Tim reversed his diabetes, healed his fatty liver, and lowered his cholesterol

Tim reversed his diabetes, healed his fatty liver, and lowered his cholesterol

– I was diagnosed with diabetes shortly after I retired out of the Navy. The doctor pulled me inside and says, “Tim, we have a major problem here. “Do you know that you’re type 2 diabetic?” I felt that diabetes was gonna be with me until the day I died. When I got into the Virta treatment, knowing that I was gonna live longer, it was a happy moment in my life. When you get to a point
where you’re so big and you struggle with breathing
and everything like that, the biggest change in my
life has to be the confidence that I have when I walk into a job site. I travel all around the United
States and Canada and Mexico with my customers to
help them in warehousing. I’m never gonna give up my pride, the joy of life that I have. It made me a long-term member. I was dealing with a lot
of chronic, constant pain. I mean, I had so many different things that were going on inside me. They give you so many meds to cure this but it would make this worse. My kidneys were getting damaged. I also had fatty liver. Thank God for Virta treatment. All that stuff’s gone away. It allowed me to fix that cholesterol. It allowed me to get my A1C
down to 5.8, correct my liver. Just this morning, doc
was looking at my results on my kidney test and he’s
like, “Tim, this is amazing. “Your kidney functions are perfect.” Controlling your health
is unbelievable amount of joy and happiness. I’ve been retired since ’97 and I finally got to
put my uniform back on. Some of the things that
I couldn’t do before that I can do now is ride my motorcycle, go out on my fishing boat and
take my grandkids with me. The Virta treatment, it teaches how to be in them situations and you have control. My goal when I, and I told
people this so many times, I wanted to get off
this diabetes medicine. I wanted to live longer
’cause I wanna dance at my granddaughter’s wedding so I can’t wait for that moment. With Virta, I have
somebody watching over me. I don’t wanna let myself down and to be able to reach out
and touch them and easily. Somebody really cares. It allows me to have a
life with my grandchildren, my children, my family, and my friends. I’m embracing life and
enjoying every bit of it. Virta treatment is family, yeah. Family’s everything.

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  2. I have diabetes 2, fatty liver, high cholesterol. i love my junk food and i limit myself. I also eat healty too n i love fruits

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