Vegan Veggie Platter Mukbang | Crunchy Eating Sounds | Healthy Eating | Vegetables

Vegan Veggie Platter Mukbang | Crunchy Eating Sounds | Healthy Eating | Vegetables

hi everybody how are y’all doing today welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome
to tasty mukbang tasty much bang tasty tasty tasty tasty tasty much bang
eats I am here today y’all I don’t even think y’all can see this in its full
glory but I have a huge veggie and fruit platter I didn’t have enough room to put
everything oh hey y’all but I got some Tomatoes I got some carrots I got some
oranges I got some cucumber I have my favorite the red bell peppers I have
some kale I have some bananas and I have some purple cabbage and I have some
cereal and I wanted to put some other stuff on here but I ain’t got no room
for it so I am here today y’all I told you I’m started doing some videos in my
regular voice some regular mukbangs I am here today to just eat because I wanna
fruits and vegetables this is not something this is not something that I’m
doing just for my videos like I love to eat like this but at the same time I
want to courage encourage other people to start eating more fruits and
vegetables and start doing more mukbangs with fruits and vegetables because when
we do mukbangs with all the fast food and all of that we’re really promoting
that unhealthy food to our youth and to people you guys believe it or not you are with
you eat since I’ve been doing these mukbangs and I started eating more junk
food and more fast food my skin has been breaking out under my chin I’ve been
getting bumps all over my face I do not have problematic skin you guys I have
never had problematic skin but it goes to show you that you are what you eat
and if you start eating all that junk food in your skin it’s gonna be breaking
out so if you want to be healthier and if you want to live longer and you want
to have clear skin nice strong teeth you need to eat more fruits and vegetables
that’s just the bottom line I am promoting eating more fruits and fruits
and vegetables like I say I feel like that you can heal your body and you can
heal illnesses and sicknesses and diseases by the way that you eat and of
course I feel like you can fight cancer with food and many other sicknesses and
illnesses so I just want to encourage you to join me all next month the month
of December I’m going to try to do as many fruits and vegetable muk beans as I
possibly can just because one I love love love fruits and vegetables number
two I’ve been going overboard with all this other food and number three I need
to lose some weight and number four I just love fruits or vegetables y’all and
I want to see people be healthy and so you know I know eating healthy foods is
the way to go so before me this far instead of just doing one thing today
y’all I want to do everything before we get started be sure to give the video a
thumbs up or thumbs up leave lots of comments down below down below make sure
you press the subscribe button turn on the notification bill and be sure yeah
let me say my grace I haven’t been saying my grace in my videos lately
because when I do the ASMR I just don’t feel like praying in a whisper so now
that I’m talking to my regular voice I’m gonna say my grace cuz I pray y’all when
I eat precious heavenly father’s we come to you the Lord we thank you for this
food that we’re about to receive we thank you for your love your kindness
your mercy and your grace we thank you for all your blessings that you have
bestowed upon us our lives we ask you to protect our family members and our
friends and our Longhorns doing this holiday season and every day of the year
in Jesus name we pray amen yeah I’m thirsty thirsty thirsty thirsty
thirsty last time I did a veggie trade someone had asked me what was our
dipping in I have some ranch dressing I love fruits and vegetables you guys
just to let you know I can eat them without dipping in anything but sometime just for the sake of the video I go
ahead and dip something so I have some Kroger bringing ranch dressing I kind of
prefer blue cheese over you guys I was the child in the family get ate all vegetables I was a child in
the family because I’m my oldest of six children when my other sisters and
brothers didn’t eat they feel some vegetables I would finish take food for
them so I can get up from the table I’m the child in the family they ate
everything I didn’t have anything that I didn’t eat
I didn’t have anything that I didn’t like and my son is like me he will eat
anything now when he was a little boy when she’s a grown man now when he was a
little boy and we got to this all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant that
boy will come back with baby octopus and he would even give me up down come on
mama I’m like no I never did I don’t think I ever did try so this is
my cucumber yah I’m on it I don’t think I ever dare try it
I don’t recall he might have made me try it one time but I don’t remember the
only things I really don’t eat now that I just have a preference of not eating I
just don’t like them I never really have liked them I do not like applesauce I do
not like cranberry sauce anything that’s like mushy mushy I just don’t like the
consistency of mushy stuff so like applesauce jello which I’m undoing my
pain one day I think I did one before on my other channel but I think I did
