Tim Tebow On Doing Keto For Over 7 Years

Tim Tebow On Doing Keto For Over 7 Years

10 Replies to “Tim Tebow On Doing Keto For Over 7 Years

  1. If you really don't want to do keto or becoming a veggie……just really try to eat REAL food, not snacks or hamburger helper, make your own homemade hamburger helper 😉

  2. "Sugar and carbs are the enemy." Yeh, all of those unhealthy fruits and berries(sugar), sweet potatoes, pistachios, legumes, buckwheat, steel cut oats, seeds(carbs) must be the problem….. SMH

  3. How about instead of "talking to your doctor" about it, you talk to a REGISTERED DIETITIAN. You know, the professionals that actually studied nutrition for many many years.

  4. I can tell you that Keto does really work. I’m 58 years old and struggled for all of my 50s trying to shed the weight and pains that went along with it and Ketogenic dieting has worked wonders for me. My pains now are mostly gone, I have more energy too and my doctor says my numbers have never been this good. I sleep better at night and wake up better each morning now, where before with all the carbs and sugar I was bringing in my body, I could barely function and always felt like my days were certainly short in number. Now after already dropping only 20 pounds I have a new lease on life. My goal weight is 200 lbs by January 13th which is my next doctor visit and I’m already down to 210lbs, so not far to go but I have to go through the holidays and see what happens there.

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