TheLivingDinosaur and starvation – a response to TLD’s “Holy Halucinations 31

TheLivingDinosaur and starvation – a response to TLD’s “Holy Halucinations 31

100 Replies to “TheLivingDinosaur and starvation – a response to TLD’s “Holy Halucinations 31

  1. Who cares how much is produce in USA – dessert or not – USA still imports a lot of food… think a second about that.

    Then go read articles like "US food imports, production linked to worldwide hunger epidemic":

    "While more than 925 million people worldwide are undernourished, Americans consume nearly 815 billion calories of food each day. That is equal to 200 billion more calories than needed – enough to feed the entire populations of Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Taiwan and Sri Lanka combined."

  2. I disagree, I believe people moved their materials some how some way to these areas.
    If they can find a good source of water, people could live there.

  3. Don't really understand why this has so many negative dislikes? Is it because atheists are overly emotional and when he justifies his views, you get emotional.

  4. A lot of people say a load of shit that Christians say. When they don't actually say this. Try talking to actual Christians not people who clam they say these things.

  5. you're fat and stupid! read some books! but I think it's too late now, the living dinosaur killed you with his last video!

  6. This guy is such an annoying fat tosser. It annoys the hell out of me to look or listen to him.
    The way he says "CALM DOWN!!! at 1:10 makes me cringe. Ugh…

  7. Ha. Anger is a emotion. You do understand this right. Ha. It's funny. I love atheist who think there smart because they jump on a band wagon. Just calling yourself atheist doesn't make you smart you know. Most of the time it makes people stupid. Not because they claim there is no god. But because don't know why they claim there is no god. Ha. They don't under stand string theory. They don't understand everything created something. And they don't understand that atheism is a belief. It's funny.

  8. Phoenix was incorporated in 1881? Have you seen the history of the population count of Phoenix? In 1881, they had a population of roughly 2500. In 1911, Phoenix had a population of only about 11,000. That's an average of 150% increase over 10 years. Lets go to 1951. If the population increase rate is steady, in 1951 we'd expect a population of 72600. But what's this? It was about 107,000 in 1951. It quadrupled between 1951 and 1961. So the Phoenix population exploded with modern technology.

  9. Hi Wazooloo. You seem like a sincere, honest guy, but I wonder if you were shown evidence contrary to your position would you even consider it? Are you willing to change your position ever?

  10. That's the problem with religion. It is irrational because it's belief without reason. All the evidence shows it to be false but believers cling to it like a life raft.

  11. As a Canadian, I'm embarrassed to have come form the same gene pool as this dishonest fool. It's painful to watch.

  12. Just Fuck you juby. that's all I can say. that and I hope you do not breed and contaminate the gene pool. but knowing the religious, its probably too late for that.

  13. You mean scienctism does , not true science [ reality ] , evolution is a multibillion pound industry , saying people don't " understand " evolution is a cop out , there is nothing to understand .

  14. I don't swear that often but, You Fucktard, how do you know how dare you claim that we are immoral and not wanting our feelings on the issue to be expressed. How dare you say that atheist who don't donate are bad for not doing so. How do you know that some of us would give our shirt, except, that we are sometimes the poor people. I myself am headed to bankrupsy and have a son to support. Some of us with a great heart have nothing to give.

  15. He never said that Atheists are bad people. He was expressing his frustration with those Atheists (or anyone for that matter) who choose to put down other people who do not share the same beliefs as they. Saying they do not care or do anything to help out the needy, when they themselves do nothing.

    This man is not particularly well off, but he does everything he can to help, even if it is small.

    So if you truly are headed into bankruptcy, is it not foolish to bite the hands that may feed you?

  16. We do not prove evolution wrong no one can as you cannot prove creationism wrong, the evidences cannot be 'proven' unless actual science can determine that they are without doubt by scientific method. Otherwise a theory is formed based on assumptions and evidences, not proof. I base my opinion and trust in Gods Word on more than the evidences, but the faith that I have which is only from God. This is the knowledge one has from the Holy Spirit when one is born again by the grace of God.

