Weight loss Tips | My Weight loss journey in Tamil | Weight Loss diet in Tamil | Lose weight fast

Weight loss Tips | My Weight loss journey  in Tamil | Weight Loss diet in Tamil | Lose weight fast

Hi friends, this is Ambika welcome back to San Square. Today i am going to share again my weight loss journey From my first video there are comments about they are looking for detailed information on the weight loss transformation That’s the reason for the part 2 of weight loss journey weight loss is not that much difficult its very simple, we need confidence just ignore others comments or hurts they may comment, you gained weight etc, if any such comments, proudly say “Yes i am in healthy condition” from that itself they wont ask second time they will feel that we don’t like to be questioned in that way only we can reduce weight if you have that confidence that you can able to reduce so you can take this challenge with full confidence from this weight loss transformation, i reduced my weight from 78 kg to 66 Kg i lost 12 kg weight within 4 months we need more patience please don’t follow the which is promising to reduce in 4 days with “X” amount of weight loss you can reduce 5 kg in 4 days, even i did those journey but you gain more weight than you reduced so the time and the energy we spent is totally waste so the stress level will also increase so don’t practice such diets we need more patience to reduce weights we need to reduce weight in a healthy way lets see on how to reduce the weight in a healthy way please subscribe to my channel if not. click the bell icon to receive all my channel updates. we are going to have a plan called calorie meal plan, no more than 1200 Calorie per day that’s out diet maintain plan there are plenty of apps available, you can download any one of the apps input your food intake by how much, when etc those apps will give an update about your calories we need to maintain our food intake not exceeding 1200 Calories This is basic information second we need to keep our water intake for 20 Kg we need to take 1 liter water for instance 80 Kg we need to take 4 liter water we need to take 1 cup water atleast 30 minutes before our meal this 1 cup water intake will reduce our appetite 75% water will fill our stomach after water intake food intake will be reduced, this is most useful for weight loss This will help a lot for our weight loss after your meal, take 1 cup of warm water within half an hour this warm water will burn the unwanted fats easily to burn the fats from our food only we taking this warm water next we need to take cumin water regularly even if you don’t like, atleast in the morning for one glass water add one spoon cumin boil the water and add half lemon extract once it is warm use it daily in the empty stomach it will boost your metabolism and will help to reduce your weight Next is Vegan diet you can search normally for the vegan diet if you don’t have any health issues you can take this vegan diet you can follow the vegan diet as per instructions This diet is much suitable for a person who sit idle in all the day or can take rest completely you can do this Vegan diet blatantly but i cannot do that likely i have a kids i need to look over if i stick on this diet i may not have stamina so i modified the diet to suit for my need i am going to share the modified diet though i modified i got the 100% result from the original vegan diet i am going to share the modified diet first day is fruit diet This diet is for 7 days first day of fruit diet you have take only fruits we need to take fiber content fruits Vitamin C rich fruits i took Orange, Grapes, Guava, Pears, watermelon etc you have to take water content, fiber content fruits this is so important for weight loss you can take as much as fruits whenever you feel appetite take plenty of water during this diet during night only i used to take, one onion Dosa or 2 Chapathi that too wheat Chapathi Onion Dosa too wheat Onion Dosa if no onion dosa i used to take wheat chapathi this is to have energy and stamina since we are not having any food during day until dusk moreover we are working so we need energy if we take chapathi or wheat dosa, our stomach will fill little to gain stamina so that next day, we can work actively and continue our normal works 2nd day is going to with vegetable day i took more cucumber, you can take any vegetables which has green in colour Even you can cook some vegetables and eat we cannot eat all vegetables as raw cook the vegetables half boiled and you can add salt and chili powder to taste cook without oil cabbage, rich-guard is too good for this diet cucumber has lot of water content, take plenty take these vegetables regularly third day is going to be mixed fruit with vegetables during night you can take the Dosa / Chapathi asusual for the 3 days fourth day is going to be banana milk diet 4 banana and 3 cup of milk 4 banana itself will fill you appetite, you wont feel hungry during night if you need to take night dinner you can reduce the banana to 3 with 3 cup of milk can have dinner as chapathi / dosa asusual Day four completed with the diet Fifth day is going to be Tomato diet you should take tomato Tomato is good for weight loss, this is one of the instruction from the vegan diet atleast 4 tomatoes should be taken as raw in addition to the tomato you can have Raw vegetables, fruits for dinner you can have dosa / chapathi asusual sixth day is going to be juice day you have to take the diet in juices in other days you can take raw fruits but in this day you should have only juices dont add white sugar into the juices white sugars is going to be the biggest enemy in weight loss you should avoid sweet items, instead of white sugar you can add raw sugar / brown sugar / palm jaggery during tea / coffee for the juices you can add brown sugar along with the juices, you can take one cup rice during lunch dinner asusual you can have dosa / chapathi Then fruits vegetable etc can be added seventh day you can take 3 meals the day you eagerly expected arrive if you take 3 Idli in normal, you have to take 2 Idli instead of 1 cup rice take 3/4 cup of rice reduce slightly in all your meals this diet should be taken every alternate week since it is reducing your weight, you should not continue this diet every week you will lose your stamina if you continue every week in a month if you take this diet 1st week, 2nd week is going to rest continue this for 3rd week and 4th week is going to be rest during this diet program, check your weight 2 days once during first diet plan you will lose around 4 to 5 kgs during this diet all the unwanted fats will be burned There after it will reduce little by little likely 2 kgs to 1 kgs per diet plan i reduced from 78 kg to 66 kg over a months i used to continue with 2 diet plan per month i reduced 5 kg in the first month then 4 kg per month then 3 kg per month and then 2 kg per month finally i reduced upto 12 kgs even now i am maintaining the same kg if we reduce little by little, we can contain our weight in the same range those lost weight will not be added again we will lose our weight only if we are in patience so don’t rush for fast reducing weight that will be problem for us later if you try method, you will get a result, how much effective it has as i shared In addition to the diet, add small exercise you can’t do it daily, but weekly 4 days you can do small exercise you can do simple brisk walk / 30 minutes walk even in home you can continue with lot of small exercises you can perform Yoga Do as mush as exercise our wish is do some exercise and be healthy i will see you next time with another useful tips Bye Bye

