The Mediterranean Diet or a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet?

The Mediterranean Diet or a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet?

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  1. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods are way more healthier than American. Well… I guess 90% of the world's food is healther than the American diet. Most food in most Mediterranean and the Middle East are bought fresh and locally. Unlike the US, they do not over kill animals in order to sell. The places I visited don't have a store like Sam's Club where people in the US buy in bulk and over eat. Farmer's market are the best and you interact with people more often.

  2. I think getting more whole foods and plants are great, but that does not mean you will live longer if you are vegetarian/vegan, unless perhaps you already have diseases of excess and not enought activity.

    Again, I see the story of one of the longest lived people on the planet watch?v=HTQIXF2iLn0  and he clearly says he eats a little meat every day.

    Can we please stop, or at least question, and/or get doctors who say meat will kill you or reduce your life to qualify what they are saying?  Please!

  3. I have a question : there are a lot of different Plant-Based Diets like high carb low fat, vegan Raw (till 4 or till 2) , high carb raw vegan and … is there any study or indication which one is better ?
    can you name pro and cons to each one ?

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