The Importance of Good Nutrition

The Importance of Good Nutrition

[Warms up] Count me in! – 3, 2, 1, action! – Hi everybody, it’s Herbie! Welcome to a very special edition of IT, Inspirational
Therapy. Because today, we’re here with a world-renowned nutritionist, he has written a lot of articles, and won international awards, hello Françoise! – François. – Francewa? – François. – Franswaze. – François. – Francewozzz. – François. – François. – Hello Herbie. Thank you for having me on your show! – Alright. So I know we usually talk about the mind and
emotions, but today we’re going to be talking about… uh…how to treat the body. – Well, uh, actually Herbie, the mind and
the body are inseparable entities. For example, your beliefs, your thoughts,
your emotions, can effect your physical well-being. And the opposite is also true, of course. – How? – Well, the…the things which you put into
your body, can also impact your emotions and feelings. So, I like to think of food as fuel for the
body. For example if we take a diesel engine, and
we put petrol into it, then of course that would completely destroy the engine. And it’s exactly the same that’s why some good
nutrition is so important. [Coughs powder] [Motions to continue] …it’s
important those nutrients will provide vitamins and protein, and amino acids. – What kind of amino acids? – Well, there are essential and non-essential
amino acids. Ironically of course, the essential… [ choking] …the essential amino acids can’t… Are you alright? – Yeap. – Do you think he may need a glass of water? – No no! – OK, we’re still rolling so if you
guys want to take it again from the top that’s fine. Just keep… – Top! From the top – You’ve got a bit of um… [brushes himself
off] [warms up] – 3, 2, 1, action! – Hi everybody, it’s Herbie! Welcome to another edition of IT, Inspirational
Therapy. – OK, cut! – My ears are ringing and I can’t feel my
face! – Just hold on for a second, I’ll be right
back. Sorry.

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  1. Nothing’s better than starting a day off with a new IT episode*o*
    I don’t know why but Herbie sounds… kinda cute like that? XD
    I sure hope high pitch Herbie makes another comeback in future episode:3

  2. Best thing about eating healthy foods is complimentary nutrients, these can be nutrients found in certain foods that can compliment each other well, such as doing a similar job in the same foods, such as Vitamin D and Iron, can be found both in dark leafy greens. Vitamin D helps the development of healthy skin, muscles and bones, and Iron is great for the immune system.
    Yeah I know my shit

  3. herbie’s voice when it’s high pitched reminds me of the little potato guy from that game pou— it’s so funny dhdhdh

  4. Oh my god I actually got concerned are you ok? 😄😄😄 Also great episode since this week we'll be having Nutrition Week also love how your voice got so freaking high pitched 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Succulent you'll see. Succulent. Succulent! The little human is not going to regret it! Ralph found the best, the biggest one he find! This is going to be succulent.

  6. Hello this is Astralking999 from the connor army.I just came by to say I appreciate Matt Vladimery's work on It and IT's cast as well. Your videos are funny and good.Also i'm not just saying that because I support Bryan but because in my opinion your content is good !

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