“We are eating grass because there is no food.” – South Sudan | UNICEF

“We are eating grass because there is no food.” – South Sudan | UNICEF

Everyday, when Nyabel Wal thinks of preparing food for her family of five, she has only one option: to harvest the wild grass that grows near her home, known locally as ‘woor’. The plant grows virtually everywhere in South Sudan, and it is believed to be the only weed holding the deteriorating lives of thousands of people in Upper Nile State from starvation. Once Nyabel has collected enough wild grass, she prepares it for cooking. Nyabel’s 12-year-old nephew says he is tired eating the same thing all the time. Nyabel recently traveled for six days to look for food only to come back empty-handed. The nutritional status for children like Gonor Pal has increased at an alarming rate in
South Sudan as the conflict there continues. In response, UNICEF has deployed a rapid
response team in remote areas such as this one. These teams bring desperately needed services like health screening and treatment as well as delivering life-saving
supplies such as ready to use therapeutic foods, micronutrient supplements and medicines. The situation is bad. It is a dire situation. We’ve talked to mothers. A lot of them are are skipping meals, cutting down on rations, eating wild foods, so access to food
is the biggest problem. Access to health also contributes to the nutrition situation, the sanitation situation. So it’s a broad spectrum of access services that are
contributing to the nutrition situation in South Sudan.. When the UNICEF rapid response team visited the neighborhood, it was confirmed that Nyabel’s daughter
was suffering from severe acute malnutrition. The child was treated with therapeutic
food in an effort to bring her back to good health. The dream of a safe and peaceful South Sudan is becoming a living nightmare for
children. As the tireless efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance continue, hundreds of thousands of children in South
Sudan’s three most conflict-affected states remain at imminent risk of death and disease. Much-needed support from the international community is urgently needed and may spell the difference between life and death for thousands of children and their families hanging onto life in South Sudan.

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  1. Nice video. Horrendous situation. Thanks for the work of UNICEF.

    This sentence is weird…
    "Much needed support from the international community, its urgently needed."
    around 3:00

  2. wake up the tall plant behind them is CORN !  if  UNICEF Do not teach how to grow plants to eat and send in chicken goats and pigs for each small town to raise YES IT IS Great the do short term emergency food but no training / teaching of growing food for twice the enough then what they need then the people will always poor enough to be needing help again in a few months or years I am surprise that the dog is still a live if they are un westernized  they would have breed and eating dog to feed each other THE BOYS ARE OLD ENOUGH TO  hunt for small animals for protein

  3. I heard that all the donations actually perpetuate this problem. As in, why would people buy food from the local farmers when it is being shipped in and given away for free? etc

  4. I pray when these greedy and selfish opportunists called leaders are breathing their last breath, these images hunt them into hell!

  5. God brought me here to watch this video, I watch them it makes me sad, If i was there and had food I will give them and watch them eat it, brings me joy! I will never give up on people who need help! I Love them as much I care about them! Spread love and respect to South Sudan!❤️

  6. I don't know what the people in Africa have or don't have but god loves all of his people no matter what I think about the food that we waste in America it's an shame some of these shelters cook food and then throw away a lot of it how many people in the world would be so glad and thankful and happy to just be able to get a meal and something to drink

  7. Sorry to says, you have time to make so many kids and which can't even feed them well and not even know how to educate them. Please just work hard on your own ground of yours instead always wait for other to feeds you. While make others feel sorry for you and make me feel bad for not helping while I m here work so stress and can't even have kids and you have so many and expect ppl to help. Showing all this picture and like advertisement.

  8. Women in Sudan are terrorized everyday. They have no choice to have kids or not. If it happens it happens and they can't have abortions because it would probably kill them. It's not their fault they have so many kids, and they have too big of a heart to kill them.

  9. killing them when they are in the womb just brings more bloodshed. Just because some may think abortion is alright doesn't mean it is. God already said how it works. Life for life. Abortions are the cause of other killings too.

  10. Then get a job, go do work for yourself, stop being selfish because you just want that others feed you all, stop having so many childrens because you cant feed them. You just do sex, sex, sex and more sex.

  11. letting go of the services the provide I still can't go home I will be eating grass and sleeping in a truck or on the concrete with blanket the give! they can't knock and state it's wrong! having a child would be me and a child!

  12. So what? i forage for wild edible plants all the time on my land in South Carolina. One person can live quite easily off the wild plants on only 5 acres of land, its called Homesteading, and a lot of people are doing it now. Its not the lack of food that drives these people hungry, its due to extreme ignorance. These people dont know how to manage their crops, and how to identify useful wild edibles.

  13. Hard to believe there is not a single living animal or insect they can kill for food…I hear birds and bugs…this makes no sense

  14. This is not grass people (may be it is a red spinach/sagh)… And what about the cornfield 🌽 in the background… And do stop feeding processed food to infant #doresearchproperly 🔍

  15. Please research before you put up stuff, they are not wild grass what they are eating, it is a plant of nutritive value and it is better than processed food.

  16. Fuckers this is not grass, it's like a vegetable…..you are so ignorant to conclude that it's grass. I am Proudly south Sudanese and that's ain't grass, shame on you

  17. If any one from there read my comment then I have a solution for this and the solution is HEN grown on insects and to grow insects I have a technique…. Just take farm waste like leaves,grass etc and put them in a plastic bag to ferment for 2-8 days depending on the temperature them place them in open after some time flies appears there and put their larvae on that bin and you need to continue do this and it will give you continuous supply larvae of different species for your hen you can aslo feed insects on cow or goat dung

  18. Please never waste food! Only pieces bread will make them happy. Pray for them to get food and support. 🙏🏼

  19. Kalian menerima dan menjalani hidupnya dg iklas wlo sngt menyakitkan dan menyedihkan, tp kalian sabar, aku yakin Allah lbh tau rahasia dibalik smua itu..

  20. Rich people are becoming richer on the other hand no food to eat.. It's so saddening.. God bless them bless with food and good life…

  21. Very sad south sudan need more help but alot of robbers and murders Mafia Motorcycle Jungle Mafia war Corruption gaverment alot of eritrean afread to Live and work south sudan is Not have Freedom in they are own Country
    War with North sudan .

  22. if there is NO food, why are they still making babies? they KNEW they don't have what it needs to bring up the kid, yes, it is their freedom to have kids. but like in any modern first world countries, people are choosing not to have kids, or have a small family for better quality of life.
    shouldn't they have the right to learn about this mentality? instead of telling people it is their freedom to have kids, then everyone need to help them, because u will be too cruel if you don't. indeed, most of the donations can't actually provide any help? but into the pocket of others

  23. UNICEF is certainly a wonderful caring organization. Its especially sad and beyond understanding that they offer 0 birth control education. Without that education these people will continue to reproduce in sadly amazing numbers.

  24. I don’t know about South Sudan but Trump cut all birth control help to any women’s clinics in Africa if the clinics also did abortions.

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