The TRUTH Behind and

The TRUTH Behind and

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  2. Loody/earth and you are 100% right.The starve is annoying because there are too many savages destroying the game and the updates content sucks (well with the map update I saw anymore blocked biomes but that update was terrible).And with that golden bread update it gave 1 more reason to savage so io games are basicly that:SAVAGING TO BECOME BETTER.That is the truth nobody can accept …

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    So cool thx for everything <3

  4. Lol the private servers in true was a surprise Too many persons we're playing Private server the game is not dead he just respawn but the Game for normal And get golen bread was Locked for a long time such things in right games Change the game was not dead More noobs will start to play this game and these games will Revive

  5. In fact, .io games attracted players with the simple gameplay, if they go complexe or even worse : with in-game purchases, they die.

  6. We cant afford any more youtubers to leave the .io game platform
    The real reason why .io games has been dieng is not because big youtubers leave, remember most of the .io game players dont have a great pc to play fortnite and other big games like that so they join the .io game platform, but now in 2019 u can get a good pc for fairly cheap so you can play all those big games like fortnite,ark etc unlike 2017, early 2018

  7. hey IRU can you try tanki online its a free game (no need to download its a browser game but it can be dowload for people who want it) who is really old but still alive idk why i started playing it in 2010 and its still very active if its was keeping very actif during there 9 long year i think he will never die
    EDIT: my computer is potato and the game rarely lag so you can play it without lag i think

  8. the only game other then mope and starve is devast. It is similar and different in some ways, there are a lot less people and savages in the servers, the PvE is much higher. So if starve or mope dies, then devast should give you more ideas on content.

  9. starve died once Lapa made everything for money. Skins, servers, etc. Am i right. Zero was the last person that found a way to get away from the spending money thing but ofc lapa scared him away now hes getting all the money he wishes.

  10. In my opinion we should remove community and we should make more modes like peaceful, pvp and my personal favourite the potato mode

  11. and you could just switch to a game like roblox a lot of content for people who even hate it like there is a game for everyone i suggest you try it it is nice there are way better games than on roblox i mean a lot more. trust me iru

  12. Tbh, the community servers kinda suck.. sure team defense is cool and all but most of the servers is the “ezquest” type.. And I just want pvp servers, but the ones that are pvp servers usually have a billion spikes in it.

  13. Well, if starve is actually dying I highly suggest you to start playing Minecraft, idk why you don’t like it, but it’s the most popular game now(come on man, it’s better than fortnite)

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