  17. The E. coli bacterium reproduces by dividing in two about every 20 minutes and weighs roughly a picogram. Given these facts, the total mass of E. coli in existence would exceed the total mass of the Earth in a little less than two days therefore we can be certain that the Earth is no more than one day old.

    When you can tell me what is wrong with my argument then you will have just shot down your own.

  18. How does Geology disprove a Global Flood?
    Yes the Earth is not the center of the Universe and is not a flat circle.

    Now find me a place in the Bible that says that the earth is flat.

  19. Different sediments settle to the bottom before others. Why do you think we find certain types of animals are found on different layers.

    Oh I see so because the writer used the term circle, not sphere, that really means they thought it was flat. Really? Are you really that Dense? I can draw a the earth on a piece of paper, does that make it two dimensional and FLAT?

    Tell me, how did they deduce that the earth was a circle (ROUND SHAPE) to begin with?

  20. I'm well aware that not all sediments are deposited by water. I am simply of the mind that a great deal of them were.
    Now, the video you posted.
    This is a very well made argument. He made the sedimentary processes very clear and easy to understand, especially with the experiments. However, he never accounts where the sedimentary materials that are being laid down came from, and why they are ONLY of one material. Surely there was more than just one mineral being laid down over millions of years.

  21. If sedimentary layers took millions of layers to deposit, why do we find fossils? it takes very little time for dead bodies to decompose, there would literally not be enough time for them to be covered up, they had to be deposited rapidly. Especially when we find fossils of fish giving birth. Now unless that that fish was in labor over millions of years, there is no way it could have been covered in sedimentary layers whilst giving birth. Biological impossibility.

  22. In addition to the video you linked, the test administrator did not account for scale. the size of the gradient and how much sediment there would be in a global catastrophe. the layers would be much larger as there would be more of it. How does he account for this?
    Also he mis-portrayed the creationist sedimentary table as being on giant layer.

  23. However, the Coconino Sandstone was assumed to be wind deposited based on steeply dipping cross points, similar to sand dunes and to underwater sand hills. It was assumed decades ago to be wind deposited and nobody seemed to bother testing it. From what I understand the sandstone bears fossil trackways and burrows with poorly sorted angular grains that are more related to underwater activities not desert wind erosion.

    Very good, you know how volcanos work. you get a star.

  24. Your rant about food was going fine until you had to bring your god and your god's laws into it. I haven't seen the video which prompted your response (yet), but TLD usually takes issue with people who misrepresent (putting it mildly) science and the first half of this vid certainly does plenty of that. Why not stick to what you're obviously good at and passionate about?
    And, by the way, there are plenty of atheist doing good works out there, as I'm sure you know.

  25. Oh dear. Look at all these references from the 70s and 80s. Awesome. How are your peer-reviewed papers going? You claim to have an theory contrary to accepted science, so why haven't you published it? Hmmm?

  26. … another one of wazoo's disjointed and irrelevant rant & rave sessions. Makes no sense – has no basis in reality – full of cherry-picked pseudo facts from questionable sources.

  27. I watched Mr. eh hm… "dinosaur's" video. It was so dark and full of absolute hatred I had to stop about half way through.

  28. (continuing) One of the greatest things I see in the atheist society is that we learn how to respect others by who they are and not what are their beliefs, sometimes people are stupid religious half-wits as ALSO there are stupid half-wits atheist too on a hunt. There is a limit to a perspective discussion, beyond that it turns into ideology war. I do apologize in name of my belief (or disbelief as you might consider) for the personal offenses, there is no excuses for such behavior.

  29. This one, a really powerful broadcast. This taught me more about modern charity mechanisms than any T.V. advertisement or brochure ever has. It built up my resilience to thoughts of doubt in supporting my sponsored child. He prepares a table before me in the presence of mine enemies, Be not afraid, only believe, He says. His peace be with you'aa!

