Tony Robbins: Control Your THINKING (Tony Robbins motivation)

Tony Robbins: Control Your THINKING (Tony Robbins motivation)

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  1. Tony Robbins: Control Your THINKING (Tony Robbins motivation)
    The quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of the mental states you live in day to day – states like love, anger, happiness, fear and excitement. There are two main ways to control your state of mind. Either by controlling the way you use your physical body, or by controlling your focus of attention and the way you interpret it. What happens in your life does not determine how you feel. How you feel is only the result of how you are using your own mind and body at any moment.

    No matter what happens in your life, you are in control of your own state of mind. Make sure to use that ability to put yourself in a state that is appropriate for what you want to achieve. In most cases, would it not be nice to be in a highly positive mood most of the time? People in our society often turn to external means such as food, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to elevate their mood, but with the techniques you are about to learn you will not have to depend on anything outside of yourself to change the way you feel.
    The only things we are going to have feelings about are the things we focus on, and we can only focus on one thing at a time. You can control what you are focusing on by what you are picturing in your mind, saying to yourself and paying attention to. This gives an almost unlimited number of choices. You can focus on past experiences, future expectations, the present moment, your self-talk or even your own imagination.

    Every one of us right now could get into a state of absolute joy, by thinking of all the great things in life, just as we could have everything and still be unhappy if we always focus on something negative. If you find someone who is incredibly happy, the reason is probably that they focus continuously on what makes them happy. You can experience this too by focusing continuously on what you want, what you have got and what is great about every situation, and as a result you will feel incredible. You will start to enjoy life much more, because you will be focusing on the most positive aspects. In addition, you will increase those positive things because you always get more of what you focus on in life.
    Tony Robbins
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  2. So, my question is this:

    For people who want to be successful regarding their career in loving what they do, but also making great money…what's people's takes on situations where people have jobs or careers that fulfill them as people but don't pay all that well? Many jobs out there just won't make you into a rich person, and if you're striving for fiscal wealth as well, does this mean that you can't really be truly satisfied with both career and income?

  3. This should be called "let Tony control your thinking". This is all BULLSHIT–same as Scientology or those fake TV evangelists healing those fake actors in wheelchairs. People pay $2980 a seat for his bullshit seminars……

  4. Thank you L.O.A.C. Tony Robbins you're awesome. I listen to different videos daily and this absolutely has changed the way I think.

  5. Awesome video can someone clarify to me what chunking means! Did I understand this correct from tony, he is saying how to break down a problem into simpler means and achieve small success instead of trying to attack a goal by it's whole.

  6. People need to keep an open mind. It's obviously an outdoor event. If you were focused on what Tony is saying you wouldn't hear the background noises except the really loud ones.

  7. Tony, you are so awesome! Thank you for your amazing contributions to helping me live my best life! I appreciate you so much!

  8. Can you make a place where we can download the mp3 version of this? I want to listen while doing my things. Thanks!!

  9. This sounds like parts of an infomercial put together with annoying nature sounds. Nothing against Tony, he rules.

  10. A great talk on focusing on what you want with beautiful nature sounds in the background, and these sheeple weak minds can't stop complaining about the nice background sounds… does anyone else see the irony? Lol

  11. Kanye west said that when he was feeling suicidal, Tony Robbins was called to his house to help him. And one method Tony had Kanye do was the warrior pose (I'm assuming he's talking about yoga), and had Kanye scream while doing it. What is the purpose of this technique? Anyone ever heard of this?

  12. We are focusing on the big thing in life like focusing on what matters and yet people are commenting on insignificant background noises….

  13. Coming from the guy who couldn't stand by his own conviction when pressured. Keep your advice for the sheep.

  14. What’s up with back ground sounds. Did I just hear someone dive off a diving board into a pool? Whom ever did the over lay… why?

  15. Thank you for you inspiration – it helps a lot – not there where I like to be now but daily working on it 👍🏻👍🏻

  16. I don't normally complain… But was anyone else distracted by all the background noise? That was just way too much. I didn't even make 7 minutes and I had to quit listening LOL

  17. A great talk (or a compliation of talks, rather). I've learned a lot. But while I listened to all of it and often stopped and relistened several times, I still don't understand what OPA means/is (and definitely not how it is spelled). Can anyone explain it to me? Is it an abbreviation? If so, what does it stand for? Also, the music/sounds was distracting. Often did not fit the tone of Tony's message, and is sometimes louder than what he says.

  18. Some people focus much easier than others. My mind is on hyper drive all the time, and the only way i'm able to focus it is by avoiding technology and those stimuli. My friend on the other hand plays video games all day and his focus stays sharp some how.

  19. Its crazy how I've had conversations ( in parts ) with different people about these same topics 💯 it makes me happy to know I'm not crazy 💯 lol

  20. IF you apply what you LEARN with Tony…
    You will shoot for the stars,get what you want,master it and enjoy life at the same time
    Wim !win! 😁😁😁😘😘😘😘

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