This Dog Was Found Starving To Death On A Remote Island. But Six Months On She’s A Different Animal

This Dog Was Found Starving To Death On A Remote Island. But Six Months On She’s A Different Animal

This Dog Was Found Starving To Death On A Remote Island. But Six Months On She’s A Different Animal

29 Replies to “This Dog Was Found Starving To Death On A Remote Island. But Six Months On She’s A Different Animal

  1. It must of been fate that you were meant to be together in the right place for you to rescue her and give her a loving home before the fate of death loomed such a good charitable man who's life is to help with the dogs wellbeing.

  2. This story almost brought me to tears to.
    How someone can do this to any living animal is so disgusting.
    Half of the time it's someone who thinks they are such a big shot, they can afford to loose even the life of a animal, they can always get another, they gotta do what they gotta do, it's all about throwing weight around, and getting respect.
    I sourly hope that isn't the case here, but to all of those who it is the case for you don't have my respect, if you can do this to a animal you've only earned my pity.
    I spit at you, and you're over inflated ego, maybe you need to visit Bubba in jail for a prostate exam, and make sure it's not cancer, just be prepared to stay a while, and be his bitch because if it's me that puts you there I'm bearing you so deep you'll need to beg for mercy just to breath.

  3. To all the people who that's not the case for, to all the people who had a dog, but couldn't afford it I can understand abandoning it, but on a deserted island come on, ditch it somewhere it has a chance to survive, better yet ditch it at a shelter so it doesn't need a chance because it will survive there, and don't beat you're dog again that doesn't earn respect it earns pity, pity on the blind foul because you didn't look for a better way you just looked to get rid of baggage, you have no idea you are nothing but baggage, Nigreta had a better purpose then you, her life is simpler because she's a dog, I still pity you with every fiber of my being.

  4. Oh, my word! What a wonderful man. I loved the fridge. note to dad. She is a strong girl. God bless u both.

  5. That’s so hateful and evil for someone to do that to a innocent animal. Thank God he found her and she’s now loved and in good hands. Whoever did this to her will reap with what they have sown!

  6. I believe that anyone that could beat a dog (a living being ) that can’t defend itself or fend for itself in that situation should be put into the same situation. After a thorough beating also !!!! I would be glad to volunteer to beat the low life that was to blame!!!!!!

  7. I am so glad that this beautiful girl has been saved. people can be so cruel to animals sometimes. I hope that David spoils her. she deserves to be the spoiled pooch in the family. my dog is the spoiled pooch in our family. I would do anything for her.

  8. Here I sit crying my eyes out because I have witnessed horrible treatment of animals I will NEVER understand! I love ALL animals and my heart becomes so heavy with grief to see these atrocities. I pray for the ability to help any animal. This is my constant prayer. We have rescued a puppy who came and scratched on my door. She was starving, scared and had sores and looked like acid had been poured on her ears! I prayed the vet could tell me she would be ok. He wasn't sure. She was tested for heart worms, tested her skin which he couldn't discern the cause. Angel, the name she was given, was only 4 weeks old. The sweetest thing! I gave her milk from the Dr to feed her and to put in her dry puppy food. She was also given a rich canned food with lots of vitamins and such. She was a tan and white Black Mouthed Curr. She had the most striking Pale pale blue, almost white eyes! I truly thought she was blind. That was a big NO! She was very sick in the begining. I didn't think she would live. She was a fighter! In no time she was healing and growing at a rapid pace! My little girl is 10 years old and weighs 80 lbs! She has a very large heart! Loves everyone! Well, 5 exceptions!
    Here comes the Moma Tuxedo cat and her 4 babies!! They are rescues as well! We planned to give the babies away but got attached quickly! They are 6 years old now. We had to hand feed the runt because his mom wouldn't feed him. He has a bad esophagus but now is better than I thought possible. He still gets sick and is not very big but he rules those other cats!!
    My thoughts are this. If you don't like animals dont get one!! It won't turn out well! Take to a shelter or give away! All my animals were thrown out to fend for themselves! They will not live long and starve! Do the right thing!!
    Thank you!

  9. How can people be so cruel .they should find this person and put him in jail till the sick little shit dies .makes my blood boil .to the person who found her god love you

  10. Foster I think your great there should be more people like you in this world. But I wish the individuals that did this should pay some how with suffering in their own lives for doing this to an animal who doesn't talk and depends on us humans to care for them. Did you know that the original responsibility of humans was to actually care for the planet and animals designated to us by our creator, how dare this bad person or persons do this it had to have been somebody who has enough money to travel to do this bad thing, cowards why don't they come forward. But thanks to foster there was a happy ending fir negra I just love it.

  11. Pure evil subhuman to do this😡😤😠. Bless this poor sweet dog+her rescuer. Bittersweet+thanks for posting. 🐕💟

  12. There was a reason why the Amazon was the place you have chosen for a vacation. You were God’s instrument in finding and rescuing Negrita. This was not coincidence but, rather, providential. Thank you so much, sir, for sacrificing your vacation just to make sure that Negrita could be given medical attention fully. You are one of a kind.

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