Watch Out When They Talk To You About A Balanced Diet

Watch Out When They Talk To You About A Balanced Diet

Watch Out When They Talk to You About a Balanced
Diet Hey, Sandra here from School Of Sandra Balanced according to who? The health and diet indications of the last
30 years that have caused your mom or your dad to be
diabetic? And that have you struggling with these extra
pounds since a long time? Balanced according to who? The supposed “balanced diet” are the ideas
of the corporations such as ….
you know which ones I’m talking about. These corporations want you to consume their flour and sugary products. Let me tell you a little story. A while back I was visiting a friend of mine at her work. She is a dentist doing her social service
at a public health center. She showed me where she works and I all of a sudden I see a really fat doctor. No, not chubby. I mean a like really obese doctor
attending a mom with her son. Of course I was kind of surprised by the doctor’s
overweight and I asked my friend about her. It turned out that the super obese doctor
was the very one who does the diets at the health center. She was the one attending the young boy with weight issues. What do you think about this absurd situation? What can a blind person tell you about the
colors he has never seen? I ask you to check how many hours doctors
study the topic of nutrition during their education. You will be shocked. So, here we have the bread makers (the corporations) and the doctors. They all talk a lot about a “balanced diet”. By this they mean eating lots of cereals,
a lot of fructose and very low fat. They are not going to tell you that this recommendation
will create a weight problem for you and get you sick. They will not tell you that the updated studies
recommend avoiding cereals and too much fructose and instead eat more natural fat. Why will not they tell you? The sad reality is because they do not know
it. Always look who is giving you advice. Observe and analyze. Do not accept the opinion of someone only
because he wears a white coat or because it is written on your white bread. In other countries people are already taking
up control of their weight and their health. Update your knowledge.

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  1. Exactly, why give your attention to a doctor whose had next to no training in nutrition. A doctor who gets paid to keep his patients sick so he can earn a living. Doctors are not trained to keep us healthy, they are trained to fix symptoms. They don't look at the whole picture of a person.

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