Hunger Games. Is this one about trying to get food at the concession stand? (President Snow) Welcome, and happy Hunger Games! Primrose Everdeen! No! I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute. (Tommy) Coming out of the theater, I was like, wow. And there’s gonna be two more of these. ‘Cause there’s two more books, you see. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, who’s the lead in this one. I think she did a really nice job. She was tough when she needed to be, she was sweet when she needed to be. Yeah, but I’m not very good at making friends. Josh Hutcherson plays opposite her, and I’ll tell you what – he was a little bit wimpy, a little bit soft. I mean, every time they were on screen together, she stole it. No. No, not really. It kinda reminded me of the guys in Twilight. I mean, there were all these sort of wimpy guys too, and the chicks are always so strong. (Katniss) I’m fine. (Gale) No you’re not. I am. They need a lot more backbone. I don’t know how these people can stand up, they have so little backbone. ♪ One of the things I liked about this movie was the setup. I thought the setup was really good. I felt like I got to know these characters, I got to know why they were in this thing, why they were brought together. And even the trip into the Hunger Games itself, I felt the setup was really nice. Once the games begin, I was expecting a bit more than I got. It wasn’t sensational, like [gruff voice] “23 people will die”. It was none of that kind of thing. Which reality tv would have. Are you kidding me? Oh, my god, if that was on Fox… (Tommy as narrator) Two more people die in tonight’s episode of The Hunger Games. (Tommy) I think the best thing about this movie are some of the performance. I mean, the legends really did a nice job. When Woody Harrelson comes on, I was like, “hey, look, there’s Woody Harrelson”. And then he just becomes this character, and he’s so good. As for Donald Sutherland, I think every time he spoke… Hope. …my ears just perked up like a dog. I just wanted to hear every word he said. I don’t know if it was terribly important to the story, but I wanted to hear everything he had to say. It is the only thing stronger than fear. That’s just the kind of presence that this man has. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous. Stanley Tucci was the host of The Hunger Games, and he was pretty good. You know, I thought maybe they could have got Regis Philbin. He would have been great, but Stanley Tucci did a decent job. I was buying that he was a TV host. I don’t believe it for a second. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’m quite the audience for this movie. I think it’s more for girls, women, you know, teens, twenties, in there. I mean, it’s a little bit sappy, and let’s be honest, the romance is key to this one. It’s not like guys don’t like romance, or anything, but you know, that was a little much. So, for Hunger Games, I’m going 2 ½ out of 4 eyes open. Oh, no thanks, I’m full. ♪ [BFC bumper music] ♪ Remember, you can always follow me Facebook and Twitter, and if you haven’t done so, subscribe to the channel. We wanna make more videos for you. Today’s comment question: Who would have been a better game show host in this one? Leave your answer in the comments below. I’m Tommy Edison, the Blind Film Critic. As far as the Hunger Games, I think I’m gonna go for the bonus round.

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  1. this must have been a really hard movie to watch if you cant see it, because they spend a lot of time just looking at each other or running around and it would be impossible to know what theyre doing without seeing it.

  2. I thought the film would have been better if Katniss was narrating – one of things I loved about the books was her sardonic comments and bitterness and I felt that was really lost on the film – she was just too stoic.

  3. He said in one of his vids he saved 3 bucks on going to a 3d movie I think the title of the vid was "perks of being blind" something like that

  4. in the video where he talks about the good things about being bind. he says he once didn't have to pay the $3 extra for the 3D

  5. That would be so amazing to hear. I was thinking 'The Man from Earth' but i would like to hear Tommy's opinion

  6. I just think that's a problem you have with a lot of books-turned-to-movies. Unless its really dialogue-heavy, the emotions you get from the narrator of the book doesn't really translate well into the film unless there's narration.

  7. There sure are! You can get a lot of books in Braille. Unfortunately, however, only about 5% of printed materials are translated into Braille. 🙁 Audio books are also available, although they are also limited in comparison to written text.

  8. The main reason book translation of movies fail in my opinion is the fact that there isnt any narration. I dont know why they would cut out something like that when they do it in movies that arent based on books. Narration fills in plot holes that movies have to cut out otherwise.

  9. Why does he keep his eyes closed, it kind of looks painful because hes (looks) like he is forcing them closed?

  10. you should see him try to open them.. not only is it really creepy when he does (no offense), but it takes like 45 seconds. he figures its because his eyelid muscles aren't used too often (if ever)

  11. Films is a visual medium. People narrating the entire film is boring. Books are words that are there to spark your imagination, what you think should be shown in your mind. And that is why people say the books are so much better because they have already envisioned something and the director's vision is not theirs.

  12. actually, try going to see a movie, but instead of seeing it, listen to it. Close your eyes, (im serious), through out the entire movie and then find the things that you probably would not have noticed if you had your eyes open.

  13. "no spoilers" and then you show the small girl beeing picked and the woman volunteers. if you dont call that spoiling your spoiled!

  14. Maybe you should read an audio book of the Hunger games or others. Atleast you can get a better description of the characters or what they did in the games.

  15. I watched the second movie yesterday and today I watched this video here. I noticed that they used the same line "I'm not very good at making friends" :P! They really want to make Catnip be antisocial 

  16. I guess you didn't forsee that they will split the last book in two movies (I didn't mean to offend you, or anyone, I just had to share this douchy comment)

  17. We agree! one of the main issues in this film is how it balances the characters both qualitatively and in regards to screen time. For as strong and developed Katniss is the other characters are lacking.

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