Useful Tips?! Part 2 | Don’t Starve Together

Useful Tips?! Part 2 | Don’t Starve Together

Hey everyone in today’s video I’m doing
a second part to my useful tips video for this one it’s just gonna be some
useful tips that I actually find useful and I use quite often, Or just some
general good information the last time I just chose a bunch of tips people gave
me which I’ll probably do again but they’re not in any order just some random
information so I hope you guys enjoy it let’s start with number 1 now you might
be asking yourself Raven what’s that fancy end game setup you got going on
there I’ve never seen something so awesome.
well let me tell you if you have a spider nest and a bird cage you will have
unlimited eggs and how that works is every time you kill spiders and you get
their monster meat you just cook it and give it to the bird and then he’ll give
you an egg and generally you wouldn’t want the nest right on top of your base
like this this is for educational purposes to show you you could
definitely kill a tier 3 hive and transport it close to your base if your
base isn’t near any just keep that in mind but now with all these eggs you
will never have spoiled food again you just have an endless recycle of eggs so when
you were out on that long journey exploring caves and such you come back
to find out eggs have spoiled from there all you got to do is cook them up over
the fire then you have a cooked egg from there it won’t be spoiled anymore but
you don’t plan on using them right now you could just get the cooked eggs to
the bird for fresh new one so basically eggs are just unspoilable just and endless
recycle you could do so you would always have good eggs and then you could go on
and make bacon and eggs or whatever you want OP another useful thing I like to
do really early when I first start a world is go down to the caves and
collect as many light bulbs as I can because I know once I dig up all them
berry trees and bring them to my base I’m going to need some poo
but instead of having to go look for some Beefalo to collect some poo because why do you want to get your hands all nasty get them poo hands when you can
just collect all them light bulbs and just drop them at your base and hey look they
even give you some light and then after 6 days you have a ton of rot so now
look you have them berry bushes looking good as new
and I like to do this early so that way by time I do find a base I’ll have the
rot if you go and get a ton of lightbulbs when you already have a base
built, You can easily just find a pig… feed him some Monster meat
turn him into a werePig like we talked about in the last useful tips video but
instead you could just give him all the light bulbs he will eat those and you get poo
and also I guess if your farms person you could use the poo for that instead
of the rot but hey I generally use this rot for my berry bushes so this way it
would work great getting rot right away or if you needed poo over rot then this would be the way to go about that and for this next one so
if you ever really wanted meat when you caught birds and you didn’t want
feathers you don’t have to murder the bird because if you murder the bird you got a 50% chance to get meat and a 50% chance to get a feather so what
you want to do if you just want the meat you don’t care about them feathers
it’s just cook them on the fire if you hold the bird over the fire it gives you
the cook option and then you get a cook morsel and then you can use this in
your bacon and eggs recipe now for this tip I want to show you how you catch the
boomerang every time I never personally craft it
but I do come across that every now and then and maybe people don’t pick it up
because they’re like I don’t want look like a scrub and get smacked in the face
by it and then you look like a pansy in front of your friends so here’s how you
catch it every time so once you throw it as soon as it hits its target
just click the spacebar and then you hold your hand out until it comes back
and catch it you could hold the spacebar in it really doesn’t matter that
could goof it up maybe but all you got to do is click in the spacebar and then
you have your hand held out for it and then you catch it every time now for
this last one it’s something people told me a million times and personally I
don’t it’s not too handy for me because I play Wigfrid a lot for every other
character in the game it is a really good tip is butterflies all you gotta do
to eat butterfly wings because they restore eight health they’re super easy to
get all you gotta do is go slap go slap butterfly dead call it a day
so if your ever low on health and you’re not Wigfrid This is an easy way to restore your
health without having to craft anything well that’s all the tips I got for today
hope some of these are useful for ya I hope you found at least one of these useful maybe even you learned something new today
but till next time hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys next

25 Replies to “Useful Tips?! Part 2 | Don’t Starve Together

  1. Here is a tip. If you spawn a tree guard, don't want to fight him, and don't want to waste pine cones, then just freeze him. With 4 ice blast, it will pacify the tree guard, and you can keep him around to deal with hounds.

  2. Hey Raven, do u upload some videos from u playing from twitch too? so u get to save it here? like the "group of 10 survivors" anyway, good vid! 😀

  3. Guys i need help i play on endless and every time i die and get back to life by this weird spawning machine half of my heart turns to black and i can't heal up again what should i do?

  4. Any tips for getting the Glossamer Saddle? Cause y'know, killing 60+ butterflies sounds a bit much.

    Edit: I just found your video on getting butterfly wings, thanks 😀

  5. Put pig houses in the tombs and attract them using caged rot in full moon tombs spawn ghost and pigs become were pigs ez farm pig skin and meat 😀

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