This Dolo Was Starved And Chained Up So Tightly, That He Became Barely Recognizable As Wild Animal

This Dolo Was Starved And Chained Up So Tightly, That He Became Barely Recognizable As Wild Animal

Known as the “king of the jungle,” the
lion is famed for its natural power and strength. And this reputation somehow makes it even
sadder to see such big cats suffer due to human ignorance. Dolo the lion, for example, was so neglected
by his captor that the poor creature was reduced to skin and bone. What’s more, he had even lost the one thing
that made him look particularly regal – his mane. Dolo’s story begins in southern Ethiopia
in March 2011. At the time, he was being kept as a pet in
a small yard that was anything but suitable for such a wild animal. And, apparently, the property owner had wanted
to bolster their status by possessing something unusual. And certainly Dolo was an unusual sight there. After all, keeping a wild animal as a pet
is illegal in Ethiopia, so it is unclear how the owner got his hands on Dolo. Furthermore, the majestic animal had likely
lived in captivity since he was a cub. But most disturbingly, the creature was being
kept in appalling conditions. Chained to a wooden hut, Dolo could only move
three feet in any direction. His shackles also rubbed harshly on his neck
and left him with severe skin damage. And the cat had additionally lost his most
defining feature: his lion’s mane. In the wild, lions can command a huge territory
of up to 100 square miles. They are also the only species of cats to
live in groups, which are known as prides. Therefore, it is easy to imagine just how
lonely and frustrated Dolo must have felt in his tiny enclosure. On top of all this, the beautiful beast was
so starving that his skin hung from his bones. In fact, Dolo was said to be so thin that
it was possible to see every bone of his ribcage. Shockingly, the animal had been kept in this
horrific state for four whole years. Luckily, however, help was on the way for
forDolo. “It’s illegal in Ethiopia to keep wild
animals as pets,” Beth Brooks, Born Free Foundation press officer, told The Dodo. “So when the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation
Authority or EWCA were alerted to his plight, they undertook to confiscate him.” However, the EWCA’s rescue attempt immediately
hit a stumbling block. “There were no funds and no facility in
Ethiopia to offer him a new home,” Brooks added. So the conservation authority reached out
to the Born Free Foundation for help. Established in 1984, the Born Free Foundation
works across the globe to alleviate animal suffering, protect threatened creatures and
help wild animals remain in the wild. The charity officially opened its Ethiopia
base in 2008 to protect against illegal trafficking and ownership of wild animals. Working alongside the EWCA, moreover, Born
Free was able to free Dolo from his prison and deliver him to temporary sanctuary in
Awash National Park. And once there, his demeanor completely changed:
in fact, Dolo seemed to come alive. Furthermore, the neglected big cat could now
receive the proper food and medical attention that he desperately needed. It was only when the vets gave him a thorough
check-up, however, that they discovered something heartbreaking. Specifically, years of malnutrition had left
him with long-lasting eye damage. “Dolo has retinal atrophy, probably due
to a nutritional deficiency when he was young, and this has left him with very limited vision,”
Laura Gosset, programs officer for Born Free, explained to The Dodo. “He would therefore take longer to get used
to his new environment; a space far bigger and more complex and stimulating than anything
he has experienced before.” Painfully, this news destroyed any hopes that
Dolo would one day be able to return to the wild. Indeed, his limited vision, coupled with the
fact that he’d been raised in captivity, meant that he would be better off at Born
Free’sEnsessakotteh rescue center, located just outside Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis
Ababa. So, in March 2011 the lion was transported
to the newly opened sanctuary. However, the process of getting him to Ensessakotteh
wasn’t easy. Indeed, the lion had to be tranquilized before
he was put into a wooden container and hauled onto the back of a van for transportation. Only then could he begin the long journey
to his forever home. “Dolo has suffered so much in his short
life,” Virginia McKenna OBE, founder of the Born Free Foundation, said upon his arrival
at the shelter. “I am overjoyed we can offer him happiness
in a natural and safe environment, with the care and love he deserves.” However, Dolo was still so traumatized from
his former life that he was at first wary of his new surroundings. “Unsurprisingly Dolo didn’t come bounding
out,” Gosset revealed to The Dodo. “He didn’t want to leave his box and roared
his displeasure. That roar was unexpected, deafening and more
than a little bit frightening, but after an extended pause he sauntered out into his new
home.” And, with a little help from a female friend
named Safia, Dolo soon settled into life at his new large, green enclosure. Safia had also been rescued from captivity
and shared a special bond with Dolo, despite the fact they were completely different characters. “Dolo is not as active as his companion
Safia, but he enjoys basking in the warm sun or sleeping in the shade in the company of
the feisty Safia,” Brooks told The Dodo. Soon, in fact, Dolo began to explore his new
home and could often be seen playing in bushes or enjoying a nap in the shade. Now sporting a fabulous full mane, he looked
like a completely different cat to the one found chained up in the backyard. What’s more, the lion quickly became a firm
favorite at Born Free. And, according to his carers, Dolo grew stronger
each and every day until he finally resembled the powerful creature he was born to be. Cementing his status as “king of the jungle,”
the lion loved nothing more than roaring out over the sanctuary. After years of neglect, then, his voice was
finally being heard. And with the amazing progress he has made,
it’s hoped that Dolo’s story will become a powerful symbol of conservation in Ethiopia. Indeed, his new life at Born Free has enabled
the cat to be part of a conversation about the illegal animal trade in the country. And while Dolo himself will never return to
the wild, by sharing his story his rescuers are hopeful that other big cats can avoid
his fate.

