

  9. The new things I saw was someone falling into the oil and a yellow beam frying someone. This trailer was awesome probably top 5 trailer this year

  10. Thanks for providing the link! Now I can watch the review. On a sidenote, I hope Katniss wearing all this makeup is for story related propaganda reasons, because it was quite distracting.

  11. I'm not really a fan of those best buy/apple/walmart/comic von/whatever exclusive deals, because I'm not living in the US or even close to it.

  12. I'd like to comment on your last question: Especially if you've read the books you know that they have already given almost everything away in the last two trailers (not including the Prim-Trailer). So I think in case of THG the marketing strategy is not as how you describe it. I feel that it is supposed to show the fans how much they've put into the movie…

  13. We should see more of different characters!!such as peeta prim haymitch coin and gewndoline christies character, commander lyme althought she is not a major character

  14. We should see more of different characters!!such as peeta prim haymitch coin and gewndoline christies character, commander lyme althought she is not a major character

  15. I don't mind the political stuff because it's what gives the franchise depth and makes it unique, but Mockingjay Part 1 was such a set-up movie. There was NO NEED for it to be split into 2 movies. And I wasn't a fan of the ending at all. Nothing about it got me excited for Part 2, even though I am generally looking forward to Part 2.

  16. Love the old school Grace. I wish I could of been in New York way back, when you use to go to the theaters and interview people. :DD

  17. As a book fan this looks amazing! This looks like everything I've wanted. I hope they don't hold back with the ending.

  18. I'd rather the trailers not show enough than too much. At this point, most people know whether or not they're going to see Mockingjay Part 2, Spectre, and/or Stars Wars opening weekend. And those who aren't, they're going to wait until reviews come out before deciding to go to the theaters or stream them afterward.

  19. I am thankful that they are showing less. Glad they stopped giving away the whole movie, stopped giving away all the good moments that mean nothing when we finally saw them in the actual movie. All for it. Peeta's rehab is a huge part of the book, I'm sure they'll go through it and I'm glad they are not showing it here at all. Same with what is going on with Gale and of course, Prim. (Side note: the things that were chasing them in the sewage, that is exactly how I pictured them in my head when I read the book, so kuddos to them for that. Tygress however, for some reason, I pictured what they have, except, like, over weight. Not sure why but just got that she had let her self go, lol).

  20. Mockingjay was my favorite book. I didn't appreciate it the first time I read it, I read it again just to see what it was that I missed and I learned that you really have to read between the lines. For the people whom miss the games and think that was the point of the book, you fall into a category that Suzanne Collins was trying to highlight. Not to mention the idea of propaganda and marketing… which heavily and ironically shows how this story has been marketed throughout the world. Ever find it funny that, this book about rebellion and government, gets marketed to movies/books like "Twilight"? Collins kind of talks about this type of marketing in the books. Specifically in "Catching Fire" when Plutarch is talking to President Snow (in the movie) about how Katniss is engaged, so have blanket coverage of her marriage to distract people, from the floggings and murder that the government is doing… (Juxtapose it to real life in the late 90s with the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Kosovo)

  21. i thought mockingjay part 1 was the best film out of all of them and shows how this film isn't just another YA franchise. can not wait for this one

  22. I enjoy the fact that we don't know much about these movies. Scenes lose their intended impact if you know what's coming.Spectre and Star Wars especially don't need to show anything else. Most people already know if they're going to see them or not. I know I will.

  23. I really want to see more Johana Mason in Mockingjay part 2! I loved her in catching fire. also her and Katniss share A bond in the book. Hope they put that in the movie.

  24. I think that Lionsgate/Hunger Games Team is still trying to influence the mainstream that this franchise isn't some teenybopper book-to-movie thing. I love the political aspect of these last few films and that's something I liked in the books, but mainstream doesn't give a crap about politics because idk technology is making us more selfish. And I was going crazy about how there was nothing new. It's like with Marvel and Star Wars they think that they have the fanbase in the palm of their hand so they're just lax about giving us information.

  25. I saw the most fascinating thing yesterday, I was driving through the country (southern U.S.) and there was a huge mockingjay symbol painted on the side of a barn! I thought wow this movie is quite the inspirer!

  26. I love they don't show stuff :D, makes the movie experiences better, except some desperation for sw footage but its worth it

  27. Peeta is my least favourite character in the movies – ironic considering he's the one I should be able to relate the most to him – but he's just really bland.

  28. First movie was the weakest point in this franchise! I loved Mockingjay Part 1 and love this trailer! Can't wait… Got my tickets

  29. You look pretty, Grace, but you're a Winter & I think you look better in the Winter colours: blue-red, white, black, royal blue, etc. Great review, as always.

  30. Great discussion. The franchise overplayed the girl power aspects of Katniss and downplayed the strengths (mainly moral) in Peeta's character. This is not a spoiler, but I really wish they would of included Peeta's back story with the dandelion metaphor. I know that would of been difficult to film but it makes such a beautiful tie-in at the end.

  31. I just don't understand the appeal to rally behind Katniss. She hasn't done ANYTHING for me to look at her as this leader of the rebellion. It's just sort of forced. The girl from Insurgent and even the kid from The Giver are the only protags of these new teen movies I'd follow behind. Secondly, I'm watching the movie and I'm like, "Is this Scorch Trials with the zombies"?

  32. I certainly don't need a synopsis of the movie and call it a trailer. You can show a basic premise with none of the 2nd half of the movie and I would be fine with that. It would let me know roughly what it's about, and give me a sampling of the cinematography. I tune out for the 3 months or more of new footage and more new footage.

  33. The Hunger Games trilogy is about Katniss. Peta and Gale and others are there to support her story , her journey. yes they have arcs but this isnt  about the BOYS.

  34. I am surprised Grace you havent picked up on the undead-like creatures that seems to be used as a secret weapon against Katniss & Co plus the figure with the wierd facial tattoo/mask? The new creatures certainly made me think of the Crazies from Scorch Trials.

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