want eating stuff I do not like but pretty much that will be what I would
eat applesauce cranberry sauce jello including stuff like that now this
coupe umber is sober and Chicago reacts is so greedy out you’d be whining like a baby in the
comments since that’s all you gave me with the cucumber you didn’t give me no you just gave me cucumbers you didn’t
give me none else so here boy there goes some cucumbers I got a purple cabbage some nails I’ve
never eaten purple cabbage raava forth but you guys if you can start
implementing if you can start implementing fruits and
vegetables raw vegetables in your diet I’m not saying that you have to become a
vegetarian I could very easily become a vegetarian but I just choose not to
because like I feel like if somebody choose to do something it’s because they
want to do it and like I don’t want to become close I really enjoy all foods
but I enjoy eating healthy I enjoy eating balanced I personally feel that no matter what you do in life there has
to be balance because even I have seen some vegetarians on vegans that just
look unhealthy to me like they look too skinny they look undernourished not all I’m
saying some I’ve seen some they look too skinny and undernourished and they just
look like they hunger so I think no matter what you’re doing life there
needs to be balance I think like even if you’re gonna be a meat-eater you can’t overdo it with food period and
even if you’re going to be a vegetarian because I’ve also seen some vegetarians
and vegans who are on both ends of the spectrum
I’ve seen some vegetarians and vegans who are overweight I mean obesity
overweight and I’ve seen some vegans and vegetarians who are like they look
unhealthy they look too skinny in whatever so no matter what you’re doing
life you guys there needs to be balance and you can’t just eat a whole bunch of
meat and junk food and frozen foods and fast food and never eat fruits and
vegetables you are going to be sick there are so many people and children in
the United States of America today that are obese you
when I entered kindergarten there are so many young children today and I’ve seen
this epidemic amongst kids today nowadays they are staying so constipated because all the junk food frozen dinners
and fast food and we as parents we say we want the
best for our children I think also giving them teaching them from a young
age proper balanced diets like you truly have control over whether or not your
children would have a love for healthy food you really really really have all
the power in your hand because you start feeding your children you choose what
your children is gonna eat and what’s gonna be a part of their diet from the
time they come into the world and whatever kind of food you eat in the
house is what your child’s gonna grow up eating right so you want to try to have
a better healthier breathing habits you yourself need to
have better healthier eating habits because the way that I eat you guys like
these fruits and vegetables I’ve always eaten like this like always always since
I was a little girl this is how ate when I was in high school we used to have a
salad bar at high school of course our high schools in a ratio we was a little
small-town black people white people only one high school in town I don’t
have enough rooms when you guys you could get food really
fast offer fruits and vegetables because I am really full right now but we had a
salad bar in high school and nobody would ever eat the salad bar the
african-american kids wouldn’t eat the salad bar people used to make fun of me
because I will be the only black kid I’d be the only black kid eating the salad
bar every single day and you know how big the children’s
lunch tray he is so they would give us a lunch tray and I can go to the salad bar and I can fill up my lunch tray and
stack up my lunch tray as much as I want and I can go back and get some it was
like an all-you-can-eat salad boy and I did that every single day and eventually
I stopped eating when I got home I wouldn’t eat my got home I wouldn’t be
hungry my mom thought someone’s wrong with me because cuz I wouldn’t eat
anymore when I got home and she thought maybe I was depressed or something
because my eating habits had changed and I was like no I’m full and she was like how are you fool and the rest of the
kids come home hungry and how are you fool I’m like cuz I eat the salad boy
every day I hate your salad boy every day it’s all you can eat a ham cheese
nuts cool tones letters tomatoes carrots broccoli cauliflower mushrooms black
almost everything on it it was good yeah and like I seen it and my mama’s only child eat like this and all my years of living out just last
year I discovered kale and I was like kale what have you been all my life love me some kale I said I had a little
girl I would name her keel so guess what y’all y’all gonna be seeing me eating
frozen vegetable pretty much look at this big ol juicy tomato my
friend took me to Kroger today and they had some cheaper Tomatoes but they were
not prettying red like this he was like why don’t you get them Tomatoes right
there they cheaper I say but then I read and pretty like this he said yeah but
that was Cosmo ice cream you buy your orange tomatoes and I’m about my read to
me oh okay and this man asked me cuz he’s seen me buying a whole bunch of
tomatoes he was like hi are you gonna eat your Tomatoes I say just raw I’m
