The Military Diet: 3 Day Challenge – Before and After Results

The Military Diet: 3 Day Challenge – Before and After Results

I’m Rob, and this is my two cents! Now you
may recognize me from a little youtube show called On the Cheap Tip where I show you how
to do things for cheap. Some people think I’m funny. Now I just teamed up with ZestVIP
and Pretty Good Videos on youtube. Basically they just stole my idea and asked me to host
the show, and I said yes. Bitch gotta get paid. Now one of my most popular videos on
my channel is the Military Diet where you can lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days. So I decided
to recruit some of the zestVIP employees and have them try the diet. Hi guys, I’m Emily.
I’m Thomas. Hi I’m Dwight. I expect to A: complain a lot, B: Definitely stick to it.
and C: I think I’m gonna lose a lot of weight. Hey guys! So you’re my lucky candidates, right?
My first impression of Rob is that he’s animated. Alright, let’s go! When I first saw the food
I was like is this one meal? Here it is, it’s a three day diet. On day
1 for breakfast you eat 1/2 Grapefruit, 1 Slice of Toast, 2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter,
and 1 cup Coffee or Tea. For lunch you eat a 1/2 Cup of Tuna, 1 Slice of Toast, and 1
cup Coffee or Tea. For dinner you eat, 3 ounces of any type of meat, 1 cup of green beans,
1/2 banana, 1 small apple and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream. I have no idea what I just got myself into. Day 2, for breakfast you eat 1 egg, 1 slice
of toast, a 1/2 a banana. For lunch, 1 cup of cottage cheese, 1 hard boiled egg, and
5 saltine crackers. For dinner, 2 hot dogs without the bun, 1 cup of broccoli, 1/2 cup
of carrots, 1/2 banana, and a 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream. I was a little bit confused by the vanilla
ice cream, but I’m gonna trust the process. On day 3 you eat for breakfast 5 saltine crackers, 1
slice of cheddar cheese, 1 small apple. For lunch, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 slice of toast.
For dinner, 1 cup of tuna, 1/2 a banana and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream. I may cheat here and there. There is no cheating.
Ok fair enough, say no more. Alright, so guys I’m going to leave you with this meal plan
and I’ll see you in the next 3 days. Bye. My expectations for this diet is to hopefully
lose a few pounds, definitely get a few numbers at the beach from some sexy ladies and modeling
contract, at least one or two offers. I’m not so nervous about sticking to the diet.
I am nervous about people on the internet hating me. People on the internet hate everything
so be nice. The thing I’m most nervous about over the
course of this diet is how I’ll do with snacking. The reason I’m trying the military diet is
cause I want to test my willpower. I’m back. I would ask you guys if you’re happy
to see me but Im a little afraid after I just put you through 3 days of dieting. As we know
we started out with 3, and now we’re missing one and that’s because Emily that bitch is
in Hawaii. We’re a little jealous, alls I’m gonna say. So Dwight, how did you do? I did pretty well.
I didn’t lose the anticipated 10 pounds like the diet said, but I did lose some. And Thomas, how did you do? So I lost 4 pounds
in the first 3 days and I’m sticking on a low calorie diet to try to continue to lose
some weight. And I think that’s important to know that
once you complete this diet, you can’t just go back to the way that you were eating because
you’re just going to gain all the weight back again. You need to kind of continue on a healthier
path. Not necessarily 1500 calories but just a healthier path, maybe exercise, walk a little
bit, and you’ll find that your energy is just more abundant than it was before. I wish you guys continued success with your
weight loss journey, and hopefully this summer we could all go to the nude beach and just
let it all hang out and be proud.

100 Replies to “The Military Diet: 3 Day Challenge – Before and After Results

  1. I just finished this diet. I lost 4lbs, without exercise. I'm going to try it again to see how much I'd lose with exercise.

  2. This is a really good diet to loose weight right before special occasion. It does work, only if person sticks to it strictly. I did try it myself. However, after coming to the daily nutrition, weight comes back…I think my weight came back, even though I do not eat much. I would apply this diet only 4 special occasions.
    thanks for the video, btw. But those guys cheated, otherwise they would lose more! 😛 😀

  3. For everyone who is a grapefruit hater ( like me) and is wondering if you can exchange the grapefruit for another fruit. Grapefruit contains compounds and enzymes that naturally burn fat, and promote weight loss, although, grapefruit isn't just gonna melt your pounds away if you eat it regularly. Containing grapefruit in your diet is a great booster for fat burning though, and the site that has the rules and the meal plan for the military diet, says that sugars and artificial sweeteners cannot be used (obviously) but adding a little stevia to coffee or tea isnt so bad, so maybe add tiny amounts of stevia to your grapefruit next time and it should help with the taste. xx

  4. Can I use vanilla bean ice cream instead of vanilla ?? I am also allergic to grapefruit this affect the diet anyway I don't have a 1/2 grapefruit ?

  5. the pictures are exaggerated and do not reflect the actual weight loss difference since they are clenching after, and crouching and letting go in the b4…

  6. Can i kick a little 30 mins workout every morning while doing this or is it going to ruin everything? Thank youu

  7. Would there be anything I could possibly swap apples out for? May sound strange, but I am allergic to apples

  8. Day 3 today feeling good took all my measurements as well as my weight fingers crossed I get some good results !!!

  9. but I have a Bangladesh grapefruit is not available and cheese I don't like at what to do with that two items.,plz help me…

  10. Is their anything I can replace the ice cream with? Im not allergic to ice cream or anything, just would rather not fuck with super sugary things. But, if worst comes to worst….. eating a cup of ice cream isnt all that bad.

