VLOG #103 4 TIPS TO EATING HEALTHY | ProneToRide Program ep. 7

VLOG #103 4 TIPS TO EATING HEALTHY | ProneToRide Program ep. 7

What up guys! Welcome back to the channel, and in this episode:
I’m gonna show you my 4 tips for eating healthy and also the #1 most underrated skill for
independent living. So don’t go anywhere, cuz we’re gonna start
right now! Alright guys, welcome to this eating healthy
edition of the vlog. It comes down to 4 keys to maintaining a healthy
lifestyle and eating good food: #1 and perhaps the most underrated skill of living independently
and eating healthy is learning how to cook and the art of meal prep. If you can learn how to do that and stick
to a schedule and a routine, you take alot of the guess work and you take alot of the
stress out of your life on what you need to eat and when you need to eat it. The second key is: learning how to make the
money work for you. I’m going go into that a little bit later. The third key is: trusting your process and
staying committed, and we will go over some tips on how to do that. The fourth key is understanding that: Practice
makes perfect. You gotta learn the skills, and understand
that the more you do it, the more you’re gonna be refined at it and the better you’re gonna
get. The most underrated skill of healthy eating,
I believe this 100% why? Well because it helps develop a routine, it
helps you breakdown scheduling and helps you plan out your days in advance as far as what
you need to eat, when you need to eat it. If you’re exercising, and you’re working out
you need to understand that your body needs more nutrients in it to fuel it to get through
the day. You have to adjust for that accordingly, and
that’s what cooking helps you do. It allows you to experiment with spices with
different meats, vegetables, carbohydrates sources and teaches you how to create and
make different recipes that can taste really good to your palette. Probably the most important reason for why
cooking is so important: Is because it’s really…really…really good for dating! Ladies if you’re watching this vlog please
leave a comment about why cooking for your boyfriend or your husband. and why it’s an attractive quality, trust
me guys. “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!” There I’ve shown you the moneyyy!!! Now listen up! Cause this is gonna be one of the most important
aspects of eating healthy: Is understanding how your dollar work for you in the grocery
store. #1 make sure that you know your budget! Ok? Understand that if you’re living on a budget
for groceries, find out how to stretch and make that dollar last #2 find your deals, take some time in the
store to go over pricing on vegetables, or produce, or meats find those deals spend the
extra few minutes and find out where the value is for the things you’re trying to buy. And I’m going to go over that in another episode,
where maybe I’m going to go a grocery store and find out how much you can buy for $10
bucks. So stick around for that! Last but not least, make sure that you have
a healthy balance in grocery cart of proteins, fruits and veggies and carbohydrates. And this goes back to the finding deals if
you find something that’s a deal, for example: chicken is on sale, fish is on sale, something
is on sale. You can adjust your balances and you can stock
up over time. Know your budget, you find your deals, you
find how to stretch that penny and then you balance you diet in your grocery cart. The third step is where we tend to lose alot
of our focus with staying committed to eating healthy. Trust the process! Understand that things do not happen overnight,
you have to stay committed to learning the process, and improving over time. You gotta keep learning, find new recipes
always learn how to improve your process. Keep things in mind, have fun with developing
your process! Approach it as: Okay! This is my time to try a Gordon Ramsey recipe
and kill it in the kitchen, oh and by the way I have a beautiful girl here on a date
with me so no pressure! This is your plan! So plug it in how you want and have some fun
with it. Last concept I wanna talk about: is Practice
makes Perfect. Exactly what it says you guys are going to
get better at cooking the more you do it. It gets easier to prep your meals, it gets
easier to do these things the more you do it. Rotate your recipes, develop about 6-7 recipes
that you can rotate through because it gets boring, and it gets dull when you don’t have
enough different types of recipes to try, use and make. Remember that whatever you’re putting into
your body, is going to exemplify itself outside of it. So if you’re eating: fruits and veggies, water
and things that are easy to digest it’s going to replicate in your performances and your
energy levels outside of the kitchen. So you are what you eat. BUT, I can not stress this enough guys you
DO NOT have to be so hamstrung like a drill sergeant or your routines! You can have a cheat day, hold on, let me
show you what I’m talking about…. This is a chocolate chip cookie, if these
are in my house at any point in time they will be demolished within a very specific
time frame. Watch… See that… I just ate a cookie! If you’ve been perfect for over a month of
eating, it’s okay for you to have a cookie or a bowl of ice cream in your healthy eating
habits. You gotta give yourself a cheat day. Now let’s get into my plate breakdown about
what I’m eating to help give you guys an idea of how to structure your plate and what not Here’s a representation of my plate breakdown
for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I generally have a larger portion of fruits,
and vegetables, proteins and fats compared to carbohydrate. The reason for that is because of the kcal
breakdown, KCALs are a unit of measurement for energy in food. 1 unit of carbohydrate represents 4 kcals,
1 unit of fat represents 9 kcals so it’s almost double in output. I try to make my food work for me, and I buy
vegetables and fruit that metabolize fats such as: broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower
and spinach. I generally have 2 group of greens in my house
at all times, I have 3 groups of fruits as those also double as sources of carbohydrate. Sources of protein generally include: lentils,
eggs, chicken, and fish which I try to rotate throughout my eating habits. Alright guys thank you for watching! Please make sure you hit that subscribe button
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out cause it’s gonna be awesome. Always…always… ALL WAVES!!! HEYYYY keep charging for your dreams and goals. I’m ProneToRide we out!

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  1. Hello mate – One extra thing to add is not to go shopping when you are hungry – I make the worst choices when I'm hungry. Great video

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