  30. I find this guy annoying and pompous. I have to say that the video he responded to here, was similarly annoying and pompous. I am an atheist and disagree with many of his "facts" and logic, but I appreciate his effort to address poverty and hunger. I see no need to believe in god to want to help. I, also, see no need to be vulgar in responding to his efforts to present his views of religion the world, even though his view is one I feel is profoundly messed up.

  31. I am afraid I am not really able to make much sense of your reply. I don't see what you reply has to do with the video or my comment.

  32. Is he really trying to pass off a 14 year old creationist as an argument from authority?! Only faith could support this delusion.

  33. Okay here is your dumb argument: The world population is 6,973,738,433, I guess you use the same utter crap as every other creationist numoty and work backwards to get to 8 people after Noah's flood. What utter crap. There is more scientific fact in my little toe than there is in that head of yours. Why don't you let the grown up scientists deal with population dynamics and you can go and play in the sand pit instead.

  34. You do realise that the genetic bottleneck found humans to be reduced to around 10,000 people…not 8.
    The point wasn't that the population was too small. The point was that your constant population growth rate was far too high. It's a complete assumption and ignores the science behind the matter.
    You contradict yourself by saying there's IS enough food, then saying you're helping starving people. You hide it with an appeal to emotions.
    Over use of land, ignoring crop loss and food wastage.

  35. This was brilliantly done ! Great upload and a good slap to the ol, " the starving children " nonsense atheists bring up meanwhile doing nothing about it.

  36. I guess if you ignore that the whole point of the video was to show that your population growth model was unrealistic and that an environment will reach a maximum number of people it can hold…then good job. As to your comments on the native americans, the committed infanticide due to starvation. Without the irrigation they built (modern technology) they would have died in even greater numbers.
    So the reason the population grows so much today is technology, not available resources.

  37. Wow, what a catch you clearly are. Thanks for showing us all what the human race is capable of. I'm in awe.

  38. Ian Juby you are blatantly making stuff up again. The earth's population is blatantly older than 4500 years as is evidenced by the Pyramids which would have required a civilization to build. Once you look at the physical evidence, your growth population calculation just crumbles.

  39. How incomprehensible that hundreds of thumbs-down viewers here find excitement and purpose in hating other humans instead of helping them.

  40. Uh, thank God you mentioned the fact that starvation isn't due to food shortage. I get so tired of hearing that

  41. I live in Tucson, AZ. We have fruiting grapes, dates, pomegranates, peaches, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, kumquat, lemons galore, and plums. We are hoping the apricot and apple bear soon. We also have a patch of sugarcane (my parrot loves it), and grow veggies. ^^

  42. "You athiests." Nice work making assumptions about people's concern for others based on theological belief and youtube videos. Dipshit.

  43. Really? People in the 21st century are still trying to claim that the earth was formed 6,000 years AFTER the Neolithic Revolution began? What, do his other videos claim the earth is flat and the moon is really made out of cheese? Sigh, ugh, and zzzzzz. Next.

  44. My ecology professor(a liberal, anti-christian) says that the Willamette Valley in Oregon can produce enough food to feed the whole world, if they weren't so obsessed with growing grass seed.

  45. Yeah, cuz I'm sure he gets lots of attacks on this subject by Christians and Buddhists. (this is sarcasm, if you didn't catch on)

  46. Been a Catholic all my life up to a few years ago when I started to struggle with my faith. Thanx to people like this Juby and Hovind, I'm now an atheist. 

  47. Ian – Thank you for doing a wonderful job in teaching truth science in the face of foul mouths and hate filled people.  Maybe some of them will catch on.
    …"Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. "Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. 1"Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you."

  48. If you want to find out more about the mistakes made in this video, please watch:
    On a funnier note, it's rare to see a video where the down votes outnumber the up votes (currently, up votes: 242 versus down votes: 732). Perhaps that should give you some idea about what your viewers think about the garbage you are spouting?
    You need to have a careful read about the Dunning–Kruger effect ( ) and realise why it's a bad idea to point a camera at yourself.

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