  11. I heard a couple of friends talking about the diet –  “loli special plan” and made the decision to Google it for myself. It has completely improved my life for the far better.

  12. Her stomach just looks all sucked in from "not eating" for 3 days….her legs and arms are still the same. I mean kudos for doing it, but then you gain the weight right back if you eat back to regular again (possibly gain more weight even) and don't keep this consistent with regular exercise. Tried this and you just mostly lose water weight. Take it from me. I've lost 80 lbs of friggen fat…and NOT by doing this ridiculous diet. People just want to take easy routes, but let me tell you…it's all about the struggle and the journey y'all. Peace 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

  13. Hello!!! I have a doubt about it! Can someone help me?? … Do I have to eat after exercise? I mean. I exercise every afternoon and I usually don't have dinner. But is it okay if I eat hours later after the exercise?

  14. Weight Loss Green Store Tea product is the perfect detox and weight loss tea. It is safe, natural and 100% herbal. It helps burn fat, curb cravings, eliminate excess water, boost metabolism and detox your body from toxins. It tastes great too!

  15. My question is what happens if you skip a meal. I ended up skipping dinner of it because I got too tired and had to go to bed and I had to skip today's lunch because my classes run on lunch time and today I replaced the ice cream with a cup of cottage cheese and I typically drink my coffee black anyways but I'm a caffiene fiend. Otherwise I've been sticking faithfully to the diet even weighing out the food. I'm on day two and while I've not weighed myself, I can already feel the bottom of my ribs again. No alcohol, no sugar and other than the toast, there's been no bread.

  16. I decided to research the diet “vivi awesome plan” on google and immediately I followed the guide rules. I tried a lot of methods before but did not get successes. Out of this diet the results I get were mind-boggling. My friend tried this plan and she got amazing result in just couple of days. Everybody was ecstatic and shocked when I told them in just a week time I had lost near 20 pounds.

  17. Oh my gosh like the skinniest girls want to say I'm fat you don't know what fat is seriously I hate clicking on videos and it's a skinny girl on there saying I'm fat huh whatever

  18. Now I've your body generate an income wanted it, I were able to lose lots of weight. I lost 20 pounds having a super effective diet. This diet is here now

  19. I am on day one! breakfast wasn't bad, especially since I normally don't eat much for breakfast and love peanut butter! however I just went for a 5min run a bit ago and I feel really weak. tomorrow I'll take it easy and do some crunches and squats. hoping this works!! need to lose 12pounds!

  20. i really like your energy as well as your humor in your videos… What video of yours i really like is the 10 food that help lose weight, i honestly knew about majority of the list, except for the Red Wine Also the Cinnamon. Thank you for your post it'll help me keep better track of how one can get an stay healthy.

  21. Can i replace the cottage cheese with something else and if so what would a good alternative be? I do not like cottage cheese.

  22. My cousin introduced me towards the diet program called “sowo hope site” (Google it). With almost no time, I slipped 16 pounds. This diet works for almost everyone. Google it to learn more.

  23. You know you're military when you get excited to see icecream and everything else seems reasonable.

  24. Google “sowo hope site” to get the best diet plan in the world. My sister used it and dropped 13 pounds. I just started out and I’m already decrease 13 pounds.

  25. OK!!! So, yesterday was my 3rd and final day of this diet and let me tell y'all…I followed every single step just as it is no substitutions no snacking no cheating no more no less and along with a 30 minute non stop cardio exercise on the 1st day and again on the 3rd day believe me sweat was literally dripping through my no no parts ") and after all was done I LOST WEIGHT!! Yes, 3 motherfuckin lbs!!! This should be called "the military buuull shieet diet" weighted 171 and went down to 168 that ain't no motherfuckin 10 pounds! Any who, I knew it was bs but the only reason I did it was to create in my mind a strong will power on myself since I've been trying to do some sort of diet but have failed. So the only good that can come out of this is BUILD A STRONG ENOUGH WILL POWER to let you continue eating smaller, see the real trick here my fat bastard friends is PORTION CONTROL! After you're done with this you can see you did not die! Now you can eat a little more but definitely less than what youre used to, so stop stuffing yo fuckin faces portion control the shit outta your meals no fuckin wining allowed!! A minimum of at least 30 min non stop walk(to begin) AND ABSOFUCKINLUTELY NO SUGARY DRINKS! NO SODA NO GATORADE JUST WATER ONLY WATER PURE WATER AND/OR STRAIGHT COFFEE. Wish you all fat bastards good luck and remember set your mind on it 10000% otherwise don't waste your time cheating just give up motherfucker! Good luck. P.S. I cannot join y'all at the nude beach and let it all hang loose since I'm not proud 😩

  26. I’m currently on the military diet and I’m so confused why is everyone complaining?? It fulls me and it’s more than enough for me

  27. I like how they take pictures of the stomach. The stomach is the last place you lose weight. You're going to lose that everywhere else before you lose it in the stomach.

  28. I REALLY HATE BANANAS. Do I have to eat it? And can I have just back coffee during the day as a second, third cup? Or just boring water?

  29. A 3 day on(cut), a 3 day off diet. Another regurgitated diet with a catchy new name. Not even soldiers eat like this. Not enough calories to run, or march, or do obstacle courses. NOT a military diet.

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