10 Replies to “vw t5 axd engine oil starvation problem solved

  1. How could I get in touch with you to discuss my own 2.5 axd engine, please? I'm about to replace the cylinder head, and I would like to know how that expense would compare with having your improved version fitted.

  2. Had same engine that had bent no.1 con rod due to turbo failure got back on road again only to dismantle the engine again 2 months later due to hard to start pulled out no.2 injector only to find big crack along injector port had to replace head.

  3. Well, it seems you hold a secret that peole around the globe would love to know. I don't think sharing it would put you out of business, so if you want to share, don't hesitate 🙂

  4. hello i'm an italian colleague, i'm working on an engine that's exactly like i thought 2 turbo and a camshaft …
    what would be the problem … I hope you can help me, I'm going crazy
    Thank you

  5. Mines doing my head in 🙈
    I’ve had the turbo done!
    All the block pressure tested, re bored, new bearings, new piston rings, head tested, new tandem pump, injectors reseated and new seals, and still white smoke comes out from the engine 🤬

    I’ve noticed the breather is losing loads of oil back in to the turbo, so I changed that and it’s still doing it 😱

    Is this the sort of things that you have seen with this problem? If so it might after come to you guys

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