Treating Reflux in Babies with Diet

Treating Reflux in Babies with Diet

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  1. Maternal diets can have a direct effect on breast-fed babies, as I previously covered inTreating Infant Colic by Changing Mom’s Diet ( and Infant Seizures Linked to Mother’s Spirulina Use (

  2. Great message! The only way it could be improved, because most of your audience can't put 2 + 2 together and add it up unless you do it for them, is to remind the audience that HUMANS ARE FRUGIVORES LIKE GORILLAS. None of us should be eating, meat or dairy or grains or even cooked foods. A species inappropriate acid forming diet, like what they were feeding the gorillas (and like what humans eat), not only causes the immune system to do what it is SUPPOSED to do to help the body GET RID of what shouldn't be there by making it sick when it can't turn the inapporpriate food into anything useful, it also slows down the digestion and creates constipation.

    Why then are so many pediatricians are still recommending young mothers stop breast feeding and give their babies formula made from cows milk? I guess they are just showing their continued ignorance and misunderstanding of human health.

  3. These studies need to be according to race… Who's even having the issues in the first place, is there a commonality?

  4. The youtube algorithm is confused by this video… All kids/baby videos want to play after this, nothing nutrition related there.

  5. Now I know why my breastfed son had such horrible gerd for 13 months of breastfeeding. I could aim after each feeding. IT would be a huge projectile escape at first but eventually, he just couldn't keep it down. So I gave up nursing at 13 months but I didn't put him on cows milk. He went straight to soy. But I have heard that that can be problematic as well is it true?

  6. Here's the deal: if you breastfeed your baby, it will not spit up. If you give your baby formula, it will spit up all. the. time. Some say it's because babies tend to overfeed when they are bottle-fed with formula, but I don't know for sure. Anyway, when your Baby is about 6 months old, start introducing various types of solid foods. I guarantee that you won't need those weird "spit-up" cloths. I definitely ate eggs while I was pregnant and nursing, but I hardly ever drank milk or ate ice cream or things like that (Lactose intolerant).

  7. Reflux can also be caused by other reasons, other than sensitivity to cow's milk. My daughter never had cow's milk (nor was she breastfed, unfortunately) and had terrible reflux throughout her infancy. Just saying…

  8. What does the research and various studies say about whey protein, as most bodybuilders and athletes swear by it. I mean, all of the research, summarizing it in a balanced way, not unduly biased, but objective? As a Christian, I see that the Bible speaks of milk all over the place in a positive way. I take that to be grass-fed organic cows, goats, etc. It definitely sounds like something good for you.

  9. This reflux happened to my niece. I tried to explain that giving cow milk to a human baby, is about as redundant as giving them dog milk, cat milk or walrus milk. Human babies are not designed for bovine baby food. They looked at me like I made zero sense. A few weeks later and the doctors have put her allergenic milk.

  10. I nursed my third child until her second bday. She spit up aka as had severe acid reflux for a long time. I did remove dairy from my diet. She still had reflux. Pediatrician prescribed reflux medication but I never gave it to her. Sometimes the issue is because the stomach and the flap that closes the esophagus is not fully formed and still learning to work. So, the acid comes back up and causes the reflux. Mother giving up dairy can help and may be the issue for some babies. But, with the undeveloped digestive issue that my daughter had it takes that completed growth in the digestive system to occur for the reflux to end. No meds or surgery. My daughter is fine now.

  11. Wow YouTube wth… I loaded this video and suddenly there's nothing but kid toy and song videos in the recommendation bar on the right. It's kind of disturbing… I never watch anything like that.

  12. Hmm… Are you sure surgery isn't a better solution? Wouldn't want to do something extreme like avoiding cows milk/egss now would we? – The healthcare industry.

  13. I so wish I had known this with my first two babies. I feel so blessed to now have my first baby on a vegan diet. He is so much healthier and happier!

  14. My poor son suffered because I just didn’t know it was the dairy I was consuming while breastfeeding. (I did eventually figure it out 🌱)

  15. The “experts” fed gorillas dairy? Seriously? Insanity. And “experts” get angry about vegans feeding cats and dogs unnaturally vegan diets? Sheesh. It’s all the same thing really. Btw, really nice to hear you on non-adult diet issues!!!

  16. I have airway reflux even when eating a vegan diet
    Milk was a trigger but I don't drink milk and still have reflux

  17. Amazing how simple! (and it may not be true -statistically or scientifically) but it seems there are more and more babies with reflux now than ever before.

  18. Doc please do a video on alkaline vs acidic foods, everywhere I look the info is contradicting and misinformation. I can't find a list that I can trust so I have no idea what to eat that is truly alkalizing to the body. Yes some change when cooked etc but how or where are we to find this info? Regards Alexander

  19. My son was spitting up like crazy and Zantac just made things worse. However, since I put him on Babies Magic Tea, he is doing much better and can sleep without fussing anymore!!!

  20. Can you believe that the National nutrition council (Voedingscentrum) in The Netherlands (where I live) advices to drink milk? I'd like to sue them for giving misinformation. I had several friends with vomiting babies in the past, all due to milk. Very sad.

  21. Since the audience for this is bottle fed babies, is there science on the best formulas to use (in general, such as soy based vs other)? We need an alternative.

  22. Human beings are so obnoxious tht they'd feed the crap they eat to animals. They try so hard to play God. I just hope they abolish zoos. Keeping animals in captivity is unfair. National parks are a better option

  23. We were having really rough time since our baby birth with lots of gas, reflux and colic. He used to cry for hours and nothing worked unless we started "Babies magic tea". It worked miracles and now he has no such issues!!

  24. Hi, as a new mother one of my biggest concerns is how to make sure I produce enough milk for my baby. Any advice on how to boost human milk production? I’ve been advised to consume fenugreek, is there any evidence on this? Thank you for all you work, I’m a big fan!

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