Training like Kratos for 30 Days | Being with Babish

Training like Kratos for 30 Days | Being with Babish

Hey, what’s up guys? And welcome back to Being with Babish, The show where I cook, eat and travel around the city and the globe and take you along for the ride. This week we’re talking about cosplay. We received a beautiful email from an adorable pair of cosplaying superfans, who were kind enough to invite me to their engagement party. They even sent the address, time and location, giving us the full ability to crash it. It got me thinking about how many people have requested that I cosplay as daddy Kratos from God of War, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to surprise a lovely couple and get some help with my costume, but there was a big problem: my bod. I’ve never been ashamed of my body or felt much of a need to change, but let’s face it I’m more than a very very very long ways away from anything even remotely Kratos-like. I mean, the dude has like a 16-pack. I had reasons beyond simple costumery to want to get into shape. Making the shows on this channel has been my absolute dream job, But the often ridiculous food, ubiquitous liquor and 70-hour work weeks had me getting into some unhealthy habits. And I wasn’t sure, but I think my co-workers were growing concerned. So while the idea of becoming Kratos was fun, I knew I had more pressing and practical reasons to try and get into some healthier habits. I decided that I wanted to see how much I could change in 30 days. I didn’t know the first thing about regimens, regiments or the difference between the two, so the first step was to get some expert help. Luckily, I’ve got a personal trainer buddy who is willing to lend me a hand in the coming month and his name is Chris Parnell, which is amazing. You analysed my body. Yes, I did. Closely, and what’d you find? Your body weight is 166.5 (Shh, there’s a camera!) Your body fat in pounds is 32.8 I’m not too concerned about the weight the weight may say the same and your body composition changes throughout our workout We want to see that body fat percentage because of your body fat and weight that drops also Four weeks of training, I’m going to take you through some strength training and then I’m going to take you through this aerobic cycle as well. That make sense to you? – That makes perfect sense
– Perfect, ok – That’s great to me!
– You’re very- No more, uh… food from the Binging with Babish show – So are you gonna come here be my taste tester every week?
– I’ll be the taste tester, because I’ma burn it off. Okay? Yeah, I can tell – You’ll just show up and they’re gonna– “oh, we get it”
– Ahaha! Stick to your diet, quit drinking alcohol. Not that you’re an alcoholic – Thank you for clarifying
– Quit the late nights out And I have one last question for you, it’s very important – What’s up
– Has anybody ever called you Dr. Spaceman? [ montage music ] I committed to the following: no alcohol, no added sugar Gym six times a week, four days strength training, two days cardio A max budget of 1800 calories At least 180 grams of protein and no more than 140 grams of carbs and 50 grams of fat per day and I gotta say, it was a breeze So yeah day one, no results Starting to think maybe this whole exercise thing is bullshit Okay, week one was tough I admit I hadn’t fully abstained from drinking like this in probably ten years, much less sugar and strictly managed macronutrients So I was off to a rocky start. I didn’t want to eat plainly, so I developed a host of healthy and balanced recipes some of which you can check out on the episode of Basics coming next week By weeks three and four, the sharp edges of craving and hunger had grown smooth, and I found myself with more time and energy to try things I’d never have done otherwise like getting dressed up as a mechanic surfer Guy Fieri to surprise this week’s guests, Sara and Stefan: cosplayer extraordinaires They invited us to their engagement party and without RSVP’ing I decided to show up in disguise. Hola! My name is Tad, I’m 28 years young, I am originally from Sacramento I made my way out to the East Coast for college, but it- y’know it didn’t really work out It’s actually me. We’re pulling around back. Oh shit. There’s no parking back here. Okay, um All right, I think we gotta park in Walgreens Let’s sneak, boys There we go Try to not draw attention to yourself [ sneaking music ] All right, so we made it up here to Thornwood, thanks to our mole on the inside, Dave He’s getting us in through the back. We’re gonna go in there I’m gonna be like “Special delivery for the bride and groom to be, for the betrothed” Then they’re gonna open it up and they’re gonna see “Happy engagement, you’re going to Comic-Con” [ quiet beatboxing ] And then the music drops, the fog machine– that’s not happening Here we go All right, these are recording I I think they’re gonna recognize me immediately, and I think there’s gonna be no surprise element to it, but I guess we’ll see They’re right straight ahead, okay? They’re right straight ahead Hi! I’ve got a special pizza for the bride and groom [Babish] What’s up guys? [Sara] What?? – Oh shit you recognized me
– Oh my god it’s Babish! Oh my god, Babish! [screaming]
Babish: Congratulations, guys And you guys *are* going to Comic-Con [Sara] This is amazing
[Babish ] I was hoping you wouldn’t recognize me, did the beard give it away? No- I watched you yesterday, of course I recognize you My disguise clearly hadn’t worked So I figured I’d turned the engagement party into a bachelorette party with a Babish-style striptease. With her dad’s help, of course [Babish] So you wrote us an email!
[Sara] Yes, I did And we thought we’d come and surprise you a little bit, and we know you guys are big fans of conventions And doing cosplay and stuff, so we want to send you guys out to San Diego Comic Con. [Stefan] What? We’re gonna fly you guys out, we know you’re getting married 10/10/2020, that’s the day? [Stefan] Well uh, it’s still
[Sara] Yes, yes [Babish] Possibly, ok
[Stefan] It’s, whatever So we want to fly you guys out there, on one condition: I’ve been trying to get in shape and I’ve been trying to like, you know, fix myself so I can become-
[Sara] Me too! Yeah! So, because I want to become what’s his name- Kratos from God of War. I wanna do a Kratos God of War cosplay. So I’d love for your guys’ help with my cosplay when I come back
[Stefan] Oh sure! [Babish] Sounds good?
[Stefan] We’d love to!
[Sara] Yes! Yes! [Babish] It’s very nice to meet you guys Sara and Stefan were even warmer and kinder than their email had indicated, and we couldn’t be more excited to be giving them their unconventional convention honeymoon. And with them as my cosplay collaborators, there was only one thing left to do: see my 30-day results. The results were not as dramatic as I expected. I originally bared my chest on camera thinking that 30 days later, I’d have a shredded torso to show off, but the fact is that things were just starting to take shape. I lost seven pounds, dropped my body fat from 20 percent to 16, But more importantly I felt lighter, stronger, and more capable both physically and mentally I have a long way to go before I get anywhere near Kratos-costume ready But getting in shape is a process. Is it difficult? Absolutely. Is it worth doing? Absolutely! I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life And my erratic work-life balance and increasingly unhealthy habits were reintroducing fear and helplessness back into my daily routine But there’s a moment when you realize that you can start right now and that there’s no magic diet. No perfect routine No shortcuts or cheats. It’s more about creating healthy and sustainable habits Sometimes it’s excruciatingly hard. You are, after all, depriving your body of all the feel-good drugs it’s become accustomed to your entire life But like any withdrawal, it’s temporary, and the light at the end of the tunnel starts feeling more and more like a torch you’ve been carrying all along. I see comments on every video I post, from folks that have taken up cooking for themselves and those they love from watching my channel Well I hope that more than one of you decide that today’s the day to try and make a change You can read about my routine on my website, you can see some of my healthy recipes on the upcoming Basics with Babish, and you can know that I’m in this with you, because I have no intention of stopping. We’ll be checking in on my progress in future episodes of Being, Until then, keep cooking; I will if you will. Oh and also, as of a few months ago I’ve got a whole new motivation to get and stay in shape Her name’s Jess. I’m excited for you guys to meet her By the way, it’s me I think I need to have a fake voice, I don’t think I could be like “Hey what’s up guys, here’s your pizza” cause that might give it away, right? (in accent) “Hey what’s up guys, uhh” “We ordered a pizza, have pizza for a long life and uhhh you’re a lovely couple, uhh” “Cmon, uhhh do you want more pizza? You don’t eat pizza, fine! You don’t wanna eat the pizza.” (in different accent) “Don’t touch my DVDs” “I’ll smack the shit out of you if you touch my DVDs” [off camera] I liked, uh, Bored Delivery Man – Like “Hey, here’s your…”
– “Hey guys” – “Heyyy” – “Here’s, here’s your ‘za”
– “Yeah, heard someone ordered a ‘za” “Sara and Stefan, I heard you guys were low on ‘za” “My name… is…” “Tad Troubadour” – Tad Troubadour
– “And I come bearing pizza” – “Hey, what’s up guys?”
– Yeah, yeahyeah. “Hey, what’s up guys?” “My name is Tad” I’m nervous oh my god My heart just jumped up in my throat [Babish] Hey how ya doing? Hmm, oh much better, thank you It’s really good. I immediately regret this decision. You guys are the lovel- loveliest couple We’d only met you over emails, and it was so wonderful to actually meet you

