Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls | Roger Raglin Diet Cabbage Casserole

Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls | Roger Raglin Diet Cabbage Casserole

hello there I’m chef Johnny this is
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine I appreciate you being here breaking out the dutch
ovens is they gonna do a dish in those I remember just because I do it the Dutch
oven doesn’t mean you can’t do it in the house on the stove it’ll work just as
fine in there but we’re doing a dish mom called a cabbage casserole but we’re
gonna call it a unstuffed cabbage rolls oh we’re gonna make cabbage rolls but
we’re not gonna roll anything up so stick around let me show you how we do
that charcoal’s nice and hot so I’m gonna dump
them out on here now got a 12 inch oven today so y’all know normally we put
about half on bottom or two thirds on top and about third on bottom but today I’m
fixing the brown up some hamburger meat so I am going I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
sit that right up on top of it and I am going to get these babies good and hot pour little olive oil in there first we let spot get hot now we’ve let the oil
get hot that helps with your non sticking and now we’re gonna drop in two
pounds of ground meat got a good sizzle there that means it’s hot what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take this
fancy little tool and just break up my hamburger meat let this brown as I’m
adding this pepper I’m gonna tell y’all right now let me get about Oh two
teaspoons to maybe a tablespoon of black pepper in here through the course of
seasoning this but just enough now to put some flavor into that meat little
sea salt I’m gonna be real light on the salt because I’m adding some muck tomato
base in a little while and I don’t want to get this too salty all you all do is just break up this
hamburger meat and let it cook we’ve got plenty of fire under there let that
brown see if we turn this a little bit starting to brown on the bottom so I’ll
flip it over once this is cooked about halfway through I’m gonna add some
onions to it now if you were taking this camping you could brown your meat before
you went have your browned browned meat already ready to go I know a lot of
people like to use my recipes when they’re out camping that I do a Dutch oven
and that’s one way to save you cook time in the kitchen when you’re out and about
that meats cooked about halfway so I’m going to drop in a whole onion it was
probably a medium sized onion diced it up we’re gonna cook that onion in with
our meat and we’re gonna take it till our onions are getting tender kind of translucent stir these onions a little bit they’re starting to cook they’re
releasing all their juices so here in a minute we’re gonna drain off some of
this liquid and get some of that all out of here maybe this hamburger meat
released have four big cloves of garlic that I minced up actually what I did was
I ran them through my garlic press that’s in there garlic will burn on you
so you want to be careful so that’s why I don’t put it in at the beginning but
I’m gonna stir that garlic in real well that garlic starts getting hot it’s
always nice to smell that that smells great
these onions are tender next step is going to be to add our
Tomatoes next ingredient is some Rotel fire roasted tomatoes put the juice and
all in there now if you wanted to you could use regular diced tomatoes but I’m gonna put it in a can of those and a can of the Rotel hot if you don’t like it
hot you can get original or you can get the mild put those in there we’re gonna
start trying to get this up to a boil stir those in I drain the grease off
while ago so we have the grease off this meat but these Rotel tomatoes are
really gonna add a fantastic flavor get the heat back up and we’ll get that to
boiling my Rotel tomatoes are boiling so I’m gonna add a cup of water let that
come up to a boil and on top I’m gonna sprinkle just some powdered tomato base this is Knorr brand tomato with chicken you don’t wanna too much salt you could
always put tomato sauce in right now instead of this but I was trying to
avoid the sugar from the tomatoes so no tomato sauce for me tonight oh and I’d
say probably maybe three tablespoons of this that’s why I said be careful on
your salt while ago it’s already coming back to a boil you can see I’ve
got a good amount of heat up underneath here stir in that bouillon back up to a good boil so I’m gonna add
my cabbage and this is just a small head of cabbage that’s been chopped up I kind
of did it in the long slivers that is looking really good I’m gonna come and
just push it down in there want this cabbage to cook down I tell ya right now that looks like a full pot anytime you’re cooking greens you got to realize
they cook down a lot so I’m just gonna kind of get some seasoning in here and
at the end we’re gonna season it up just a little bit more one more time that
looks good I’m gonna take my lid now put my lid
right up on top and let that cook for about 15 minutes
throw some coals up on the top pull them off the bottom I’d heat it up a few more
while I going through down there now I didn’t follow all the rules tonight
about how many coals on top how many coals on bottom because we were browning
meat then we were bringing everything up to a boil we want to boil this cabbage
down so there’s a lot of heat up underneath I got some heat up on top
it’s gonna help that cabbage cook a little bit quicker but about 15 minutes
maybe 20 I think our cabbage is gonna be tender
we’ll be able to try this out let’s see how this is looking it’s been about 10 minutes
oh yeah look at that oh well stir it a little bit about another five or ten minutes we’ll
be done I’ll lift this up sit it over on my
shelf over here out of the way took a little taste of that and I’ll
tell you what it can use some salt so come back in with some of my sea salt those hot rotels gave it just the right amount of heat so I might add a
little more black pepper just for flavor and I tell you if I had a little garlic
out here I’d add a little more garlic to it little granulated garlic but I don’t
have any so stir it in there go in 15 been going 15minutes I’m gonna take the lid off that
cabbage is cooked down that’s looking nice and tender I’m gonna leave this
uncovered now and I’m just gonna let some of these juices cook off of it
let’s go ahead and scoop some of this up it’s cooked down a whole lot give us a
bowl full that is looking real pretty now I’m gonna back off and I want to
show you this work table I’m working at so you can see the whole thing that’s
the good picture you can see of that of that table it’s got folding legs the
back is aluminum that holds it up it’s got a nice metal table comes with a
carrying case a shelf on each side do you see my lids sitting on one shelf and
got a couple of spoons on the other one but this is I think the best table that
there is out there it’s from chuck wagon supply I got this
from them it’s not the cheapest one out there but by far this is the most sturdy
built Dutch oven table I have ever used or ever seen a great great table so this
one give you all a quick look at that here we go great dish tonight came out
fantastic this is gonna work on my diet a lot of y’all know y’all may be tired
of hearing me say that but hey we’re working at getting thinner getting
healthier and this is a great dish I’m have the recipe down below how I made it
tonight but hey Roger Ragland diet I’m gonna put a link down there and find his
Roger Raglan Outdoors so you get to his website and you can learn about it also
or just send me a message I’ll tell you about it but anyways ground meat
drained off the drain off the fat got our seasonings in there some Rotel
tomatoes cook down a head of cabbage and it’s looking fantastic we’re going to
give this a try see how it turned out and I bet you it’s pretty got a sample
to a while ago but let y’all see exactly how good this dish is that is that is
excellent those Rotels using the hot ones gave us just amount of heat we
wanted the the fire-roasted ones gave us a fantastic flavor with the fire roast
on there and of course I used my Knorr brand bouillon that was good you can
always use tomato sauce if you want to and a lot of people do that a lot of
people use regular diced tomatoes I elected to go with the Rotel just for
the flavor but great great dish mmm hope you enjoyed this Dutch oven meal as much
as I did remember you take it inside your kitchen and cook it in there also I
just happen to do it outside today but thanks for stopping by they always do
appreciate it remember to tell your friends and family about us share us on
your social media and I’m gonna see you down the road on Texas Style BBQ
and Cuisine how them boys put food away beats all I’ve ever seen

