Tiffany Haddish Shares Her Fat Burning Secret

Tiffany Haddish Shares Her Fat Burning Secret

It’s good to see you. Good to see you. You look good. You looking sleepy? No, no. I had some coffee to
balance everything out. All right then. She ready. I’m ready. I usually just have
one cup, so I had two. You had two? Yep. All right. [LAUGHTER] I believe you. I’m not high, I’m
just, you know. Mm-hm! I just have some Advil
and Tylenol and stuff. Mm-hm! [LAUGHTER] I want some of whatever
you got from that doctor. I’ll have the doctor give
you a shot in your butt. Yes! As long as it’s
not the Depo shot. I’m trying let these eggs flow. Oh, really? No. Oh. I thought you were going
to let us in on something. No. The last time you were here,
you were with Elisabeth Moss and Melissa McCarthy. Are those the names
of the people? Yes. Those are the names. Yeah. So we tried to scare Melissa
but we got you accidentally. Yeah. You know, I don’t like– here’s my thing. I’m from the streets. Now anybody jump out on me– Sure. –you liable to get hit. And I was afraid. Yeah? But more so for them because
I was about to hit somebody. Right. OK. You see how that arm came back? Because it was gonna
come back like this. Yeah. You’d had gotten Elisabeth. You would’ve hit
her in the face. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I do worry about that
happening one day. Now, do you like to get scared? No, I don’t. Except for one time
during the year I’ll go to like a
haunted house or to like Universal or something like
that for Halloween time. Right. And all my year’s
frustration I store up. So when I go there
and people scare me I could just scream out all
my pain and all those tweets, all those comments people
leave that I don’t like. It all comes out right there! Wow. I like that. Well that’s when you’re going
to punch somebody, right there. Well, no. I scream so hard that
my fist don’t come– Let’s do it together. Do you want to go through
one together for Halloween? Sure. Yeah. You know, Andy, we
send him every year. If you haven’t seen
Andy’s, they’re– I’ve seen Andy. OK. But we should maybe
the three of us go. Oh, yeah, let’s go. All right, I’ll go because
I haven’t been through one. You haven’t? No, I never have. And there are some
scary ones this year. Let me tell you, I
don’t do dead people. OK. I don’t do dead people. If dead people show up it’s
going to be a situation. OK. But anything else scary is
fine, just not dead people? Not dead people. All right, fine. We’ll find one with dead people. [LAUGHTER] I mean, of course you
tell us that, we’re going to have to do that. When are you turning– Well then, no sexy men. I’m very afraid. [LAUGHTER] I’m very, very afraid
of attractive males. If you’ve got any of them there
with no shirt on, [SQUEALS] So scary! All right. Well, we’ll listen
to you on that one. We will not bring them around. So when are you turning 40? Soon, right? I’m never going to be 40, but I
am turning 21 for the 19th year really soon. In December I’ll be
21 for the 19th year. Come on. There’s nothing wrong with–
you should embrace that. I am embracing it for the
19th time of me turning 21. No. I understand. And you look really good. I heard that you made
some changes to your life. What have you done? Yeah. Well, I’ve stopped smoking– Good for you. –a year ago. [APPLAUSE] A year ago? A year ago. How did you do it? YouTube videos is how
I stopped smoking. I watched the YouTube videos
of “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” and We Can Hypnotize You in
Eight Hours to Stop Smoking.” And I would play
those while I sleep. And then after like
five days, I just didn’t want to smoke no more. Now I have been eating like
it ain’t nobody’s business. And so to counteract
that I started– on the 4th of July when
I stopped smoking a year ago– the 4th of July this
year, I started working out. And I found some cheat machines. So I’ve been doing
like a cheat machine that you only work
out for 20 minutes and it’s equivalent to
working out for a whole week. It’s rich people stuff. [LAUGHTER] What machine is this? What are you talking about? It’s called the cheat machine. Girl, I’ll send you
the stuff later. OK. Because I don’t want everbody
to go to there because then I won’t get my 20
minutes, you feel me? Well, if we say it maybe they’ll
give you another one free. What’s the name of it? It’s just called
the cheat machine? I know it as the cheat
machine and a co-hip machine. There’s three machines. There’s two cheat machines
and then a co-hip machine. Then they got this other
machine that squeeze your legs. And then they got another
machine where you ride the bike and you put this
face mask on and it looks like you turned
me to a Transformer, but what you transforming
into is a sexy model. [APPLAUSE] All right. It’s a place in Santa
Monica called Bulletproof. That’s where they are? Mm-hm. But here’s why I don’t trust
any of what you just said. Because I read this morning in
the meeting preparing for this, that you put Vicks VapoRub rub
on your stomach because why? Because it helps to
eliminate fat cells. That is not true. Yes it does! OK, let me tell you something. What is fat made of? Mucus. When do you use Vicks VapoRub– No its not. –to put on your chest? To get rid of mucus. [LAUGHING, APPLAUSE] Something else I
learned from YouTube. I learned that on YouTube. It works. No, no. It makes you smooth for a day. Let me just explain to you
that fat is not made of mucus. What is fat made of? It’s fatty tissue in your body. What is fatty tissue? Well it’s not mucus. When you melt it it is. [LAUGHTER] When you melt fat it’s mucus? It’s mucus. No it is not. No it is not. Yes it is. And you put it on
everyday thinking you’re– I don’t put it on everyday. Just mostly at night and I
rub it on my stomach and then I Saran wrap it. then
I put my corset on. I’ve lost three inches
on my waistline. Don’t be hating. [APPLAUSE] I’m melting it. You can put butter
or mayonnaise. If you’re putting cellophane– But see, I don’t
do dairy products. [LAUGHTER] That is where fat is made of. That’s right. Which is what? Mucus. No, it is not. Yes it is. No it isn’t. Milk, milk, mucus. milk– All right. –milk, mucus. During this break, we’re
going to have someone look up what fat is made of. Mucus. Which is fat. Made of mucus. We’ll take a break. We’ll be back with Tiffany.

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  3. She is awesome. A little while ago she talked about gum spirits to get rid of many ailments. Now she is talking about ‘mucus’. I think she follows Dr. Sebi

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