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  1. Awesome at its best again! although I already knew this..
    And I want to know so much that this channel's from India or from somewhere else?

  2. I thought he said agony ….after a while I realized he's actually saying Agni ….but thanks for the information….keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Please we need this keep it going for god sake!,dont see how much response u gettin jusg see how many sleeping hindus and new members of this vedic brilliance are awakening

  4. Can you put the Patreon link in the description please? I can't click it in the video on phone.
    Good work deserves to be appreciated.

  5. One more common saying, you feel what you eat. (Jaisa anna, waisa man). Your State of mind changes based on what you eat. Red meat will make you aggressive, fruits will calm. And so on.

  6. Human body is an accumulation of five elements space air fire water and earth which gives rise to 3 dosha ie vata pitta kapha which is composed of six tastes sweet sour salty pungent bitter astringent in this sour salt pungent increases pitta which has agni in it so taste influences hugely on the mind and body where vegetarian is satvik and non vegetarian is tamasic so so much is written in indian science long back thousands of years ago ☺

  7. Eggs are not Satvik they are Tamsik, if anyone's wondering. Video illustrated them incorrectly. Since ancient times indian Yogies have considered any non-vegetarian food Tamasik and food of Rakshasa and eggs are considered non-veg since ancient times.

    You cannot compare them with cow milk as they are just "taken" from chickens just like milk. It is like taking an undeveloped child out of mothers womb and consuming it. Milk doesn't develop and grow to be Cow, Goat or Human for that matter.

  8. The ancient Ayurvedic criteria for food to be considered Sattvic were foods were grown organically on good rich fertile soil. Sattvic food should be grown without pesticides, chemical fertilisers, sprays, insecticides,  hormones or anything unnatural. Are we getting such food? In Ancient times egg is considered to be non vegetarian. But now, there has been lot of controversy about it especially in western countries. Excellent Video. Good info

  9. Animals have emotional eating , also emotion to, and bad food craving. Animals can suffer of cancer and overweight .Try to feed a sheep corn or bread, she we'll go crazy for it, even if is making here sick. Its funny how we make philosophies about us thinking that we are so important, while we have no specific role or importance on this planet.

  10. Unfortunately everytime I go vegan, I get digestive issues. My bowel movement is great but I get bloating, heartburns, ibs. So now instead of following a diet because thats what everybody says to be healthy, I now listen to my body. I eat eggs in the morning and have noticed a huge improvment with my gut issues. I juice vegetables and eat less pork and chicken.

  11. Western countries are so busy to make everything logical and scientific that they now realised Yoga is one of biggest Human mind n body science.. instead of spreading Junk food to all parts of world now its time for good food spreadout.

  12. Thanks guys, with regards particular foods, who can know for sure which category they belong in?
    Only the body can know whats good for it and whats
    not…just because some dude said it 1500 years ago does it mean its the absolute truth?
    If you just ate vegetables and fruits and nothing else, are you going to be healthy?
    And if you eat 'food X' does it mean you're bad?

  13. Did you show eggs in Sattavik !!?! What is wrong with people convoluted understanding , food dosent translate in to ojus , veerya does if harnessed by yogic ways , this video is junk nd good for confusing the already confused people , at stop attributing it to yogis as they never said what you are saying here

  14. I think a did fairly good job summerizing the prefered diet for yogis. Eating clean prevents detox effects during the asana practice, that's my experience anyway.

  15. dislike bc for the image of depressed you put a picture of a bull with a sign that said triggered. not only is that dumb, but its also stupid

  16. Triggered jokes aren’t funny and it just came out of nowhere, serving no purpose but to belittle people who are struggling. You’re better than that.

  17. WTF kind of pseudoscience bullshit is this. I love yoga, but everything in this video series is completely made up by a bunch of ancient mystics who had no conception of modern science.

  18. I think you could have related the science to yoga more. A general "toxins" in fat doesn't really give people much help. The fire analogy is fined but failed to be related to the science. You could have mentioned the science of gut bacteria influencing our health and cravings. You could call those bacteria your monsters.

  19. This is the best advice I’ve heard about food and diet ever! Sometimes it’s difficult to just listen to our bodies when it comes to food, and I’m struggling with an obsession for what I eat or what I should eat. But, yes, I know, I have to listen to my body. Your words are just what I needed , recently I have found this course of yoga burning diet , it was amazing and the result was great and I advice your follower to take it ..THANK YOU


  20. Also animals can have emotional cravings. We had to leave first our pets behind when we moved from one country to another. In that year they were taking care of a cousin. Only one of our pets did not get along with the other pets in the house. So she kept our pets in her room. Now one of our cats has a weight problem and at nights miause a lot. She'd eat also our other cat's food. She doesn't like to be left alone. So, I'd say: pets can also have emotional cravings.

    Science should check that out too 😉

  21. if you want true spirituality go to Hare Krishnas. this people are true saints they never eat meat, never drink or smoke, get up before 4 a.m. in the morning and even have sex only to give birth to children. And they use all their money to print books and serve free feasts for everyone.

  22. I was on board until you claimed animals like cows do not have emotions.

    What a load of crap!

    Cows are very emotional & strongly bonded to their calves, when they lose them they cry just as we do.

  23. The depressed rhino was kinda a bad example as rhinos are notorious for being depressed, especially when they become separated. Still loved the video though!

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