100 Replies to “Weight loss Tips | My Weight loss journey in Tamil | Weight Loss diet in Tamil | Lose weight fast

  1. Hi sis na unga diet follow panrean, ennaikku 2nd day, but ennikku yenakku pasikkavea illa, water mattum kudikkirean wat 2 do any sollution mam, am waiting for ur reply nd tired illa active va than erukkan

  2. Shall we add brown sugar with milk. Plain milk pidikadhu. Tomorrow I will start my diet.after 7 days adhavadhu diet illadha 7 days enna sapdalam nu cleara oru video podunga pz

  3. very nice sis ..congrats….Tis like a GM diet…i have a three month old baby and Am feeding to him …shall I fallow tis diet….

  4. 4th day milk And banana mattum thaaanaaa or fruits veg sapda koodathaaaa and one more milk 🥛 la brown sugar add pannalaamaaa or raw milk only aaaa

  5. hello sis I'm Jaisree…. Enakku age 20 but weight is 80 please🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭help pannunga ….indha diet ah follow panna evlo kgs kuraium sis sollunga please…

  6. Mam na ipo 90kg eruka but My age is21😢😭I want to loss 45kg mam plz evalo naal ah koraikala nu soluga mam enaku thyroid eruku

  7. Hi sis. First I would love to Thank you for this simple n wonderful weight loss idea. I'm 78.5kg I started this idea n this is 7th day. I lost 1.1kg.. Without droping this idea I'm going to follow some more months. Worthy idea. Thanks a lot n lot…. 💞

  8. Hi sis. Aftr c section i have gained 20 kgs.nw 81.can i follow dis ?i feel bad when ppl tease me.. I tried egg diet bt gained back all my wt.pls help me sis

  9. 4th diet planla 4 banana solli erukkinga perday fulla 4 bananava breakfast,lunch,dinner ku split pannikkanuma.reply please tomorrow start .

  10. Sis which app u follow for vegan diet .. I em 84 i try many diet but no weight loss … Recommend me some app to follow

  11. Itha try panni 10 kg kuranja pirahu pothum ivlo kuranja nu ninaikuravanga enna pannanum epdi maintain pannanum athe weight a pls sollunga… intha maari weekly senjute irujkanuma gab vitu vitu illa pothumna vitralama vita marupadium weight poduma pls sollunga sis…

  12. Ty yaar .I am doing walking half hour and small exercise and taking diet…I am 70kg height 150cm ..34 years old …for past 20 days doing exercise and diet…how long will I take …should I do walking daily ?

  13. Hi sis na Etha follow panni 5kg weight reduce panniiruka but Ana 2 times irutha next time iruka mudiyala monthly one time mattum follow pannalama pls reply me

  14. Hii sisy…Nan Ipo 68 kg irukan Nan weight loss pannanum…Nan niraiya try pannitan but enaku weight loss agave illa enaku pcod problem iruku elalrum sollranga pcod iruntha wright loss agathu …Nan Ipo intha diet try panna mudiyuma

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