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  1. I hope you left the keeper of him with a chain around his neck and go back and check on him in about a year we need to start severely punishing the people who treat animals this way I’m sure this will put an end to it if they have to suffer like they do to the animals😪

  2. I didn't enjoy the video because these videos always make me sad but I watch them because I hope to see a happy ending for all these poor animals that humans think they have ultimate Power over really they just need to take a look at themselves because they're just scumbags they're the ones that need to die and make this earth a better place find chance of that

  3. There's a reason that wild and exotic animal's like lions are not meant to be captive pet's. This poor lion look's like he's been living in hell, and suffered terribly. The horrid condition and blindness is proof of that. Thankfully, 'Free Foundation' has him now and he won't have to suffer or be lonely, ever again! Dolo can now be King of the jungle again!

  4. godbless u all for sauing this poor lion from such cruelty he looks amazing now bless all animals ❤💖💕💕

  5. Ethiopia ? Wow ! A guy who wants to be seen as a "made man" and who thinks he has larger testicles than "anybody else" takes the King of the Plains locks him in a box and starves that beautiful animal. Glad to see that some gentle people with kind hearts have taken-over this Lion's plight. As for the prick who did this to this fine animal , I guess we'll all have to continue sharing the planet with this life form. Thanks to the God of our Universe for helping the right way .

  6. Wow what a transformation… GOD BLESS these sanctuaries.. This cat really needed help.. He had lost all his spirit.. Lost his will as a dominant figure.. Lost his family… Had no status… No pride.. No ruler of any cats.. Returning to wild no chance but at least he finally has a beautiful companion now.. And a much better environmental area to live… Thank you to his rescue team…

  7. Technically these are poachers except they keep them as trophy animals. Poachers need to meet the end of a gun.

  8. poor baby lion 💔 why some people get animals knowing that they not going to take good care of them.
    but I thank God that you guys rescue him and give him a chance to live and be love he loooks so beautiful and adorable thank you for rescue all these beautiful innocent animals each and every day 💟💖💝💝💕💜💛💓💓❣💚💚😙😙😙💚❣💙💟💖💝👏👏👏👏❤❤💘💋💋👍👍👍👍👌

  9. I have seen videos of Dolo before. Every time it's his eyes that get me. They look so sad. So traumatised even as a rescue. Glad he was rescued. He is beautiful.

  10. Poor babies,thank goodness you founnd Dolo before it was too late some ppl are just so stupid and lack any compassion they should not be allowed within a million miles of any animal .I hope Dolo and his mate enjoy the years they have left happily in each others company

  11. I can't stand what 'humans' do to God's beautiful creatures. The real humans are the angels that rescue, care for and help animals!