just gonna eat them just like that just like mmm that is the best I could coming vegetarian y’all but I
think I’m probably a vegetarian like you know how some people by nature cuz but I
just do whatever I want to do cursive I was a vegetarian and I wanted a piece of
meat I’d eat it make me not be so if I want to be a vegetarian for a week I’d
be a vegetarian for a week I just eat what I wanna eat I try to eat
balanced meals with lots of fruits and vegetables I got lipstick all on my mouth so yeah
I’m gonna try to eat more fruits and vegetables do more but mukbangs based
around fruits and vegetable and my plate so hi y’all y’all can’t even see you the
decoration that I got behind me and if you eat a variety of sort you get full fast I’m getting sleepy now
and a thing about eating fruits and vegetables when you get through even if
you don’t even know you could just leave it just like this I’ll come back later yeah I’m pretty much true yeah I will
see this again because I’m sure my next meal it’s going to be something on this
plate I might finish off with all my tomatoes or I met you all my oranges I may be all my bell peppers yeah about
two packs of bell peppers cook that is going to be all she wrote thank you guys so much for watching into
me incident and I did a vegetable fighting cancer with food video so I’m
basically continuing that anyone who wants to do this challenge of eating as
many fruits and vegetables as they want to at one time and if you also want to
join in my challenge for December so try excuse me to try to do as many
mukbangs as you can with healthy fruits and vegetables I encourage you guys like
I say I’m starting my campaign of fighting faint cancer with food I have a
sister who passed away this year on January the 22nd 2018 she died of stage
4 cancer she was my baby sister she was six years C I think six years younger
than me six or eight years younger than me I can’t remember her saying I can’t
remember she was six or eight years younger than me she had two young
children that she left behind a 14 year old by night a nine year old and a
husband and you know what else can I say but the only thing that we can do to
fight for our lives or to have a healthy life is to take care of ourselves eat
healthy exercise make sure we’re doing everything that we possibly can do
within our power always not waiting until we get sick to be concerned about
our health but actually physically be concerned about our health every single
day of our life so that’s what I want to encourage I
want to encourage people to start eating more healthier teaching their children
how to eat healthy and just making better wiser choices and also another
thing I want to teach people is that food eating healthy fruits and
vegetables is not boring it’s not boring it’s not nasty I mean that’s just my
personal opinion because I love fruits and vegetables it’s not boring it’s not
nasty it’s healthy it’s good for you it keeps you regular it keeps your body
flowing it keeps your skin clear people have always asked me my whole life how
do you have so much beautiful you know such a beautiful skin what do you do for
your skin well I don’t do nothing extra for my skin I’m not that person they
used all those serums and use this and use that I just ate fruits and
vegetables and I think that has a lot to do with having beautiful skin healthy
skin and then people always ask me about my teeth they always say why are your
teeth so pretty why are you teeth so you know eat your fruits and vegetables yeah
that’s all I could say because that’s the only thing I could say I’ve done
different then other people in my family I ate my fruits and vegetables and I
loved them from John the family and become one of my team motox and one
of my machi buddies and let’s start eating healthy especially if you eat a
lot of fast food eat a lot of junk food like just make it a point once a week to
eat at least one meal that’s gonna be nothing but fruit and vegetables like
eat like even put a meal together like this and pig out and you will be
surprised how fool you get I’m fool ya I am fool as a tick
no I don’t know how long I’m gonna stay for but right now I’m fool hunger good
so I’m gonna leave everything on this table just like this until I’m ready to
come back come on and take my kill I’m putting the food room okay y’all a
little kill so much my friend you have a Gordon and he told me that he
was going to plant me some kale but he went to go find some seeds and he can
find any seeds anywhere so Dean he went to go buy a little starter pulled kale
plants well he was like no plants is five dollars a piece I was like oh no I
don’t get that he was like you have to tell me I went barn in French so I said
I go online and order some seeds so I ordered some seeds so he could plant me
some kale and um yeah I gave it to him today I gave him the kale seeds today
you guys so yeah so thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to give
the video a thumbs up I don’t know if I said that already
don’t forget to leave lots of comments down below don’t forget to press the
subscribe button China notification bill and if you love me make sure you come
back for another video make sure you come back to see taste him up bad taste
him one thing tasty tasty tasty mukbang eats tastes a
mukbang here through her the hangar so goodnight bye

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