Thiamin, Carbs, Ketogenic Diets, and Microbes | MWM 2.14

Thiamin, Carbs, Ketogenic Diets, and Microbes | MWM 2.14

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  1. Does benfotiamine work as a thiamin supplement? It seems to have really helped my idiopathic peripheral neuropathy in my legs.

  2. I have a theory, I think Thiamine defficiency could be related to "Encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine" "Vache folle" in french

  3. Thank you kindly – have just listened, to an interview with Dr Chandler Marrs.( co-authour of "Thiamine Deficiency, Dysautonomia and High Calorie malnutrition.") Thiamine has certainly caught my interest. Thanks again for your efforts and explanations.

  4. just ordered a bottle of B1 500mg. with a history of diabetes and weight loss stopped with low energy on keto that might help.

  5. I have just been put on a ketogenic diet by my doctor. i already had to avoid gluten (medically diagnosed non celiac gluten sensitivity) and have b12 injections had extreme vitamin deficiencies zinc magnesium b12 vitamin d and gerd from low acid. Got that sorted. Now Been told to take b1 as a possible treatment for peripheral neuropathy i have been suffering for nearly 3 years. This information is very helpful. I still haven't had my b1 tested.

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