The Most Pretentious Diet Plan Yet

The Most Pretentious Diet Plan Yet

– Hi, I’m Penny, and I’m pesticide free. – Hi, I’m Daisy, and I’m 80 percent kale. – [Both] Look at our veg. – We’re the co-writers of “Oh
But It’s Health Food Darling” – An e-book that tells you
what to eat based on crap we read on the Internet. – We’re not dietitians,
but we’re Instagram famous, so we know best. – And yes, we are on a juice cleanse. (sucking straw) (stomach gurgling) – Dietary restrictions are
totally trending right now. We can’t eat any of this. – Just two waters. (toilet flushing) (stomach gurgling) (toilet flushing) – Our new diet plan is
full of disgusting foods that convey how very maudlin
and delicate you are. – [Both] So organic. – Now, a quick test. Brioche, Daisy? – Bread is dead. – Correct. You’re special enough to
have a wheat allergy now. – Ooh, sophisticated. – Other restricted items include: milk. – [Daisy] Ugh, bloating. Meat. – [Penny] Paleo’s so last year. Candy. – [Daisy] You do want teeth, don’t you? – Now for what you can have. To eat. Cruelty-free quinoa. Vegan cupcakes. Locally sourced air. – To drink. Almond milk. Coconut water. Kombucha. Your own urine. – Buy our e-book now and
receive the free gift of feeling superior. – But hurry, it won’t
stay fashionable for long. – And if you’re shitting dirty bath water, that just means it’s working. – Are we done, I just, I need to… (stomach gurgling) – Yeah, me too. (upbeat music)

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  1. ,i get this is shading freelee but freelee does have qualifications. she has a certificate in advanced nutrition aha

  2. I really don't see a problem with this video. No, they aren't making fun of vegetarians or vegans. They are making fun of extreme, trendy and sometimes dangerous diets and the people who push them to make a quick buck on social media. It's just poking fun at extremes which exist in every aspect of life.

  3. fun video, but really… I actually love cupcakes, quinoa, almond milk and coconut water 😀 😀 #sorrynotsorry

  4. How can a "diet" be pretentious? I can assure you that people who avoid animal products don't do it because it's trendy or to feel superior. They do it because they give a shit about the earth and the welfare of other living creatures

  5. laughs as i am actually gluten and dairy free due to allergies. among many others, i must rock at this diet plan thingy right?
    right….. sucks tho when people doubt you are cause its a trend now days, like nope i really want bread and milk… i would if i could…

  6. ok so I agree that juicing is ablsolute bullshit but don't shit on veganism ok. agriculture is the number one leading source of CO2 production and people who go vegan lower the demand for meat a other dairy products. And it's not expensive to go vegan. Just do some ducking research about it

  7. lol is it weird that when they said "milk so bloaty" it felt so relateable I think it's cause I probably might have a milk allergy or be lactose intolerant

  8. I hate these types of videos. No, you shouldn't restrict calories, but cutting out foods like meat, dairy, and sugar is good, that doesn't mean you're starving yourself. Yes, we shouldn't be obsessive with dieting but we need to be healthy, don't get these two things confused.

  9. Honey, this is not the "most pretentious" diet plan out there. I was actually looking forward to seeing this. oh well

  10. I found this hilarious even though I have celiac disease (I'm allergic to gluten and anything with similar proteins) and eat/drink a lot of this stuff xD

  11. This was honestly one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. If you want to make fun of peoples lifestyles, analyze your own before judging others. You're telling me you haven't done/followed a trend because it was a trend? You're so above others? Please.
    And for those that ARE allergic to wheat and dairy, and are actually concerned about the planet, themselves and animals, a round of applause.

  12. is it weird that i am 90% pescetarian and i try to eat vegan/ whole foods as much as i can, but i also find this funny hahahha. god i love this series

  13. Funny how so many people don't think this applies to them and their very special diet. It totally applies to you.

  14. Everything that's "okay to eat" apart from "your own urine" is delicious though? Where's the fun in that? 😀

  15. Look what Liesel Bollina said. Only ones with a brain in this comment section.
    "To all offended vegans & vegetarians:
    This video is obviously directed at people who are in it for show. You know, the ones who promote terribly unhealthy tea and juice cleanses on instagram. The ones who are vegan and gluten-free because it's TRENDY, not because of allergies or health benefits. Etc. THE PEOPLE WHO EXEMPLIFY THE VEGAN STEREOTYPE, not you. Jesus."

  16. I can't eat wheat, dairy or barley coz intollerences and i'm a vegetarian and I can't eat much sugar coz my body rejects it.

    But I can eat potatoes. so life's good.

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  18. This is so pointless. You're just sending a bad message actually healthy foods. Funny you dont make a video on obesity yet 2/3 of americans are obese. I swear buzzfeed and off brand buzzfeed channels always make videos dissing healthy people and telling people its okay to be obese and unhealthy… like wow look at the message you're spreading. You know what the number one killer in America is? Heart disease. Which is caused by diet. So America is the number one consumer of meat milk and cheese… and we also have an obesity epidemic… coincidence? Ha. Man thats a lot of denial to be in.

  19. my mum actually does have allergies to gluten and "FODMAP" (whatever the fuck that means) but it must be awkward food shopping and stuff because the things she has to buy just makes her look really pretentious XD

  20. I used to just have regular air, but now that I've switched to locally sourced, I'll never go back! My skin is clearer, my waist is slimmer, and I can even fly now!

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