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  2. Babish, I'm just now seeing this and I'm so happy to see your transformation! I'm inspired to hit the gym once again. A little backstory about me, when I graduated high school in 2014, I was at my all time high weight of 300 pounds. After I left high school I got a job and dieted until my weight dropped until 155, but lately I've been unemployed and depressed again and slowly gaining weight. I just want to say thank you for your channel to getting me inspired to pick up cooking again and I fell back in love with food, I am currently going to the local park and doing cardio to keep myself on track! Love the channel and all of your videos, truly an inspiration.

  3. Goddammit im in the middle of my diet and i was just about to eat some chicken legs but you motivated me like crazy so ime keep on keeping on thanks for the encouragement babish

  4. Thanks I'm about 3 months late but you truly inspired me I was always ashamed of my body I am suffering from chronic depression and social anxiety but you inspired me to stand my ass up

  5. Kratos
    Bald ✅
    Beard ✅
    Chest Hair ✅
    A God✅

    Bald ✅
    Beard ✅
    Chest Hair ✅
    A God ✅


    i think NOT

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  14. "Kratos… from God of War." Yes, totally from God of War. I wonder what Homer would have to say about that. Totally not the GOD OF WAR!

  15. "Kratos… from God of War." Yes, totally from God of War. I wonder what Homer would have to say about that. Totally not the GOD OF WAR!

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    With every video you make, I have more respect for you. Thanks Andrew.

  19. I have never commented a lot but jeez man I just really REALLY dig this episode and the thoughts behind it. thanks dude.
    You see, society is obsessed with amazing 'end products' and we all know you have amazing end products, but seeing things from behind the screen and in a different way is really just genius from your part- you're not sticking to the regular schtick and that makes you human and to the viewer, more a friend than a TV personality. And again: i really dig it dude.

  20. It's not really training like Kratos unless the only thing you drink is blood freshly squeezed from the hearts of your enemies and the only thing you eat is their still-screaming souls.

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