29 Replies to “Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls | Roger Raglin Diet Cabbage Casserole

  1. That looks amazing Chef, and no rolling up to cabbage. I'm glad you shared this, I'm going to try this next time the wife wants cabbage rolls.

  2. I'm big fan of cabbage rolls, especially if someone else makes them. 😎. I like this soup style, overall good recipe. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing. 😎.

  3. I will be making this, looks great! You are looking good Mr. Johnny, keep up the good work! Still waiting on your cook book!

  4. Chef, that looks delicious! I’m definitely going to give it a shot. I’ve never heard of a cooking table for dutch oven cooking thanks for sharing that.

  5. I am doing low carb, and that looks good, the tomatoes are going to add some sugar, but there are some brands that are pretty low overall. I am craving Chile, but the beans are so full of carbs it is ridiculous. You ever do a good beanless version?

  6. I do my cabbage very similar to this. I add Kielbasa to mine and more liquid to make it more like a cabbage soup. The pot liquor is awesome.

  7. Lovely looking Dish! Looks quite tasty. Gonna swing by and check out the supply store about that table too. I really need one. Thanks much!

  8. Hey Chef tried this the other night with what we had in cupboard. Not too shabby. I think we were missing the fire roasted tomatoes but good none the less. Hit the spot with the cold weather we've been having. Did fire up the weber past two nights but that's over for a few days. Now the wind. Thanks for the vids.

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