Toxicity – WOW, inikah gitaris fingerstyle rival Alip Ba Ta?

Toxicity – WOW, inikah gitaris fingerstyle rival Alip Ba Ta?

Hello Super friends! I’m back! back again with me… meet… back again we meet with… aaarrghhh.. whatever! we have another reaction video somebody sent me a video he said it’s super cool This is a cover of Toxicity But it’s not Brother Alip’s Cover. They say Alip also made a of cover this song tox..toxis..toxikit… Toxicity d*mmit by System of a Down Th artist is… Marcin Patrzalek apparently this guy also plays fingerstyle I don’t know where he’s from Let’s go straight into it, let’s watch it The video looks good Cool… jeng..jenge. jenge…plak kdumpla kedumplung kdumpalng dung *(^%$$%&(0*** tang tang… Great..! This is like… Acoustic guitar with acapela The artist also look very young Maybe a high schooler? Crazy.. When I was in high school I just learn how tune the guitar Continue! Great.. jeng jeng jeng jeng… That part is like a combination… he plays guitar and drum with the guitar body great Who’s this? The name’s Marcin Patrzalek crazy this guy seem to be Alip’s rival… continue! There’s harmonics also there great… wait wait..I really like the harmonic part Before I don’t know the term for that buzzing sound Then somebody commented “that’s called harmonic, you moron, how come yu don’t know that fine, harmonic it is this one… I really like the arrangement Whether he arranged it himself or probably he has sort of mentor, one thing for sure, the arrangement is very good there’s some kind of tempo variation… NO no, the tempo is constant I mean there’s variation in term of… there were part where it’s very intense.. bang duur bum… &%^^%$#@ then there’s also part which… slow…sort of “silent” focus with that “tung ting tung ting” sound (of the string) so… there’s up and down… so we’re not bored… This kid is kickin’ ass so here the tension begin to rise again… every time he does it, I like Wooooaaa… he’s rampaging… The sound is crazy.. but he just kuplak kupluk kuplak kupluk… this one… firstly, the video is good there’s multi camera.. also cool camera movement The lighting is also cool second, the arrangement is also super good There’s variation from… I don’t know the musical term.. when you have those high intensity, then you also have slow… there’s silent part..etc. so we can feel that up and down… Then the play itself is also very clean based on my amateurish hearing seems like he didn’t make any mistake. No note is missed Super cool. Plus, he’s still a teenager When I was that age, I couldn’t even tune my guitar properly crazy Forget it, I don’t have talent for guitar anyway cool cool.. Maybe I will subscribe if there’s his other video appear and it’s good, then I will subscribe I’m satisfied with his performance then.. it seems this kid This Marcin Patrzalek kid Maybe his Father is a drummer and his mom is a guitarist the they mate so they have a kid who plays guitar and drum at the same time Great, isn’t it? Sorry, Out of Topic… ciao, that’s it for this video if there’s a video that want me… eh? that you want me to react …comment. Ok? Ciao!

18 Replies to “Toxicity – WOW, inikah gitaris fingerstyle rival Alip Ba Ta?

  1. Alooo met siang om, coba om bisa liat fingerstyle asal indonesia fay ehsan namanya. mgkn bisa reaksi video lagu berjudul pray for bali. musisi gitaris ini merupakan salah satu idola dari bang alif ba ta, bisa di lihat dari beberapa video fay ehsan ada bang alif ba ta komentar dsana. smga sukses om

  2. Tetap Alip lah, KLO ini mah ngelihatin bedagulan aja, sok keren, KLO bang Ali memang menjunjung seni tinggi dengan keramahannya, i love bang alif

  3. Sekilnya ok'si tpi ngedernya mau maksain menikmatin jg agak susah cukup sekali nonton aj, nd permainan ky gitu sudah lumbrah nd sudah banyak jg orng bisa ky gtu

  4. Skillnya ada tapi ga enak di nikmati.. Terlalu banyak improvisasi.. Klo dibanding bang alif ga setype, setypenya sama alexandre misco atau luca stricagnoli.

  5. Jujur bkn krna gue alipers Skillnya bagus tp gue gak nikmatin bli,berisik, gitar bagus+studio +mixing gak jaminan ya

  6. Penyajian nada nya lebih indah dan lebih tenang dlm bermainnya itu bang alip, klo yg ini karakter permainannya trlu agressive, fingerstyle memang mempunyai ga bermain musik masing2, semua bagus, trsrh siapa saja yg menikmatinya, klo scr individu sy lbh menikmati karakter bermain musik dr bang alip, dunia jg mengakui…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

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