  12. Ignorance…..cruelty. Imagine life spent at the end of a chain…..poor, majestic animal😥😣😥😣😥 Poor Dolo. I am glad he was rescued….. He is soooooo beautiful, as lions are😍🐾🐾

  13. I really didn't like this video too, but I watched it anyway, I to get very emotional. The people who had Dolo should suffer much for what they did to him. Humans can be very Mean and stupid and ignorance. Dolo I'm truly sorry for what happen to you. Thanks for the people who rescued him', keep up the good work. Thanks again. Aloha

  14. They cage animals starve them they themselve begge for Charity from around the 🌎 every website's😀😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃do you think i have sympathy for you ?😃😀😀😀😀

  15. I don’t know how anyone can harm something with a beating heart. Thank god there’s good people with souls!

  16. There are Eight billions of us now or perhaps even more. Way to many and meanwhile the innocent animals are dying because they have lost their habitats or killed.
    And this planet is meant to be shared with life-being.
    Stop deforestation and treat animals kindly. And donot take the animals sanctuaries away from them. Enough with your greediness, when you die you don't take your treasures with you. Therefore stop abusing animals.
    Why don't you punish those abusers?
    Anyway thank you for saving
    "Born Free".

  17. It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so wicked to animals. God bless all who were involved in this animal's salvation, you are the true hero's.

  18. Omg. How handsome Dolo evolved to look with proper loving care! He is truely beautiful. Thanks to all for helping him have a wonderful new life. God bless you 🐆💐👼💙🐾

  19. I would really love to beat these people to death for treating animals the way that they do, but, thankfully, there are still some really good humans who care about helping the wildlife around the Earth. Dolo you are such a wonderful being, none of you deserve anything but our respect and caring, because that is what we were supposed to be doing all along, not hurting!!!!!

  20. I think we should beat the hell out of all captors involved. But we need to make sure their suffering is long and hard. So let's break one bone in their body every day. After the beating they will be put in his cage with his chain around their neck till the next days beating. Since they won't be needing their vision in their new lives, let's go ahead and poor acid in their eyes. 😁

  21. Why have pets if you can't fucken take care of them. Do you like to watch things suffer? Happy to see intelligent angels saved that majestic animal. LORD GOD, amen!

  22. So glad Ms McKenna is STILL trying to protect these magnificent cats The lion is born for the wild NOT captivity

  23. How can anyone look at these gorgeous animals and think they should be chained? I am so happy DOLO is safe.

  24. Bloody cruel arseholes with no empathy to animals whatsoever. May the owner be fed to wild animals and suffer sheer and utter pain and misery!!!!

  25. TYSM, Heroes!! You made A MIRACLE come true!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Your restored my faith in HUMANITY!! ALL MY LOVE TO YOU and these animals! Please…Keep going…Never stop… NEVER give up! Blessings to you AND THEM! Live LONG and happy now, Dolo! FREE! Loved, Healthy and well cared for…FREEDOM FROM ABUSE FOREVER…as long as you shall live!!

  26. AGAIN ? Thats a jungle animal should be left free that is the way they should live instead is Chained and starved no food no water and not a comfortable place either !

  27. These countries do not care about animals except to use them for food or personal profit.And the trees zzz's tment of farm animals and pack animals like donkeys or camels is horrific torture of beating caging chaining and mutilation as punishment or for control. Most animals there starve ,go crazy and are killed thru these daily t
    Abuses very early on.Its disgusting.

  28. Bloody people. Who the hell do they think they are? Wickedness!!! The human population is the sickest species on this earth. They cannot even get on with each other, but think they have the right to take another living being and control them. They clearly have a serious problem with their psyche.

  29. Thank god for the good people in the world! God bless all of you! I wish everyone who abused & neglected animals would somehow just cease to exist! I cannot understand how a person can be born without empathy. It sickens me!

  30. It's amazing, how a little freedom, has transformed Dolo. He looks like he is younger than when he was chained up. Great to see his mane come back. He may have eye issues, but even his eyes look more colorful and happy. Thank you Born Free Foundation.

  31. you are an angel thanks,merci,gracias..
    this animal respect life because when he hunts for food, he kills whith respect and only after he eats the meat.. not like croc for exemple.


  33. When will people get it that you cannot own these gorgeous wild cats? I hate these stories but thank God their are people who save these beautiful cats

  34. Oh my JESUS CHRIST petting wild animals is very much heartless and ruthless things. Some people ill-treated this beautiful and innocent wild animals

  35. We are helpless a world away unable to help, but not everything is lost because they are rescuers that are truly angels and somehow they speak for us. It’s cruel to keep animals in those inhuman conditions but it seems that this situation matter to a few. Thank you for caring and rescuing them.

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